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How to get your own .XYZ Domain?

How To Get Your Own .Xyz Domain?

Blockchain technology’s popularity has heralded a fundamental change from centralized to decentralized institutions. Companies that use blockchain technology tend to stand apart in every manner. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – an original concept for a more transparent and secure digital…

How to buy Ethereum in India? [Mobile and Website]

Buy Ethereum In India

Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising asset classes in the present time. Hence, in this article, we’ll be guiding you through the necessary process of buying the Ethereum (ETH) coin. We will guide you through detailed steps to buy…

What to mine with 4GB Mining Rigs?

What To Mine With 4Gb Mining Rigs?

It’s been a grueling year for miners, with Bitcoin halving its rewards earlier this year and indie miner favorite Ethereum finally launching its Beacon Chain to set it on course towards the promised land of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Ethereum 2.0.  This…

Agreeable Smart Contracts

Smart Contract

Who decides whether to terminate a smart contract? Who decides whether a smart contract should change state? The answer, of course, is that who decides these things is encoded into the smart contract itself, and it will be different for…

Buidler, Waffle & Ethers

Buidler, Waffle &Amp; Ethers

Buidler, Waffle & Ethers Lately, at Balancer we’ve moved from the Truffle development environment to using Buidler, Waffle, and Ethers. The main benefit is being able to use console.log in Solidity during debugging — it’s amazing how much of a difference this…

MarkerDAO: Getting Started with Dai Stable Coin


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a history of price volatility compared to traditional currencies like the US dollar. Some cryptocurrency users find a need to trade for more stable options under circumstances, such as avoiding risk for example.  In response to…

Calculating Uniswap V2 Fees


Both Uniswap V1 and V2 have the same simple approach to fees. A flat 0.30% fee is applied to every trade, which is added to the Uniswap pair’s reserves. The way Uniswap processes fees is elegantly simple. Like everything else…

Ewasm – Ethereum WebAssembly

Ewasm - Ethereum Webassembly
Ewasm is set to make Ethereum as “the world’s computer” with better performances and efficiency. It will help scale Ethereum to a new level, which might not have been possible with EVM

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