18 HR Round Interview Questions and Answers

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Everyone wants to make a lasting impression while answering in their interviews. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last; interviewees must ace their interviews with the best possible answers to make the interviewer remember them. Here are best phone interview questions and answers that can help ace one’s interview.

Q1 What makes you unique?

Ans: Employers ask this question to gather reasons why you must be different from others. Here are some points that you can include in your answer:
Tell them about your qualities and how you are different from other competitors. Show them how you are valuable.
Tell them about your experience and review your previous roles and positions.
Impress them with the skills and traits that make you distinct from others, and show them the reviews from your former colleagues and workmates.

Sample: “I possess excellent time management skills and am punctual with deadlines. In my previous workplaces, I was appreciated by all for completing my work on time without affecting the quality of my work. This makes me the perfect fit for this role.

Q2 Tell me about your prior experience and your qualifications.

Ans: Employers ask this question to understand your skills and gather information about you and your achievements. Here are some points that can help you mold your answer.
Mention your achievements and experiences related to the role.
Mention the strengths and abilities that make you stand out.
Tell them about how you are as a person and highlight your personality.

Sample: ” I have been interested in and passionate about design. Four years ago, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in interior design. I worked in an interior design firm for a while. During my tenure there, I built my portfolio. All the experience that I gained there has helped me become proficient at what I do. I would love to enhance and develop my expertise in the same field. I believe I can be a great asset to your team.”

Q3 Why do you want to work at this company?

Ans: The best way to answer this question would be to gather all the information about the company—about its products, history, values, ethics, and culture.

Sample: “The way this company makes sure to keep sustainability in mind and keeps the well-being of the environment as the top priority is one of the key points that attracted me. I admire the company’s working ethics and the enlightening history and methods. These are some points that attracted me towards the company.”

Q4 What interests you about this position/role?

Answer: Employers ask this question to assess how much you know about the role and to know you better. You need to highlight your skills and experience and study the job description deeply when faced with this question.

Sample: “As much as I enjoy working for ten teams of 5 members each, I think I am ready to take on a bigger challenge with your company. I am eager to enhance my skillset with your team and build my expertise.”

Q5 What motivates you?

Answer: Employers ask this question to know about your self-awareness and alignment with yourself. Some points you can mention in your answer are that you love to explore and learning new things, you are motivated to give your best in your work environment, working in the field of your interest motivates you, and so on.

Sample: “I am motivated to work on new projects, bring out new ideas, and work with the team as a marketer. I enjoy working on campaigns and producing new ways of nurturing our customers.”

Q6 How Do You Cope With Issues At Work?

Answer: Employers want to know your true self, and hence, they ask this question to gauge your self-awareness. Always answer with complete honesty when faced with this question, as that builds the other person’s confidence in you, and they can believe you more.

Sample: “I used to be an introvert, and I faced issues with public speaking and maintaining conversations, but in order to overcome that, I encouraged myself and joined public speaking classes, and I am glad to share that today I am confident that I can speak freely without any hesitation.”

Q7 What are your strengths?

Answer: Employers are seeking to know the best of you when they ask this question. You must share all your skills and things you know you can do well. Share your attributes and qualities and give them examples of the same.

Sample: “Because I have great time management skills, I could manage to work in two companies simultaneously and also look after my home. I managed a team of ten people, and my leadership skills greatly helped me during that time.”

Q8 What are your thoughts or goals about your future?

Answer: This is a commonly asked question to see how ambitious and career-oriented you are. The best way to answer this question is to talk about your current experience and long-term goals.

Sample: ” The marketing field attracts me because it is a fast-growing field, and I can see myself being motivated to work hard each day to get a secure future for me and my family. I want to give my best wherever I am and hope that one day I become a master of what I do.”

Q9 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Answer: This question might be the most asked question as it shows the employers what your short-term as well as long-term goals are. You need to share about your dream projects and your career goals.

Sample: “I’d like to build a design team of my own and teach people about this field. I want to make myself so skilled that I can give knowledge to others about what this field is. I want to help out the design aspirants and guide them to the best of the industry.”

Q10 What did you like about your last position?

Answer: This question helps the employer to see how much you know and what you did in your last position of work. You can share about the most enjoyable aspect of your field and also what exactly you did there. Mention the skills and traits that helped you.

