5 Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

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Copy-trading enables all the traders to automatically copy positions that are all managed and opened by successful traders. This copy trading feature lets you gain profit from the experience of others. Hence, we have handpicked the best copy trading platforms in Italy in this article to help you to choose the correct platform for you. 


PlatformRegistered YearHeadquartersMobile Application 
CoinCodeCap2021Bangalore, KarnatakaNot Available
BYDFI2019SingaporeAvailable for Android and iOS
Wunder Trading 2017EstoniaAvailable for Android
Gate.io2013George Town, Cayman IslandsAvailable for Android and iOS
MoonXBT2021Cayman IslandsAvailable for Android and iOS

What is Copy Trading?

With each passing day, copy trading is becoming a more and more popular trading option. It is now among some of the most accessible and successful methods to make a profit out of cryptocurrency, stock market, and forex platforms. Furthermore, this trading technique does not require you to spend a lot of time researching and studying market charts as you can generate passive income simply by copying some of the elite traders from the crypto market. 

Italian Government and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be made in used to buy goods and services. It further implies that there will be no physical bill or coin used, and all the transactions will take place online. 

Italy was among the first countries to examine cryptocurrencies and tried to streamline their activities. However, at present, there are no such regulations that prevent Italians from using, buying, owning, or selling cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. The environment in Italy is crypto-friendly, and the government also recognizes bitcoin as a currency, with approx 29 bitcoin ATMs along with a huge number of local bitcoin users. Moreover, the people there have increased their interest and the government in the implementation of blockchain in several sectors in Italy to plunge the economic growth of the country. 

CoinCodeCap: 1st Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

CoinCodeCap writes guides, product reviews, and comparison articles specifically in the field of cryptocurrency. We also provide all our users with trading tutorials through our YouTube video channel and daily crypto news. Moreover, we are also Coinmonks, a team of successful and elite traders providing crypto signals based on technical and fundamental analysis. Furthermore, we aim at providing the path for all of you to reach the best crypto product according to your specific needs. 

Key Takeaways Description
Features1. We provide our traders with educational content that is available on our website.
You are only needed to pay a one-time payment based on the plan that you choose to subscribe to.
2. We focus on the long-term portfolio, hassle-free trading experience, and risk management. 
3. Moreover, we also provide all traders with entry, exit, and stop-loss positions in trade along with crypto signals.
4. Furthermore, our copy trading feature focuses on long-term portfolios, hassle-free trading experience, and risk management
Fee Structure CoinCodeCap charges 20% success fee from the profits it makes for you, there is no monthly subscription
Customer SupportTraders can get in touch with us regarding any query by just filling up the form with all the details and specifications of the problem in the Contact section. Also, if you need urgent help, you can reach out to us at [email protected]

BYDFI: 2nd Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

BYDFI is a pretty young crypto exchange platform when compared to other trading platforms, as it just came into the picture in the year 2019. It has its headquarters in Singapore and has an extensive range of crypto trading pairs. Moreover, it also offers its traders future trading, spot trading, CFD trading, and copy trading. The platform’s unique contract offerings, as well as the low entry levels, is the main differentiator of this platform. Furthermore, it has a broad network extending and covering almost 150 countries, and the website can translate into 10 different languages. 

Key Takeaways Description
Features 1. The platform provides its users with a quite user-friendly and simple-to-use interface for novice traders.
2. Moreover, it is also known as one of the most diverse copy trading platforms.
3. There’s a daily mining feature available for traders to receive a random amount of crypto assets daily. 
4. A welcome bonus is given of up to 258 USDT to all new account holders. 
5. Moreover, traders can make use of both the desktop version and the mobile application. 
Fee Structure Spot handling fees:
Maker’s fee: 0.1%.
Taker’s fee: 0.1%.
Conversion fee: 0.1%.
For CFDs:
The transaction fee is from 0.75% to 0.05%.
The opening and Closing fee is
BYDFI will charge 0.1% if you are opening a position. 
For Derivatives:
The opening and Closing fee is calculated as Margin*Leverage*0.025%.
When opening a position, it only charges 0.05%. 
Customer SupportBYDFI copy trading provides a comprehensive guide that has solutions to all the general problems that customers have. Moreover, they also have email support, and traders can mail them at [email protected]. Further, there’s a live chat option available for the customers to get a quick response.

Wunder Trading: 3rd Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

Wunder Trading is a well-known automated cryptocurrency trading platform that strives to facilitate the real-world use of cryptocurrencies through several products and solutions. The Wunder Trading platform first came into the picture in the year 2017 and had its headquarters in Estonia.

Moreover, the platform is run by a team of passionate experts in finance, software development, anti-money laundering, and trading. Wunder trading is currently offering bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange services to traders. In addition, it also provides them with a trading automation platform. Furthermore, the platform is aimed more at novice traders as it provides them with a simple yet intuitive trading platform with several features. 

