Top 8 YouTubers in India 

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India’s YouTubers cover nearly every subject that can be discussed in the nation. No genre is left unexplored at this point, which makes it challenging to filter out content that you don’t want to watch. Here are the Top 8 YouTubers in India. 

Top 8 Youtubers in India 

CarryMinati (41.8M Subscribers) 

With 41.8M YouTube followers, Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, is the most famous Indian YouTuber. When he was ten, he created a football-teaching YouTube channel. It then evolved into a platform with a wide variety of entertainment options.

His channel has roasting videos, live game broadcasts, comedy, and entertainment in little doses. His unquestionable humor, extraordinary skill, and thorough Hindi commentary made him famous.

Even after attaining such great popularity, Ajey, also known as CarryMinati, has never wavered in his commitment to producing original and inventive material for his fans.

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : CarryMinati

Total Gaming (41.1M Subscribers)

Another prominent name among Top 8 YouTubers in India, known by his stage name, Ajju Bhai, Ajay is one of the most prominent YouTubers in India. In 2018, he started the “Total Gaming” YouTube channel. Since then, his primary channel has gained an incredible 40 million members. 

While playing PC games like Minecraft, he gradually built a following despite being best known for live-streaming Garena Free Fire gaming videos. Over 30 million people have seen these fascinating live broadcasts, particularly his joint video with Desi Gamer, “Ajjubhai94 Vs. Amitbhai(Desi Gamer) Best Clash Battle who will Win—Garena Free Fire,” which has had over 39 million views to date. He also owns Total Gaming eSports, a Freefire Esports group.

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Total gaming

Mr Indian Hacker (38.5M Subscribers)

Watch Mr. Indian Hacker’s YouTube channel if you are looking for entertaining, educational content. Those with an interest in science would find his science experiments fascinating. The “Titanium Army,” which is Mr. Indian Hacker’s group of fans, believes they have “titanium in their blood.” He is skilled at doing dangerous experiments, which he does most of the time. 

In his well-known video, he is shown riding a motorcycle that runs on water. The video he posted about building a remote-controlled car out of a genuine car has received over 35 million views.

Despite several challenges during his schooling, Dilraj overcame them by working hard, having talent, and being passionate about what he did. Over 30 million people find inspiration in a child from a little hamlet. Even with his informative and captivating material, Dilraj captures people’s hearts with his unparalleled success story. 

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Mr. Indian Hakcer

Ashish Chachlaani (30.3M Subscribers)

Ashish Chanchlani gained fame as one of the first Indian YouTubers to produce comedic videos based on real-life situations. Ashish has been a key player in the YouTube comedy video market for a while.

Bollywood celebs often ask him to promote their films because of the wide range of genres in which he creates his videos, which include humor, Bollywood, and impersonation. With an astounding 159 million views, his video “Tuition classes aur Bache” is the most watched content on his channel

Chanchlani won the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival’s Best Digital Influencer Award. In the same year, he had a cameo in Men in Black: International and won the Best Comedy Influencer award at the first World Bloggers Awards, which took place at the Cannes Film Festival.

Top 8 Youtubers In India : Ashish Chanchlani
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Ashish Chanchlani

Sandeep Maheshwari (28.4M Subscribers)

Sandeep Maheshwari founded ImageBazaar, one of the largest online marketplaces for Indian photos and videos. However, the public is not primarily familiar with him because of this identity. He is well known for his inspirational presentations and videos.

His talks and inspirational quotes struck a deep chord with the crowd, especially the younger folks. He also started a show where he asked successful people for advice on how to succeed.

With an emphasis on offering advice and inspiration, Sandeep has become the world’s largest non-monetized YouTube channel and has won several honors for his work. He is also well-known for his free “Life-Changing Seminar,” which has motivated millions of people worldwide. 

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Sandeep Maheshwari

Bhuvam Bam (26.4M Subscribers)

Bhuvam Bam is a well-known Indian YouTuber who began his career on social media on YouTube and is also a singer, songwriter, and comedian.

Bhuvan is well-known for his comedy series “BB ki Vines,” in which he plays every member of a typical Indian middle-class family and offers brief commentary on important social and political topics. With 26.4 million members, it has won them over, making him one of India’s most well-known social media influencers.

Love led Bhuvan Bam to start creating self-portraits. After one of his films went viral, he started a humorous YouTube channel. Because of his unfiltered material and coverage of frequent lighter topics, it’s easy to lose track of time when watching him.

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Bhuvam Bam

Amit Bhandana (24.4M Subscribers)

One of India’s most popular YouTubers, Amit Bhadana, is an Indian comedian, writer, actor, director, and actor. In 2017, he began making comedy videos in Hindi on YouTube, and he soon became the first Indian YouTuber to reach 20 million followers. Bhadana frequently mimics his friends’ and family’s relationships in his humor films. Along with tracks, he has also released music videos, including one for his father called “Father Saab.” With 24.4 million subscribers and an average of over 2.42 billion views, Bhadana’s channel has a large following.

“Types Of People in a Bus—Amit Bhadana” and “Parichay—Amit Bhadana (Official Music Video)” are two of Amit Bhadana’s best-known videos. These films demonstrate his comic skill and entertainment value, and they have received a substantial number of views on his YouTube account. 

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Amit Bandhana

Technical Guruji (23.5M Subscribers)

Gaurav Choudhary, popularly known as Technical Guruji, is a well-known figure in the IT community, particularly on YouTube. If you have a passion for technology but need help grasping technical jargon, Technical Guruji is your ideal resource. Guruji, the head of the TV station, breaks down complex technical terms so that lay people may comprehend them. This aids viewers in determining whether new devices are worthwhile purchasing. 

Technical Guruji offers his honest thoughts on new smartphones, cameras, smartwatches, and other technologies. He explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. By subscribing to his channel, you will be aware of the newest technological developments and make the ideal device selection. Gaurav’s estimated net worth in multiples of crores is a testament to his immense achievement. 

Top 8 Youtubers In India 
Top 8 YouTubers in India : Technical Guruji


India’s YouTube market is still growing. Indian YouTubers are valuable for marketers looking to expand their following and increase income. In the past several years, these Top 8 YouTubers in India has grown significantly in prominence. A wide variety of YouTubers are making videos covering a wide range of subjects. Millions of people worldwide have been inspired by Indian YouTubers’ inspirational, instructional, and informative content.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can a YouTuber increase YouTube video views?

Ensure your content is ideal and use effective marketing strategies to spread the word about it to attract viewers.

How do YouTubers get paid?

  • There are several options for YouTubers to monetize their channel:

They may use Google AdSense to monetize their vlog channel and profit from ad clicks.

  • By developing a distinctive brand

Numerous well-known Indian vloggers with devoted fan bases form their brands and market their goods to their audiences.

  • Influencer marketing with brand partnerships

The top Indian vloggers collaborate with businesses through influencer marketing campaigns and make money through influencer marketing agencies in India.

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