8 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch

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Join us on an exploration of the most influential and insightful voices shaping the crypto space on YouTube today. From seasoned analysts to charismatic personalities, each channel on our list offers a unique blend of market analysis, expert insights, and educational content to empower viewers in understanding and navigating the complexities of the crypto market. This guide on 10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024 will keep you ahead of the curve.

Coin Bureau – 2.46M Subscribers

Best Crypto Youtube Channels

Coin Bureau surfaced on YouTube in 2019, quickly becoming a key source of cryptocurrency news and information.

It is one of the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels and provides viewers with unique insights into the industry, such as price predictions, fundamental analysis, and forthcoming coins.

Coin Bureau uploads high-quality YouTube videos almost every 2-3 days, providing in-depth explanations of how the cryptocurrency market works.

In addition to covering the newest crypto news, the channel focuses on the greatest cryptocurrency products, services, and breakthroughs. The channel shines through as it breaks down sophisticated cryptocurrency coins and their underlying technologies.

Brian Jung – 1.81M Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Brian Jung is a crypto YouTuber who focuses on researching crypto markets, providing insights anytime Ethereum or Bitcoin’s network is upgraded, and even discussing the current trendy memecoin.

It’s one of the YouTube channels that doesn’t only focus on cryptocurrency, but also covers topics like credit card comparison, affiliate marketing, ChatGPT ideas, building an investment portfolio, and so on.

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Altcoin Daily – 1.46M Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Altcoin Daily, founded by the great minds of Austin and Aaron Arnold, has emerged as a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency YouTube market, with over one million subscribers. The brothers founded this premium channel in 2018 after realizing the enormous potential of the early digital coin market.
Altcoin Daily provides thorough market research and crypto token movements, as well as the most recent cryptocurrency news.

Furthermore, their videos provide instructive content, thought-provoking comments, glimpses of technical analysis, and interesting interviews with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Altcoin Daily frequently provides high-quality articles on blockchain technology (crypto and NFTs), the metaverse, and crypto mining news.

Benjamin Cowen – 800K Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Benjamin Cowen is unquestionably the top cryptocurrency YouTube channel for technical analysis. The YouTuber focuses on the data science behind price changes and provides an unbiased picture of the cryptocurrency market. Cowen breaks down his investing thesis in a clear and simple manner, making it easier to understand without needing to interpret his technical language.

Furthermore, Benjamin Cowen focuses primarily on Bitcoin and Ethereum, with occasional analysis of several other altcoins.

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Crypto Banter – 771K Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Crypto Banter is one of the greatest cryptocurrency YouTube channels for comprehensive live feeds. In fact, the vast majority of videos are released live, demonstrating Crypto Banter’s trust in its observations. Furthermore, Crypto Banter videos typically last an hour, so a lot of information is being broadcast.

In terms of the focus, Crypto Banter covers all bases. For example, some videos will focus on the current market news and sentiment. This covers Bitcoin and altcoin prices alongside important fundamental research. Crypto Banter is also one of the best crypto YouTube channels for interviews.

CryptosRUs – 745K Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

CryptosRUs is a YouTube channel run by George, who is quite knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. He creates videos that are easy to grasp, whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or have some experience. George discusses everything cryptocurrency-related, including how it works, what’s going on in the market, and which new coins are worth looking into.

He’s like a helpful guide, explaining what’s going on in the sometimes-confusing world of cryptocurrency. You can also join live streams to interact with him and other viewers, ask questions, and learn more.

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Sheldon Evans – 701K Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Sheldon Evans, a cryptocurrency expert, has a YouTube channel of the same name with almost 700K subscribers. This channel covers various topics, including cryptocurrency price predictions, market analysis, and trends.

The channel began as a personal development and lifestyle vlog in 2014. However, in recent years, Sheldon Evan has begun sharing his cryptocurrency adventure, providing courses and personal finance recommendations.

However, Sheldon Evans does not upload videos regularly. Evans is a big fan of NFTs and has even released his own NFT collection, NOSTALGIA, which is available for purchase on OpenSea.

Ivan On Tech – 524K Subscribers

8 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Watch

Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel that primarily does interviews. Ivan Liljeqvist, the host, welcomes well-known figures from the cryptocurrency and technology industries. These interviews are intended to provide insights into a variety of cryptocurrency-related concerns.

Additionally, the videos address complicated issues that have an impact on the crypto business. Ivan does not upload videos much, but when he does, the quality is usually good. The videos are in-depth and allow for extensive learning.

In addition to interviews, Ivan on Tech provides instructional content on several cryptocurrencies.

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This list has analyzed the finest cryptocurrency YouTube channels for a range of reasons, including learning about blockchains, tracking market news, and everything in between.

Investors can choose to follow as many channels as they choose, but they should undertake due diligence before acting on any recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best crypto analyst on YouTube?

Those looking for YouTubers focused on fundamental research might explore channels such as CoinBureau.

What is the Best YouTube Channel for Crypto News?

The Arnold brothers launched Altcoin Daily, which is the best YouTube channel for cryptocurrency news. Altcoin Daily publishes on a regular basis and covers topics ranging from complete market research and crypto token movements to the most recent cryptocurrency news.

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