Wunder Trading
Wunder Trading
Key Takeaways Description
Features  1. Wunder Trading is a fast, secure, and reliable way to buy some Bitcoin. Moreover, you may also buy Tron, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, and Ripple using credit cards. 
2. There are some of the most popular payment options that the platform accepts, and those include credit cards, debit cards, and SEPA bank accounts. 
3. With the help of their advanced copy trading software, copy traders are free to select the best crypto trading signals and also automatically follow them.
Fee Structure The fee structure consists of four plans:
Free Plan: Traders will get a free account for about a month. 
Basic Plan: It costs about $9.95 per month and is for a duration of 3 months. 
Pro Plan: It costs about $24.95 per month and is for a duration of 6 months.
Premium Plan: It costs about $4.95 per month and is for a duration of 12 months. 
Customer SupportWunder Trading helps its users with a separate FAQ section where they can find answers to the most frequent questions. Moreover, they can also take help from the live chat option that is made available on the website, where you can send them a direct message regarding your issue. 

Gate.io: 4th Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

Gate.io is most probably the earliest crypto-to-crypto exchange from China. It comes under the world’s top ten digital currency trading platforms that is focusing on hassle-free and safe trading cryptocurrency journeys. Since the platform’s inception in the year 2013, it has been providing traders with the best trading experience. In addition to this, the platform also offers services and products such as futures trading, spot trading, hold to earn Interest, leverage ETF, quantitative trading, and secured loans for traders. 

Key Takeaways Description
Features 1. The platform provides all the traders with comprehensive protection with security and law funds. 
2. They offer efficient and convenient trading systems and also an instant withdrawal and deposit service. This is why it is an established exchange with cutting-edge technology. 
3. The platform is completely transparent, cooperative, and open to all traders.
4. Moreover, there are over 20+ fiat currencies using which you can buy and sell using a Credit card, Debit card, or bank transfer. 
Fee Structure The fee structure of Gate.io exchange is divided into two parts, and there is no deposit fee charged when depositing funds on the platform. 
Spot markets – Maker fee is 0.2% per and Taker fee is 0.2% per transaction. 
Futures markets – maker fee is 0.0150% per and Taker fee is 0.0500% per transaction.  
Customer SupportThere is a separate FAQ section for the traders, along with which there is also a live chat feature available for traders to get all their queries solved. Moreover, the platform also holds many articles explaining all the methods on how to resolve any queries. Furthermore, they are available 24*7 to help their traders.

MoonXBT: 5th Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy

MoonXBT is a popularly known social trading platform that provides its customers with services like one-click copy trading services to global clients, contract trading, and social interaction. The platform has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands and operates in more than 200 countries all over the world. Moreover, MoonXBT also has offices in Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. The platform also has a very well-structured fee structure. Furthermore, MoonXBT also offers its traders a multi-screen trading view, take-profit settings, and stop-loss; while maintaining a lucid and uncluttered trading environment.

Key Takeaways Description
Features 1. The platform offers its users real-time copy trading where investors can follow one or more than one elite traders. 
2. The platform is safe as it makes use of cold wallets and that too with multi-signature, encrypted assets, and Two-factor authentication. 
3. MoonXBT offers its traders a demo trading option where traders can get started for free and with zero risk plus a lot of trading bonuses. 
4. Moreover, the platform provides you with high leverage of up to 150x. Also, if the spot price shows a rise of 1%, the profit will also show a rise of 150%. 
5. Furthermore, there is also a multi-screen trading view that is exclusively tailored for experienced users. 
Fee Structure The fee structure of MoonXBT is as follows:
Deposit Fee: There is no deposit fee that the platform charges.
Withdrawal Fee: The withdrawal fee is charged depending on the network type and currency, and the amount limit ranges from 10 USDT to around 30000 USDT. 
Trading Fee: The trading fee is as low as 0.05% and only applies to takers. 
Customer SupportThe MoonXBT platform has helpful tutorials and an extensive FAQ section. Also, they have blogs that give all the information regarding all the products, features, and latest updates. Moreover, MoonXBT Support is always ready to answer all your questions. You can also send them mail at [email protected] and [email protected] if you are left with any other queries. Furthermore, they also have a YouTube Channel, Telegram channel, and Reddit community.   

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The above-mentioned crypto copy trading platforms might have some same features. However, if you want to become an elite copy trader, you should be clearly focused on the platforms that receive the highest and best profit distribution. Moreover, it would be best if you always are sure of the fact that the platform is transparent and offers more features and tools. We hope this article, “5 Best copy trading platforms in Italy,” will have given you a gist of these platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start copy-trading?

The first thing that everyone should do as a trader chooses the best copy trade exchange platform that will meet all your needs. Then after that, you may choose the demo trading option if it is made available by the platform and practice, or what you can do is simply deposit money into a live account. Choose a professional trader from whom you want to copy the trades, and then make sure he has a good trading history and also a number of followers.

How to find the best trader to copy trades?

There are several factors that one should consider while making a choice for a trader, and those should be: 
1. First, you should find the right moment to copy a trader. 
2. Risk rating while trading should always be considered. 
3. You should always check out their earnings and also drawdowns.
4. Consistency is the main key in copy trading. So, you should always make sure to check the trader’s history.
5. Furthermore, check the number of followers that they have. 

What are the risks related to copy trading?

Nothing ever comes without risk, and copy trading is also one of them as it comes with some risk factors like all other trading forms. Losses can occur in a variety of ways in copy trading, and a few of those factors can be:
1. First, if you are not able to manage your copy trading investments properly. 
2. The trader that you are following might have made a mistake, and you also copied the same trade. 
3. Lastly, you might have followed the wrong trader all the way from the beginning. If so, then you should quickly make attempts to change your trader. 

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Shubhadika Rawat

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