Sample: “During my time at my previous job, I thoroughly enjoyed the environment and the team I was with. I learned a lot, and they took special care of all the newcomers and always helped us out. They not only taught about working with them but also how to run a business.”

Q11 What did you not like about your last job?

Answer: They want to know what you enjoy while working and what you don’t. Keep a positive tone while answering this question.

Sample: “While I enjoyed my time working there, I couldn’t see much growth. Change is needed when you want to grow and expand your knowledge, and hence I am excited about this opportunity.”

Q12 Can you handle conflict at work? If yes, then how?

Answer: This helps people to know how emotionally intelligent and present you are. To know how one handles conflicts is a great way to assess their communication skills.

Sample: “One of my team members was not meeting the deadlines of the work. When I approached him to ask why it was happening, he got agitated, but I remained calm and let him finish first. Then I asked him if he needed any help from me, and I tried to be supportive towards him. He told me that he is also involved in different projects, so I helped him manage his time efficiently.”

Q13 What do you consider your greatest success?

Answer: Make sure you mention the best thing that you have achieved so far and what helped you achieve that. Mention the skills that helped you achieve it and show them that you are constantly willing to set the bar higher for yourself.

Sample: “When I fulfill the goals I set for myself and when I meet my expectations at the end of the day is what I call success. Doing this every day is a success for me. Not only for myself but also when I help others achieve their goals, it gives me a sense of gratification and fulfillment and motivates me to do it more.”

Q14 What are your salary expectations?

Answer: This is a very important question, and it must be answered with full confidence and without hesitation. Provide a salary range which is currently going on in the market; otherwise, they would consider you less informed. Provide a range and be open to negotiations, if any.

Sample: “I would like to know more about the incentives and ask a few questions to reach a more accurate expectation.”

Q15 What are you passionate about

Answer: This question looks at you as a person and not as an employee. They want to see your likings and areas of interest in order to know you more. The best way to answer this question is to tell them what genuinely you are passionate about and how you are pursuing it. Also, tell them how you do it and connect it with your work.

Sample: “I am passionate about working with people and making new bonds while doing so. Creative projects and good company always make me look forward to what I’m doing and make me want to give my best at it.”

Q16 Tell me about your work experience.

Answer: This is a straightforward question. You need to tell the employer about your past working experiences, share the highlights, and share the numbers, showing them how you did it.

Sample: “I have 10 years of experience in the design field, during which I worked with some of the industry’s most prominent designers. I acquired 50 repeat clients, which helped me gain profits for the company.”

Q17 How do you work under pressure?

Answer: This is an important question, as every job will someday require swift action and expect more out of you. The company wants to know how you handle it to the best of your ability.

Sample: “Challenges are a good way to grow, and I believe when I find myself stuck in a challenging situation, my flight mode gets activated. I get super quick, and my mind pushes me to work under pressure, and I give the required result in the required time to the client. Once, I had to complete a project within five days, and I had another project lined up for the same deadline. Initially, I was in a panic situation, but I managed my time so that I could do both tasks calmly, and they were up to the mark.”

Q18 What can you bring to the company?

Answer: This question is a strong one, and employers want to know why they should hire you. This question is the main opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and give them the best qualities that they can’t resist.

Sample: “My communication skills help me maintain good bonds with everybody around me. I do not indulge in mindless conversation and gossip; I like to keep myself clean and healthy in that way. I am good with leadership skills and teamwork, and I am good at helping people around me. Punctuality is what I stick by; hence, I can assure you that there will not be any deadline issues with me in the picture. I can handle a team of people, and I have experience of doing so, too.

In conlusion, these were some of the most critical questions that one can be asked in an interview. The way you answer them is very important as the first impression is last, and every word that comes out of your mouth during the interview is your chance at gaining or losing the position. Other than answering, your skills, your personality, and the way you carry yourself matter. Professionalism should be your priority in your work environment.

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How to prepare for interview?

Keep all your documents ready, be prepared for question and answers and while answering, always remain confident and calm. Don’t take too much stress. Professionalism should be maintained.

What are common questions asked in an interview?

Some of the common questions asked in an interview are listed above.

How to answer in an interview?

Keep your tone soft and answer calmly with confidence. Always be honest and don’t make up answers.

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