Bruce Lee Honoured in an NFT Collection Authorised by his Family

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Key Takeaways:

  • Bruce Lee honoured in an NFT collection authorised by his family.
  • On Saturday, Ethernity and Bruce Lee’s family will release “The Formless Form,” Bruce Lee’s first NFT collection.
  • NFT collections have included Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and others.
Bruce Lee Honoured In An Nft Collection Authorised By His Family
Bruce Lee Honoured in an NFT Collection Authorised by his Family

Bruce Lee is a well-known pop culture personality who is a Hong Kong and American martial artist, martial arts instructor, film star, and philosopher. Lee is well-known for his martial arts skills and appearances in a number of feature-length martial arts films from the 1970s.

On January 8, 2022, the Bruce Lee Family Company and the NFT protocol Ethernity will release Lee’s first NFT collection. Lee’s NFT collection will “honour the life and legacy of the martial arts pioneer, philosopher, and global action cinema star,” according to an Ethernity press release.

According to the statement, the NFT series was “inspired by Bruce Lee’s beliefs and principles.” Bosslogic, Raf Grassetti, and Anthony Francisco were among the artists who contributed to the artwork. 

Lee’s daughter went on to say:

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with these incredibly brilliant artists, whose visual expressions will assist to authentically propagate Bruce Lee’s philosophy and teachings around the world.”

We thrive on discovering new ways for important persons’ worlds to expand, and a tremendously influential character like Bruce Lee is a natural fit for our enormous objectives and endeavours,” Rose added.

The Ethernity executive went on to say:

“We can’t wait to provide new ways for Bruce Lee’s admirers to commemorate his life’s work, which our entire crew admires.”

The Bruce Lee NFTs are part of a series of non-fungible token art depicting a plethora of famous stars and celebrities that have passed away. The Jerry Garcia Foundation held the first National Folk Festival auction highlighting the late Grateful Dead guitarist’s paintings during the first week of May.

That same week, Ethernity teamed up with Muhammad Ali Enterprises (MAE) to unveil the first Muhammad Ali NFT collection, and at the end of July, Sotheby’s auctioned off never-before-seen Muhammad Ali artwork transformed into an NFT.

Kurt Cobain’s renowned final photoshoot was made into an NFT collection towards the end of April 2021. 

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