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Every organisation wishes to hire the best candidates while putting minimal effort and time into recruitment and talent management. Here is when smart technology comes into play. With the massive advancements in technology, this was no field to be left behind. Some of the smartest artificial intelligence tools have come up to help you streamline your processes with ease while maintaining professionalism and privacy. In this article, we are going to explore the best artificial intelligence-driven human resources software that will prove to be your best friends.

What is human resources software?

Human resources software is a platform used to automate HR procedures like hiring, onboarding, payroll, performance management, and employee data management. By streamlining administrative work, improving HR-employee communication, and offering analytics for strategic decision-making, it optimizes workforce management and promotes organizational effectiveness.

Top 5 AI-Based Human Resources Software

1. Effy AI

Effy Ai

Effy AI is a very smart human resources software that makes use of AI to preview performances and derive feedback. It helps to build teams that perform professionally. It allows you to start at the team level and then spread professionalism throughout the company.

Effy AI: Features

  • There are a number of things that the software helps with, like the new employee probation period, which is basically an interval of time that assesses if the new employee fits into the organisation well.
  • The application takes care of promotion reviews to acknowledge employees for promotions.
  • It also reviews an employee’s performance after the probationary period comes to an end.
  • Stakeholders in the project can evaluate its progress and identify any deviations from the original plan, allowing for timely revisions to maintain the project on schedule.
  • The platform comes with a vast variety of templates and question banks for the most perfect evaluation of employees.

Effy AI: Price

The one-time review plan of the platform is priced at $240, while the continuous review plan costs $35 per month.

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2. Paradox AI

Paradox Ai

Paradox AI is an artificial intelligence-powered conversational recruiting software. It performs tasks like screening and onboarding so that manual labour and efforts can be focused on bigger projects.

Paradox AI: Features

  • The application connects with potential candidates online via text and automates the hiring process with the help of a vast and detailed yet user-friendly questionnaire.
  • The personalization provided by the platform is phenomenal. It assists candidates with appropriate job recommendations matching their skill-set.
  • It schedules interviews. perfectly and save loads of time.
  • It also provides a visual representation of the performance of the candidate questioned so that the authorities can check if the person is fit for their organisation.

Paradox AI: Price

The pricing for the platform starts at $1000 per month.

3. Loxo


Loxo is an AI-powered recruiting platform that connects with clients and streamlines all the processes smartly without compromising data privacy.

Loxo: Features

  • Loxo provides a Chrome extension that you can use to import information about the candidate.
  • You can use the application to automatically add candidates to campaigns based on pipeline stage.
  • It notes down all the important timings and dates for you so that you waste no time noting and remembering anything.
  • The platform makes it super easy to generate precise reports by entering all the input information and letting the algorithms work to produce a reliable output.
  • It also automatically updates client information along with user authentication from time to time.

Loxo: Price

The platform offers a free trial with limited features. Other paid plans start at $119 per month.

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4. Attract AI

Attract Ai

Attract AI is an intelligent talent sourcing software powered by AI. The AI is smartly designed to act like human but it is well-trained to uncover connections that a human cannot. It helps recruiters find the most eligible candidate for their business.

Attract AI: Features

  • The platform’s AI sourcing engine searches millions of candidate profiles in seconds by going through dozens of platforms.
  • It cleverly approaches in-demand candidates, which in turn fuels up the reply rate. 
  • It generates professionally written outreach messages to engage clients.
  • The platform provides data-insights for the general recruiting process to help recruiters analyse and track conversion metrics.
  • It can be easily integrated into your existing recruitment sources.

Attract AI: Price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

5. Leena AI

    Leena Ai

    With no need for connectors, Leena AI’s Autonomous Agent enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their whole tech stack and complete challenging multi-app activities quickly. With just one simple prompt, it removes the need for manual intervention and optimizes workflows. 

    Leena AI: Features

    • The platform’s intelligence helps reduce IT tickets and boost IT service efficiency.
    • It automates support queries and professionally handles such situations.
    • The benefits of deploying an AI autonomous agent include improved productivity, round-the-clock accessibility, reliable and consistent responses, the capacity to manage several activities at once, financial savings, and improved user experiences through tailored interactions.
    • The software provides HR staff with strong reporting and data analytics capabilities to aid in decision-making. Many HR teams have found areas for improvement by examining trends and patterns.

    Leena AI: Price

    The pricing system is distributed into three tiers, and the first tier starts at $1.

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    5 Best AI Human Resources Software: Conclusion

    In conclusion, firms have never-before-seen possibilities to improve personnel management procedures thanks to AI-powered HR software. Long-term success is facilitated by its capacity to automate processes, offer insightful data, and improve decision-making, freeing up HR experts to concentrate on strategic projects and foster a more engaged and productive work environment for staff members.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different processes that comprise human resources?

    The various tasks involved in the human resources department are recruitment, performance management, employee data management, payroll, administrative work, and communication.

    What are the best features to look for in human resources software?

    Comprehensive employee data management, streamlined hiring and onboarding procedures, user-friendly performance management tools, reliable payroll and benefits administration, sophisticated analytics for strategic decision-making, smooth communication and collaboration capabilities, workflows that can be easily customized to meet organizational needs, compliance management tools, and integration with other business systems for increased efficiency and data consistency are just a few of the features that the best HR software should have.

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