Looking for the Best Savings Yielder options? Try the new hi app Flexible Earn!

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Making money is the simplest thing to do. Yes, you read that correctly. What exactly are we talking about? We’ll clear all your doubts in this article about the new hi app Flexible Earn Feature.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • hi is founded by Sean Rach, a former executive from Crypto.com.
  • Almost 3.5 million people are already using hi from +190 countries.
  • The hi app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.
  • hi have over $250m worth of assets under management.
  • hi just released the latest version of their strategy and roadmap in hi.com whitepaper.

Download the hi mobile app on iOS or Android. My referral code is “coinmonks”

What is hi.com?

Since everyone wants to make money for themselves, the idea of switching over to crypto banking apps like hi, is increasingly becoming popular these days. hi is a user-friendly, all-in-one platform for savings, investments, and payments that are being used by almost 3.5 million people worldwide. So, feel confident because hi is an app you can absolutely trust. And what are the perks of being a hi member? Well, not only does it provide crypto banking services, but it also offers additional lifestyle benefits!

A functional crypto & fiat banking app, that’s hi for you! One of the most compelling reasons why more & more investors are preferring the hi app is that as the hi ecosystem continues to grow, the value of the HI token is also expected to increase.

Dear readers, the good news is that hi has introduced a new earnings product that enables USDT or ETH holders on hi to earn passive income on digital assets

One of the world’s fastest-growing crypto mobile banking apps – hi, offers the best rates to earn better yield/interest on your savings. The best part is that there are no fees and no lock-ups!


What is hi Flexible Earn?

Under this, if you hold  ETH or USDT tokens, you can transfer your savings to hi and earn up to 11% yield paid out in kind (i.e. the same asset you deposited) which is the highest in the market. 

Download the hi mobile app on iOS or Android. My referral code is “coinmonks”

What Is Hi’s Flexible Earn?
What is hi’s Flexible Earn?

5 Reasons to put your Crypto Savings in hi:

  • Get 11% APY on USDT and 5.5% on ETH.
  • There’s no lockup, you can withdraw anytime.
  • Yield is paid out in-kind (ie. the same asset you deposited) every Friday.
  • Applies to holdings of 0.1 ETH or 50 USDT or higher.
Trusting Hi
Trusting hi

Download hi App

When it comes to hi, you don’t need to do much. Kick start earning today in these 2 easy steps:

  1. Download the hi app for iOS or Android and sign up in seconds for free
  2. Simply deposit USDT or ETH without having to worry about lock-ups. All you gotta do now is sit back, check your notifications and enjoy while your funds roll in every Friday! 

Download the hi mobile app on iOS or Android. My referral code is “coinmonks”

How is hi Offering Better rates as Compared to its Competitors?


But I don’t hold any USDT, does this mean I’m not eligible for hi Flexible Earn? 

Absolutely not, you can deposit US Dollars via bank transfer into the hi app and get USDT at a 1:1 ratio. hi also offer highly competitive Fixed-term earnings on a large range of other assets such as BTC, LTC, DOGE, and including its native token HI, on which you can earn up to 40% APY. For Fixed-Term Earn, you are entitled to additional benefits like concierge services, best rates at 5* hotels, and entertainment subscriptions depending on the amount you staked and your membership tier.

hi App Bonuses

Here’s an exciting deal for you! Now invite any friend to buy HI from the web or mobile app to earn an additional bonus of up to 10%. The bonus will be credited automatically in HI to your Vault account whenever your friend makes a purchase on HI under the 4-year and 1-year daily release options.

hi app Flexible Earn: Conclusion

Overall, hi is the best platform to increase your earning potential. One of the most compelling reasons why more and more investors are turning to the hi app is that as the hi ecosystem grows, so will the value of the HI token. hi provides the best rates on your holdings, so you should consider hi. Moreover, there are no hidden fees, so you can truly enjoy a premium experience on hi! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hi Earn Program?

The hi app allows you to transfer your crypto savings to hi and earn a high yield just for holding. You can choose to earn from either Flexible Earn or Fixed Term Earn products.

How much yield can you earn with Flexible Earn?

You can earn a yield of up to 11% APY on USDT and 5.5% APY on ETH, both paid out in-kind i.e., yield is paid in the same asset as your deposit.

What is the minimum deposit for holdings?

You can start earning by Flexible Earn with holdings of 50 USDT and 0.1 ETH or higher.

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