8 Best Free Courses to Learn Solidity

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Like all the other web development languages, learning Solidity also takes time and effort. However, you’ll be ahead of this game starting today as we have come up with some of the “Top free courses to learn Solidity”. These few courses will ensure that you gain the maximum knowledge about Solidity. 

UdemyFree CourseIntermediate1 hr 9 minsCreate your own Cryptocurrency & ICO with SolidityLINK
UdemyFree CourseIntermediate41 minsLearning Solidity in 30 minsLINK
LinkedIn LearningFree Trial for 1-monthIntermediate50 minsBlockchain: Learning SolidityLINK
UdemyFree CourseIntermediate1 hr 8 minsMini Solidity Course: Become a Blockchain DeveloperLINK
CourseraFree Enrollment. Intermediate17 hours Smart ContractsLINK
TutorialspointFree CourseBeginnersN/ASolidity TutorialLINK
GeeksforGeeksFree CourseBeginnersN/AIntroduction to SolidityLINK
Solidity docsFree CourseBeginnersN/ASolidityLINK

What is Solidity?

Solidity is the primary programming language for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a contact-oriented language that basically means that Solidity smart contracts are the main way to write all of your programming logic, organize code, and store data. Solidity is the main driving force behind Ethereum. It’s a high-level language for implementing smart contracts. This language is much similar to and influenced by Python, C++, and JavaScript.

Create your own Cryptocurrency & ICO with Solidity

This Solidity tutorial will cover everything you need to know in order to start with your own ICO project. It will help you create and design a fully compliant ERC20 token on the Ethereum Platform. In addition to this, the course will make you understand the basic technology behind the blockchain and decentralized applications, Ethereum Blockchain Platform, and Solidity smart contract language fundamentals. 

8 Best Free Courses To Learn Solidity: Create Your Own Cryptocurrency &Amp; Ico With Solidity
Create your own Cryptocurrency & ICO with Solidity

Course Content 

The course is divided into three significant lectures:

  1. In the first part, you will learn about Ethereum, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts.
  2. Then in the second part, you will learn how to create the ICO-Web Page with ReactJS.
  3. Lastly, in the third part, you will learn how to combine the ICO-Web Page with the ICO SmartContract. 

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Learning Solidity in 30 mins

If you understand programming languages and are looking to start blockchain development quickly, this is the ideal course to learn Solidity. This course is a fast and quick solidity primer for programmers. Spend your next half an hour here and simply start writing smart contracts on Tron or Ethereum blockchain platforms. With this tutorial, you will learn to quickly create a development environment for Solidity, the basics of smart contract development, and advanced concepts of Solidity in just a few mins. 

Learning Solidity In 30 Mins
Learning Solidity in 30 mins

Course Content

There are significantly three parts to this course:

  1. Firstly, you will learn Remix IDE, Basic Contract, and Ganache Solidity Development Environment. 
  2. In the second part, there are basic/intermediate Solidity Concepts. 
  3. Lastly, how to deposit ERC20 on Kovan Testnet. 

Blockchain: Learning Solidity

Blockchain has nowadays become a buzzword, but it’s also an irresistible technology that allows everyday users to exchange sensitive data without a mediator. Solidity programming language for the Ethereum platform is used by programmers to leverage blockchain in their applications. This Solidity course teaches you how to build a simple contract-based application with Solidity. Emmanuel Henri starts with blockchain and smart contracts basics, i.e., self-executing transactions written directly in code. Moreover, with this course, you can then learn all about the Solidity ecosystem, including syntax and advanced concepts such as source mappings, and then can also apply them to build your very first contract.

Blockchain: Learning Solidity
Blockchain: Learning Solidity

Course Content

The course is further subdivided into four main parts:

  1. Introduction and Setup in the first part. 
  2. Basics of Solidity. 
  3. In the third part, they will teach you to make your first Contract. 
  4. Lastly, Solidity Considerations. 

Mini Solidity Course: Become a Blockchain Developer

This free mini-course will set you on the path to becoming a blockchain developer in only three months. Since the emergence of bitcoin, blockchain has been used for many game-changing projects, cross-border payments, gaming, decentralized finance, and many other things. You’ll just need a little experience with coding to take this mini-course. Don’t worry; you will also get a template that you can download and use to follow through with this course. Furthermore, by the end of this tutorial, you will be able to do the following things:

  • Build your first decentralized application.
  • Gain knowledge on how to deploy an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Kovan Test Network.
  • Will gain a good basic knowledge of building Dapps. 
  • Will learn how to connect your Dapps with Metamask using Ethersjs. 
  • Will build a payment channel that will allow an eCommerce website to accept crypto payments via ERC20 Tokens. For example, Binance token, Compound token, and others. 
  • Lastly, how to interact with a smart contract from a UI. 
Mini Solidity Course: Become A Blockchain Developer
Mini Solidity Course: Become a Blockchain Developer

Course Content

There are three sections in total in this course

  1. The first part will get you through the Introduction to blockchain technologies. 
  2. In the second part, you will learn how to set up the environment. 
  3. Then, at last, you’ll learn how to build Dapps. 

