CoinCodeCap Weekly: NFTs, [1 January 2022 – 07 January 2022]

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CoinCodeCap Weekly brings you an entire week’s news in one article. Got no time to stay updated during weekdays? No worries, we got your covered!

Coincodecap Weekly 01 January 2022 - 07 January 2022
CoinCodeCap Weekly 01 January 2022 – 07 January 2022

1 January 2022

Twitch Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian created Fractal, a new marketplace for gaming NFTs. Game companies can offer and sell NFT drops for long-lasting in-game assets directly to users. Players can search for new NFT games, buy NFTs, and resale NFTs.

Twitch Co-Founder Launches Fractal
Twitch Co-Founder Launches Fractal

Taxman recovers $6.62M from WazirX for evading tax on commission. The total recovery includes a $5.43 million (40.5 crore rupees) pending tax, interest, and a non-payment penalty. The tax department discovered that WazirX pays commissions with its in-house WRX tokens, which Zanmai Labs distributed. 

2 January 2022

The ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) was set to become the world’s first political party to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for fundraising in a presidential election. DPK will send non-interchangeable digital images featuring Lee’s photos and policies to his supporters who donate their money to his election campaign.

The Democratic Party Of Korea Will Accept Crypto
The Democratic Party of Korea will Accept Crypto

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) recently announced that it has decided to provide incentives to gold deposits and participation fund holders who request to convert their holdings into lira time deposits. 

3 January 2022

Samsung said they will add ‘groundbreaking’ NFT support to TVs in 2022. Through MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and The Frame, the NFT support provides an accessible, integrated platform for discovering, acquiring, and trading digital artwork.

Samsung Will Add 'Groundbreaking' Nft Support To Tvs In 2022
Samsung Will Add ‘Groundbreaking’ NFT Support to TVs in 2022

PeckShield detected that $DOGECASH is a scam. According to PeckShield it sneakily transfers a small amount of BNB when people claim their Airdrops. This scam involves sending small amounts of BNB to unsuspecting recipients.


Twitter Accounts of the Indian Medical Association and Two Others Compromised, Hackers Rename it ‘Elon Musk.’ The hacker promoted cryptocurrency in the majority of his tweets. This occurred just weeks after Prime Minister Modi’s account was hacked, which also saw a similar theme of posts following his public comments on cryptocurrency.

Tinyman AMM from Algorand was exploited for $3 million. After exploiting a previously undisclosed vulnerability in their smart contracts, some “unauthorized users” broke into some of the protocol groups.

Wharton finance professor claims bitcoin is the new gold for millennials. Regardless of the enormous price volatility throughout 2021, BTC had increased by roughly 70% by the end of the year.

H&M enters the metaverse and opens its first virtual store called CEEK. All payments in this realm will be made with a CEEK token, a metaverse coin built on the Ethereum network.

Italian banks to allow customers to buy bitcoin. In a native connection with Conio, Banca Generali is expected to enable its over 300,000 customers to buy and sell bitcoin early this year.

4 January 2022

PeckShield informed people that they have detected that ArbixFinance was rugged and more than $10 million was lost. CertiK Security Leaderboard shared the incident analysis. The funds deposited by users ($10M) were directed to unverified pools via the depositor contract.

CryptoWire launches India’s first global index of cryptocurrencies called IC15. The IC15 is a rule-based broad market index by market capitalization that tracks and measures the performance of the top 15 most liquid cryptocurrencies listed on the world’s leading crypto exchanges. 

Cryptowire Launches India’s First Global Index Of Cryptocurrencies
CryptoWire Launches India’s First Global Index of Cryptocurrencies

VeChain announced that the contract for VeUSD, VeChain’s first native stablecoin, will shortly be live on mainnet, ushering in a new era for VeChainThor, following months of work. It will host a VeChain hackathon in the next weeks to encourage and promote the development of new tools and services, as well as new sorts of protocols and projects on VeChainThor. 

5 January 2022

Igor Bogdanoff, a French television personality known for his quirky personality and appearance, died at the age of 72. Grichka, his identical twin, died mere days after the television host. Both brothers are said to have died as a result of COVID-19. The Bodfanoff twins claimed to have contributed to Bitcoin Source code.

Estonia’s new AML laws target DeFi and ICOs with fines leading up to $450K. According to the draught law, Virtual asset service providers (VASPs) have until March 18, 2022, to comply with the new requirements. The law now covers ICO issuers, brokerage services, decentralised platforms, and dApps, and third-party platforms that are involved in the sale, purchase, or storage of digital assets.

GRYC sues crypto broker Voyager alleging hidden fees and misleading marketing practices. According to expert preliminary analyses cited in the case text, the litigation could result in Voyager users receiving more than $1 billion in compensation.

Airbnb might reportedly start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrencies had topped the list, despite receiving over 4,000 suggestions. With over 150 million users, incorporating cryptocurrency into its system could be a game-changer for both Airbnb and the crypto market.

Airbnb Might Reportedly Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments
Airbnb Might Reportedly Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Kazakhstan government resigns amid unprecedented unrest following the energy price hike. The protestors retaliated with stones when police used stun grenades and teargas to disperse them. There were also reports of clashes between police and demonstrators and protestors vandalising and torching police cars. Kazakhstan isn’t the only country where illegal cryptocurrency mining is a problem.

Bruce Lee was honoured in an NFT collection authorised by his family. On Saturday, Ethernity and Bruce Lee’s family will release “The Formless Form,” Bruce Lee’s first NFT collection. NFT collections have included Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and others.

6 January 2022

BTCS became the first Nasdaq-listed company to pay dividend in bitcoin. BTCS Inc.’s stock jumped 32% to $4 after the business said it will be the first Nasdaq-listed company to pay its dividend in Bitcoin.

Profits from Thailand cryptocurrency trading are now subject to a 15% capital gains tax. The new tax would apply to investors and mining operations, but crypto-asset exchanges would be excluded. It’s unclear if the taxes would be assessed on annual filings or if the government will require exchanges to deduct them at the source. 

Vitalik Buterin’s proposal explores the “multi-dimensional pricing” of transaction fees. Through multilayered EIP-1559, Buterin’s proposal could reduce the cost of Ethereum gas.

Wirex, a leading digital payments platform, has added six new stablecoins to their platform as part of their ongoing mission to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The most recent addition is XSGD, the world’s largest non-USD fiat-backed stablecoin.

Wirex Integrates Xsgd
Wirex Integrates XSGD

7 January 2022

Samsung Makes its first foray into the metaverse. Samsung has collaborated with Decentraland to launch its flagship 837 store in the metaverse. For a limited time, the virtual Samsung 837X store will be available in Decentraland.

Disney has filed a patent for an augmented virtual world simulator that does not require the use of a headset or glasses. The corporation just gained federal permission for a patent that will allow it to construct its own metaverse at its theme parks and properties, according to the latest report.
UK air traffic tech firm uses Hedera Hashgraph to track drones In a drone data trial supported by the UK government, Hedera’s public ledger consensus service was recently used to “collect, store, and arrange” millions of data points. Hedera collaborated with Neuron Innovations, a London-based aviation technology firm, to test safe long-distance airspace sharing by commercial, military, and government drones, according to an announcement.

Uk Air Traffic Tech Firm Uses Hedera Hashgraph To Track Drones
UK Air Traffic Tech Firm Uses Hedera Hashgraph to Track Drones
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