CoinCodeCap Launches Copy Trading Service for Investors

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We are happy to launch our Copy-Trading service so that you can have a stress-free trading experience. Before starting, we want you to know some basic information about copy-trading.

What does Copy-Trading mean?

As the name suggests, Copy trading is a means of copying the trades. In this service, you will connect your exchanges (Binance or Bitmex) to our CoinCodeCap copy trading system using API keys. Once connected, whenever our traders will open positions, they will automatically get copied on your exchange, therefore, you don’t need to do anything from your side once you have connected the exchange and followed certain strategies.

Why are we launching Copy Trading? 

We already have a signals service which is benefiting a lot of our customers. However, there you either open those orders manually or through a bot like Cornix. But setting up Cornix is not hassle-free and our traders can’t control it once the order is open. In copy trading, we are in complete control.

What should users expect from Copy-Trading?

In signals usually, users expect aggressive trading, however many of our users asked us if they want safer and long-term portfolio growth. Therefore with CoinCodeCap Copy trading, we are launching a strategy that focuses on risk management and long-term portfolio growth. 

  • A hassle-free trading experience (Connect, Follow, and Forget).
  • Consistent and long-term growth of your portfolio.
  • A safer way of trading.
  • Strict risk management.

What do we expect from our users?

As we will be trading with a long-term portfolio-building strategy, we expect our users to keep patience to see the gains. Users should understand that it is not a quick-rich scheme. Moreover, they should also understand that the exact expected profit/ROI cannot be predicted beforehand. Some losses might also be encountered, and there might also be a negative month so we expect our users to keep this in mind although we will try our best to keep the portfolio green at the end of every month. We will focus on consistency, safer trades, the steady growth of portfolios, and risk management.

Therefore if you have any questions please feel free to contact us on our Telegram support @c3_support_bot or email us at [email protected]

How to set up your account with us?

  • Register and log in on CoinCodeCap Trading.
  • Subscribe to any of our subscription plans to activate your account.
  • Go into “My accounts” and add your Binance/ Bitmex exchange account.
  • Follow the strategy

For any questions, please reach us on Telegram @c3_support_bot

Important Points

  • At the present moment, only your Binance Futures and Bitmex exchange are supported.
  • We recommend (Not necessary) you to set the leverage/ margin type as “ISOLATED” manually for each and every pair available in Binance futures USD-M Futures (You have to do this for every pair one by one manually). The system can not change the margin/leverage type automatically and it will take it as “cross” by default which can be riskier hence  “isolated” is recommended.
  • Futures trading has been kept as ‘disabled’ by default by Binance when you create a new API through the “API MANAGEMENT” menu. Hence make sure that you “edit restrictions” of that newly created API and “enable the futures trading”.
  • We as traders can not exactly predict the portfolio growth/ROI. We will be using the safer trading strategy which can give us 40% to up to 200% returns every year.
  • We will charge a 20% success fee, meaning whatever profit we will make for you will take 20% from that, which should be paid at the end of every month. This means no profit, no fee.
  • We recommend you have a separate Binance account or subaccount for this service. (Visit here to learn how to create a sub-account on Binance).
  • We recommend not to withdraw funds in between a month without giving us prior notice.
  • We strictly recommend keeping the LOT SIZE ratio as 1:1 (100%) while linking your account to our strategy.

How to link my Binance Futures Account with CoinCodeCap Copy Trading?

  • Go to or just navigate to the “My Account “ menu and select “Add Account “ to add your Binance futures account. Then just fill up the details such as – Account name, Exchange (Select Binance Futures), API key generated by you through your Binance account (MAKE SURE TO EDIT RESTRICTIONS TO ENABLE FUTURES TRADING), then the secret key. Also, make sure to ENABLE – Import Accounts Balance from the date of your joining us. 
  • Then go to the strategies menu and click on any of our strategy’s link then the strategy details will appear.
  • Just click on “LINK” to link your account to our strategy. It will ask you to choose your account. In advanced settings – it will ask Lot Size Ratio which must be kept at 100% to maintain risk management like ours. In maximum drawdown, you can select 30% or more.

How to link my Bitmex Account with CoinCodeCap Copy Trading?

Just follow the above instructions, except just add the API key of Bitmex exchange and select Bitmex in the exchange menu. 

How to pay for the Subscription Service?

There is only a 20% success fee, if we will make a profit for you, we will take 20% from it. So win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach out CoinCodeCap Support?

A- Telegram Support channel – @c3_support_bot, or Email – [email protected]

How much Profit do we expect by following CoinCodCap Traders?

A- It will be tough to predict this as a trader but we will be using a safer trading strategy which can results in 40% to 200% profit per year on your initial investment.

How much experience does your team have with Trading Crypto?

A- Our traders have 6 years of experience in crypto trading. We also run a crypto signals business.

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