Smart Contracts by The State University of New York

This course is a part of the Blockchain Specialization course and will help you code, design, deploy, and execute a smart contract. With the help of this course, all the learners can gain a comprehensive understanding of the computational elements of blockchain technology. It also teaches them the implementation of user-defined operations. In addition to this, you will understand and learn Solidity programming basics to develop transparent, autonomous, and efficient systems.  

Smart Contracts By The State University Of New York
Smart Contracts by The State University of New York

Course Content

The course is divided into four sub-sections and four weeks, each week for each section. 

  1. In the first week, you will learn about Smart Contract Basics. 
  2. Heading towards the second week, you will learn Solidity with all its basics. 
  3. Coming to the third week, you will put all the things together and focus on developing the Ballot smart contract. 
  4. At last, the course will make you focus on some of the best practices. 

Solidity Tutorial

Solidity is a high-level and contact-oriented programming language. This Solidity tutorial on tutorialspoint targets novice developers and also those who are new to Solidity. It guides them through the basic understanding first and then moves forward to more advanced concepts in Solidity. By the end of this solidity tutorial, you will have a firm foundation in Solidity and have a level of expertise. However, this tutorial requires you to be familiar with blockchain and general programming. 

Solidity Tutorial
Solidity Tutorial

Course Content

This course covers all the topics from basics to advanced. It has basically four sections.

  1. In the first section, you will get all the basic Introductions to Solidity programs like the loops, variables, strings, arrays, enums, conversions, and many other things. 
  2.  In the second section, you will deal with Solidity Functions. 
  3. In the third section, you will come through Solidity Common Patterns.
  4. And lastly, you will see the advanced phase of Solidity. 

Introduction to Solidity

This solidity course is available on GeeksforGeeks for all the readers. You will get all the basic and advanced knowledge related to Solidity here. The tutorial is made and written in such a way that even beginners don’t find it difficult to start with a new programming language.

Introduction To Solidity
Introduction to Solidity

Course Content 

The course is subdivided into many subsections/topics, and these are 

  1. First, you’ll learn Introduction to Solidity.
  2. Then there are the basics of Solidity. 
  3. After that, you will learn how to create a Smart Contract that returns the address and balance of the owner using Solidity. 
  4. Lastly, moving forward to the advanced part, it will end with creating a simple blockchain using python. 


If you are searching for a course/tutorial where you can find each detail related to Solidity, you may now end your search at Solidity docs. This solidity doc contains each and every detail that you need to know. It covers all the basics, language description, compilers, and Internals of Solidity. You will get a deep go through of the language, which is enough for every user to get to know Solidity. 


Course Content

The course content of this documentation is as follows:

  1. First, you will get to know the basics of Solidity. 
  2. Then there is language description, i.e., types of Solidity, contracts, inline assembly, and much more. 
  3. After that, you will get to know about the Compiler.
  4. Then you may go through the internals of Solidity, i.e., the layout of a state variable in storage, the layout of call data, source mappings, the optimizer, etc. 
  5. Lastly, you will learn some of the additional material provided in the documentation for your better understanding. 


The demand for blockchain technology is at its peak and still rising, with various enterprises that aim at achieving efficiency with the help of business models using blockchain. Furthermore, the current job market trends also highlight the demand for Solidity programming language. Therefore, all the developers need to know how it all works and how Solidity programming language will help achieve decentralized applications. Hope this article on “Top free courses to learn Solidity” would have given you a head start and a brief on what course to opt for in order to gain more knowledge on Solidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Solidity?

If you are willing to learn Solidity, you may find some of the best tutorials, tools, and resources online to help you get started. All these tutorials and resources will help build your Solidity knowledge. Alternatively, you may also refer to Solidity docs, where you can learn the basics about blockchain, Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM), and smart contracts. 

How long does it take to learn Solidity?

You can quickly grasp Solidity within a few months if you are already a programmer or likely have experience with other programming languages available. For example, if you have prior experience in JavaScript, Python, or C++, it will be easy for you to adapt Solidity syntax. Most solidity developers learn by themselves, so your only barrier will be self-discipline. 

Is it really a good idea to learn Solidity?

Learning Solidity programming can sometimes be painful, but it is also a gratifying experience. Even the tiny mistakes in smart contracts might lose you a lot of money so learn testing, or you may have to face the consequences. However, all you need to do is to manage your transactions or gas fees. Furthermore, there is no going back once you pay to deploy a smart contract.

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