8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 

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People consciously try to learn how to cook or are interested in discovering new restaurants that offer excellent meals. They look to the 8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers to satisfy their curiosity. Food YouTubers provide a variety of videos in which they explain the finer points of various cuisines, demystify the art of cooking, help you locate the greatest food in your area, etc.

Top 8  Healthy Food Youtubers 

Sanjeev Kapoor Khaana Khazana 

In India, chef Sanjeev Kapoor Khaana Khazana is well-known. As one of the top culinary YouTubers in India, he launched this channel in 2009 and currently has 7.17 million subscribers. This channel features tasty and simple recipes for Indian cuisine, both traditional and foreign. Both inexperienced and seasoned cooks will find exploring and experimenting with diverse flavors enjoyable, thanks to Kapoor’s approachable and entertaining style.

Additionally, he represents Sweekar Advanced, an Indian manufacturer of sunflower oil, as a brand ambassador. The most well-known representative of Indian cuisine is him. Due to its uniqueness and nutritional benefits, his protein salad dish has received over 36 million views, making it his most popular video. See what one of India’s most well-known culinary YouTubers offers.

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – Sanjeev Kapoor Khaana Khazana 


One of the most well-known Indian food vloggers on YouTube is CookingShooking. Currently boasting 4.45 million subscribers, this cuisine vlog channel is hosted by young, well-known chef Yaman Agarwal. In 2017, he started this channel. It provides simple recipes for various foods for both inexperienced and expert cooks. Cooking is delightful thanks to Yaman’s approachable style and inventive ideas, which give traditional meals a lively touch. CookingShooking is a well-liked hangout for foodies focusing on making cooking accessible.

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – CookingShooking

Village Cooking Channel 

Based in the small village of Chinna Veeramangalam in the Pudukkottai region of Tamil Nadu, Village Cooking Channel is a cookery channel with over 24.6 Million subscribers and a 1.04% interaction rate. Watching its most popular video, over 189 million people have done so.

Visit one of the greatest South Indian cooking channels on YouTube, Village Cooking Channel, to witness how they make vast quantities of vegetarian and vegan Indian food while maintaining the correct tradition. One of the channel’s primary appeals is the accuracy with which it provides its recipes and how it portrays traditional South Indian dishes. M Periyathambi is the grandfather of the channel. 

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – Village Cooking Channel

Nisha Madhulika 

Indian chef also works as a food blogger, YouTuber, consultant for vegetarian restaurants, and celebrity. She is India’s most famous female YouTuber, with over 14.2 million subscribers. She is one of India’s top 8 cooking YouTube channels in terms of subscribers.

She also writes articles on food for other websites, such as Times of India, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and Indian Express, which are well-known Indian magazines. Indian cuisine is her specialty, and she uses her YouTube channels to teach her audience how to make homemade Indian food quickly. 

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – Nisha Madhulika

HealthyNut Channel 

The best healthy hacks are here, brought to you by Nikole from HealthNut Nutrition: time-saving meal prep tricks, baking, cooking, and snack hacks. Nikole will help you quickly step up your game in the kitchen, from meal planning to refrigerator organization. Nikole is an enthusiastic “health nut” who encourages her audience to lead active, balanced lives by demonstrating how simple and tasty it can be. Her “healthified” takes on delicious, fresh recipes will tantalize your taste buds and show that eating well doesn’t have to be dull or bland! Watch every week for delicious, mouthwatering meals! She has 948K subscribers on her channel. 

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – HealthNut Nutrition:


With her new gluten-free cookbook, Downshiftology blog, and YouTube channel, she shares her creative approach to meal prep with a larger audience. The book, perfect for both seasoned meal preppers and beginners to meal planning, is broken up into three sections: recipes that require complex items, meals that can be quickly put together, and individual meal prep ingredients. The more than 100 whole foods-forward, gluten-free recipes provide readers with plenty of inspiration. These dishes cover everything from breakfast to dessert and go beyond the typical meal-prep lunch and supper mainstays. She holds a strong fort with 2.63M. 

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – Downshiftology

Chef Ranveer Brar

In addition to being a MasterChef India judge, Ranveer is a television celebrity, author, restaurant, culinary movie producer, and philanthropist. Ranveer Brar is one of the most well-known chefs in the country. He propagates the values of reverencing the kitchen and learning the essentials to others, living by them. Chef Brar characterizes himself as a self-described food Sufi on an endless gastronomic adventure.

Watch this channel for amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes presented or described as straightforwardly and expertly as possible. With more than 7 million subscribers and a high engagement rate, he receives millions of views and heartfelt comments on every video he posts.

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – chef Ranveer Brar

Kabita’s Kitchen 

Kabita is a homemaker who abandoned her banking career to pursue her passion for cooking tasty, authentic Indian food. She likes keeping things simple and cooks both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Kabita’s personable and kind demeanor makes cooking seem effortless for her audience. The channel has over 13 million subscribers and offers comprehensive instructions presented in a step-by-step manner for both novice and seasoned cooks. Kabita, one of India’s top 10 food YouTubers, has established herself as a reliable resource for culinary advice and inspiration. 

8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers 
8 Best Healthy Food Youtubers – Kabita Kitchen


You should see how influential these top food YouTube channels in India are by looking at their viewership and content variety. Fightful competition makes expert assistance essential to taking advantage of this potential and using it to your brand’s advantage in a way never seen before. Since influencer marketing yields the highest returns, every brand is pursuing it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of videos do these YouTubers make on healthy eating?

These YouTubers make videos offering inspiration, advice, and recipes for delectable and healthy meals. They may concentrate on particular diets, inexpensive solutions, or quick and simple options.

Are these YouTubers licensed nutritionists or dietitians?

No, Not always. Some YouTubers may be chefs, recipe developers, or just enthusiastic home cooks; others may have degrees in nutrition. It’s crucial to look at their credibility history. 

How Do Food Youtubers Promote Food Brands?

YouTubers specializing in food have previously raised awareness of various food-related topics. Based on valuation, the food business holds a significant market share. Marketers know that they can use the popularity of Food YouTubers to further the brand and its goods. Viewers feel more connected to and trust Food YouTubers due to their close contact. Their decision-making over purchases is more motivated. YouTubers that specialize in food also show a very high level of viewer loyalty. They can make use of product knowledge and information. Brands take advantage of this relationship in a nation like India, where individuals are likelier to believe the words of someone they respect. 

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