NFT CryptoDragons’ Community Tokens ICO Starts July 30

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The successful 2021 play2earn NFT project – CyptoDragons has launched an ICO of its tokens. The CryptoDragons Coins or CDC will play a significant role in the project’s further development. The new pre-sale ICO round releases 5 million CDC Tokens.

Set for ICO on July 30, the CDCs are the ERC20 tokens with a total supply of 100 million. The first wave of Airdrop Distribution, with 3.7 million CryptoDragon Coins, has already been completed. The community already actively utilizes the token in many in-game activities.

The CDC Tokens price starts at 0.00015 ETH, and in 5 years, the project will achieve full token supply.

The CryptoDragon Coins will be used in the following features:

  • In-game Rewards & Payments
  • Fights on the Dragon Arena
  • Passive Income for Legendary Dragons.

With the CryptoDragons Coins ICO, the project embarks on the vast developments that started in June 2022. The project partnered with Polygon Studios and shifted to Polygon Sidechain, originally from Ethereum. Now it has re-opened the Battle Arena, where users can earn CDCs and win their opponent’s Dragons.

The project also plans to introduce Mutations that users can make with a Special Ingredient. The owners of the Firstborn Dragons will be able to mutate their Dragons and get a new class of perfect creatures – the Mutant Dragons.

The Dragon Metaverse had a tremendous start in October 2021, with NFT Dragon Eggs bringing more than $8 million to its creators. The project stood out due to gamified earning mechanics and passive income for Legendary Dragons.

About CryptoDragons:

CryptoDragons is a Polygon-based Dragon Play2Earn Metaverse that allows users to collect, breed, fight and sell NFT dragons.

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