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GoodCrypto is a portfolio tracker and multi-exchange trading app that lets you trade cryptocurrency on any exchange, anywhere, and anytime. This GoodCrypto review will take you through the platform’s functionalities, features, security, and many other aspects. 

Summary (TL;DR)

  • GoodCrypto is an app with a vivid and simple user interface. The prices are moderate, and trading functionality and portfolio tracking are great for both beginners and advanced traders. 
  • The platform lets you keep your portfolio in your pocket, and you can trade anytime, from anywhere. 
  • The platform allows you to trade on 25+ most popular crypto exchanges with custom trading setups and advanced orders. 
  • The GoodCrypto mobile application is available for Android, iOS, and Web. 
  • The platform allows you to see live prices for 1500+ cryptocurrencies, exchange listing alerts, latest news, and global order books streaming live to your smartphone. 
  • Moreover, the data here is safe and secure as they use encryption to encrypt traders’ data and also run external audits with white-hat hackers. 

What is GoodCrypto?

GoodCrypto is portfolio management and all-in-one trading app. Their main goal is to provide their traders with one of the best crypto trading experiences and empower crypto traders with more advanced trading tools delivered in a simple, intuitive interface. The team behind GoodCrypto has been working and building advanced high-frequency trading systems for over a decade, having started on Wall Street and later expanded to crypto in 2017. 

Moreover, the platform allows you to trade in 25+ most popular crypto exchanges with custom trading setups and advanced orders, monitor all your blockchain wallets and exchange accounts in real-time, price movement alerts, portfolio, and receive Trading. Furthermore, the technology underneath the platform is used to power quantitative trading algorithms that also trade a meaningful percentage of the crypto market.   

Goodcrypto Review

GoodCrypto Review: Features

  1. Trade with Trailing Stop orders 

GoodCrypto helps traders trade with Trailing Stop orders which further allows traders to enter and exit the positions at much better prices. Moreover, traders can even attach advanced Stop Loss and Take Profit to any of the orders they send; thus, their balances are not frozen until the Stop price is triggered. 

  1. Timeout for Stop Loss

The platform allows additional timeout for the Stop Loss trigger, which will enable traders to avoid exiting their position if the Stop Loss condition is met for a short period. Hence, their price turns in their favor. 

  1. Automated Trading Bots

Traders are provided with automated trading bots, which help traders save their time and make trades lucrative by simply doing nothing. 

  1. Uniswap Gems Monitor

GoodCrypto lets you quickly find newly listed coins on the Uniswap exchange with their Uniswap Gems Monitor. Moreover, it will receive alerts once a predefined set of such criteria like minimum total value locked and/or price increase are met. 

  1. Various Alerts 

GoodCrypto also offers its traders and subscribers several alerts ranging from market and portfolio summaries and unlimited personalized price alerts to order execution and new exchange listings. 

  1. Upcoming Features

GoodCrypto will soon be adding up to their features list. The platform is planning on full integration with all major DeFi and DEXes protocols. In addition, traders will be able to compare lending, pools, and borrowing opportunities across all protocols and interact with them from GoodCrypto. Furthermore, GoodCrypto will be powered by GOOD tokens, which will give traders even more bonuses and trading opportunities, like referral rewards, trading fee reduction, subscription discounts, etc. 


How to connect an exchange account to GoodCrypto?

In order to get your account connected to GoodCrypto, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. First, go to the exchange website that is supported by GoodCrypto, like Binance, Coinbase Pro, BitMEX, Gemini, Bitstamp, etc. 
  2. Log in or just create an account.
  3. Look for some sort of Connections, Privacy and Security tabs, and Profile settings of your account on the exchange.
  4. Then, find the API connections option there and click “Create new API keys.” 
  5. Now, enable the “View” and “Trade” options in API key settings.
  6. After the creation of the API key, note it down on a piece of paper, or you may also take a screenshot of the QR code if it is present. 
  7. Login into GoodCrypto and then go to Setting -> Exchange-> Choose the corresponding exchange and enter the API key, or you can scan the QR code. 
  8. After following all the above steps, you are now all set. GoodCrypto will now import your order history and account balances. After syncing your account, you will be able to start trading via the app interface. 

GoodCrypto Review: Supported Exchanges

The platform supports a lot of crypto exchanges. Currently, they are fully supporting account sync and Spot trading on Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance, Bittrex, Binace.US, Coinbase Pro,, HitBTC, Huobi,,, Indodax, KuCoin, Liquid, Poloniex, YoBit, OKEx, Kraken, Exmo, and Kuna. 

Moreover, they also support account sync, Margin Trading, and Derivatives on BitMEX, Bybit, Binance Futures, and FTX. Furthermore, they also provide market data for Uniswap, bitFlyer, and Bithumb and track your Coinbase wallet balances via API. 

Supported Exchanges
Supported Exchanges

GoodCrypto Review: Liquidity Checker

Liquidity can be referred to how easily an asset can be purchased or sold at a stable price in a specific market. Hence, the liquidity of a cryptocurrency is determined by several factors, from its real-world use cases of the traded asset to its popularity. Therefore, the GoodCrypto liquidity checker helps you find the best crypto exchange with sufficient liquidity to trade your favorite crypto. The following are a few features that the liquidity checker in GoodCrypto provides:

  • The liquidity checker lets you check liquidity for any pair on any of the 25+ supported exchanges in just one click. It makes everything easy because, as we all know, calculating real liquidity can be a process with lots of intricacies. 
  • Higher liquidity equals less slippage, and that equals more profits. Trading on a liquid exchange will always ensure the fairest price for you, whether you are purchasing or selling. Hence, this liquidity checker helps you minimize your losses due to price slippage. 
  • This lets traders compare prices across 10,000 trading pairs on 25 crypto exchanges in real-time. Moreover, all the data is updated three times per second. 
  • It gives you the most reliable crypto liquidity and price data. Further, traders should always be sure of the data they see with the tools originally created for high-frequency crypto trading because if it’s good for HFT, then it’s good for anything. 
Liquidity Checker
Liquidity Checker

GoodCrypto Review: Pricing Structure

The platform does not charge its traders any trading fees on top of what the exchanges charge. Traders need to pay the same amount of execution fee whether they are sending their order via GoodCrypto or directly via the exchange interface.

