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Best Crypto Staking Coins

Best Crypto Staking Coins

Whether you are a beginner or expert in crypto trading, you always look for the safest option. Staking your coins appears to be one of the safest choices in a volatile market or a long-term investment. Also, staking helps you…

Ethereum Beacon Chain

Beacon Chain: Heart of Ethereum 2.0

Beacon Chain is the heart of Ethereum 2.0. It is the base upon which the rest components like Shard, eWasm, and cross-link will be built. It (PoS based chain) will run parallelly with the Mainnet (PoW based chain). Beacon chain is mainly made for the validators.
Ethereum Vs Cardano Vs Solana

Ethereum vs Cardano vs Solana: Looking into Data

The computer we use today has gone through several evolutions resulting in different generations of computers. For example, First Generation Computer (1940-1956) to Fifth Generation Computers (present and beyond). These generations tried to bring a new development that resulted in…

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