Polygon Schedules late March Date for zkEVM Mainnet Beta to Go Live

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine roll-up technology is about to be released, according to the developer of scaling solutions for Ethereum.
  • Over the coming weeks, information regarding the zkEVM beta network will be made available. March 27 is the scheduled launch date.

Polygon, a layer-2 solution provider for Ethereum, has unveiled the long-awaited scaling upgrade ahead of the beta release of its mainnet for the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) on March 27.

After three and a half months of combat testing, Polygon stated in a blog post on February 14 that the system would be ready for the mainnet debut the following month. It was introduced as a testnet in December last year and is marketed as seamless scalability for Ethereum.

When Polygon introduced its zkEVM testnet in October, it made it feasible for Ethereum developers to move their smart contracts from the primary blockchain to the ZK roll-up without having to rewrite them in a foreign language. This testnet uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for its ZK rollup.

Since the testnet went live, over 75,000 ZK proofs and 5,000 smart contracts have been created, according to the blog post. Because security is of the utmost importance, the team pointed out that Polygon zkEVM has undergone a battery of testing and audits.

With a zero-knowledge (ZK) roll-up, ZkEVMs process transactions more quickly on layer 2 before sending the transaction data back to the mainnet blockchain. ZK roll-ups use “proofs” that only share a small portion of the transaction’s details to demonstrate that the transaction was not faked.

In the context of scaling, the technique uses zero-knowledge proofs and cryptographic confirmations that allow platforms to verify large volumes of transaction data before bundling and confirming them on Ethereum. The researchers outlined the concept’s significance, claiming that genuine EVM equivalence enables the scaling of Ethereum without the need for workarounds.

“The best way to scale Ethereum is to preserve the existing Ethereum ecosystem: code, tooling, and infrastructure needs to just work. And that’s what Polygon zkEVM is aiming to achieve.”

One of the several groups developing a zkEVM solution is Polygon. Similar EVM technology is being developed by scaling supplier zkSync with its zkPorter, which off-chains crucial transaction data. Along with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations division of the Ethereum Foundation, Scroll, another provider of scaling solutions, is developing a zkEVM solution.

Since true EVM equivalence allows for the scaling of Ethereum without the need for workarounds, the team’s explanation of the technology’s significance emphasized this point.

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