The platform has commission sharing agreements with most of the exchanges, with which part of the trading fee that you pay to the exchange comes back to them as a rebate. However, you don’t pay anything on top of your regular trading fee as they just split it with the exchange. 

Furthermore, there is a 14-day free trial for all the traders with which they can make use of most of the functionalities; after that, they offer paid subscriptions. The subscriptions are advanced trading features such as connected orders, Trailing stops, unlimited exchanges, wallets, trading algorithms, advanced smart alerts, and a lot more.

  • The one-month subscription will cost around Rs. 499 per month.
  • The 12-month subscription is for Rs. 3490 per month.
  • Lifetime access costs around Rs. 11,999. 
Pricing Structure
Pricing Structure

Is GoodCrypto Safe?

GoodCrypto stands among one of the most secure crypto trading apps in the market. Their application is designed not to have any access to your funds, and you are not required or asked to transfer anything to them. They do not require your wallet’s private keys, and they also strongly recommend that all the traders should disable withdrawal rights for the API keys that they add to their platform. 

The platform follows the following data security points to keep the account of its traders more secure.

  1. They provide on-device API key encryption. Your API keys get encrypted on your device the moment you add them to GoodCrypto, and that too with 2048-bit asymmetric encryption. They are securely transmitted via SSL and stored in a firewalled and encrypted environment.
  2. They provide multi-level security architecture, which further ensures that the traders can trade in a secure, safe, and reliable environment without any risks of malicious third-party actions. 
  3. All the data that is related to traders is encrypted on the device and also stored in encrypted depersonalized databases. Moreover, all the account activity is continuously monitored with any unusual behavior detection heuristics. 
  4. Security technologies and threats are evolving continuously; this is the reason why GoodCrypto regularly undergoes third-party audits of the server architecture, all of their internal processes, and application code. 
  5. Furthermore, there is a bug bounty program in order to incentivize white-hat hackers to help them eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent threats. 
Goodcrypto Safety
GoodCrypto Safety

GoodCrypto Review: Mobile Application

GoodCrypto mobile application helps all the traders to trade at any time and from anywhere, manage their positions 24*7 on any exchange, and also lets them monitor the state of their portfolio in real-time. Moreover, they can choose to work on any exchange and get the latest market insight and custom notifications.

GoodCrypto Review: Customer Support

Customer Support service for any platform is very important as it helps traders be aligned with all their queries. GoodCrypto keeps all these things in mind and provides great customer support to all its traders. They provide you with a separate FAQ section where most of the frequent questions about the platforms are answered. Traders will themself be able to find the perfect solution for their queries, and if they still need some help, then they can hop onto the blog section.

of the platform. In that section, all the things are mentioned in a detailed manner, and traders can learn a lot about the platform from there and can also gain other basic knowledge. Moreover, they also have a telegram group where all the traders can join and be a part of the community. Furthermore, if there is still more assistance required from their side, then you can easily mail them at [email protected] to get good help. 

 Customer Support
Customer Support

GoodCrypto Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The platform has a mobile-first intuitive interface. At the moment only basic trade automation is available. 
They offer a cross-functional application that is fully functional on Android, iOS, and the Web. The number of blockchain wallets supported is only a few. 
Traders get a chance to trade on 25+ exchanges. 
There are advanced orders that work in the same way across all exchanges from concurrent stop loss to trailing stop orders and trailing takes the profit.  
The GoodCrypto platform provides TradingView charting with technical indicators. 
Moreover, the exchange has a reasonable pricing structure, no ads, portfolio alerts, and many more things. 


Now that you already have a rough idea about the GoodCrypto platform, we would like to conclude by saying that it is definitely a next-generation all-in-one crypto portfolio manager. The platform provides traders with advanced trading functionality, a rich portfolio tracking experience, a great deal of personalization, and an intuitive interface on traders’ mobile phones. Moreover, it has all the chances to become one of the best crypto apps for iOS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to trade with GoodCrypto?

In order to trade with GoodCrypto, traders need to issue an API key to their exchange account and then, after that, enter it in the GoodCrypto Setting. These API keys are themselves issued from the exchange interface, so you can either scan the QR code with the app if the exchange provides one, or you can just copy and paste them as numbers/text. Further, the traders should make sure that they enable Trading but disable Withdrawal for the API key that they issue.  

Which order types does the GoodCrypto app support?

Traders can send Trailing Stop, Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Spot Market, and Trailing Stop Limit orders to all the 25+ exchanges in the mobile application. Moreover, traders can also attach Stop Loss and/or take profit to any order of any type they send via GoodCrypto. 

Does GoodCrypto hold the trader’s private keys?

The answer to this question is no. GoodCrypto does not hold any of the trader’s private keys. Further, it also doesn’t require traders to transfer or deposit any funds. GoodCrypto exchange-related functionality relies only on API connections to exchanges and thus does not require enabling withdrawal rights for your API keys. Their wallet tracking only requires public addresses of traders’ blockchain wallets to track transactions and balances. 

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