How to get your own .XYZ Domain?

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Blockchain technology’s popularity has heralded a fundamental change from centralized to decentralized institutions. Companies that use blockchain technology tend to stand apart in every manner. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – an original concept for a more transparent and secure digital currency, Web 3 – a decentralized web experience, NFT– a shift in the art business, and Metaverse– a shift that will blow people’s minds in the next few years. Blockchain is causing havoc in every industry. 

As a result, how we can bet on established domains such as .com, .in, .eu, and .gov? Non- .com domain names appear to be more popular among blockchain enterprises. For instance, the .xyz domain is one of the most commonly used by Blockchain organizations.

The popularity of the xyz domain skyrocketed in 2015 after Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, chose as its URL. This was primarily because American Broadcasting Corporation used, whilst BMW’s fleet management section used (in fact, they still are). As a result, the .xyz domain received a lot of attention. 

According to Domain Name Stat, the popularity of the .xyz domain has exploded in recent years. The graph below depicts the increase in the number of registered .xyz domains in 2021.

Let'S Talk About .Xyz Domain: Fig: 2021 .Xyz Stats.
Fig: 2021 .xyz stats.
How To Get Your Own .Xyz Domain?
.xyz is the most registered gTLD domain in recent years

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How to register a .xyz domain?

Registering a .xyz is similar to registering a normal .com, .in domain. Step by step guide to registering a .xyz domain:

Step 1: Choose a domain name you want to register. Example:,, etc

Step 2: . Visit this site. XYZ Registry is the company behind .xyz domain names. The project is open for contribution or feedback on GitHub.

Register Your .Xyz
Register your .xyz

XYZ is a technological organization that provides domain names and related services to people and businesses worldwide. As an industry leader, XYZ offers a diverse range of goods, from its flagship, to category-specific domains. XYZ was formed in 2011 to provide internet consumers wanting a digital presence with innovation and choice. In addition, it offers all age groups the opportunity to build their projects, brands, and enterprises with new domain names by linking generations X, Y, and Z.

Step 3: Search for your desired domain name if it’s available.

Search For Available Domain
Search for available domain

Step 4: Select the term of years you want your domain to be registered for and then check out the approximate cost of registering the domain. 

Select The Number Of Years
Select the number of years

Step 5: The next step is to integrate add-ons according to your business/personal needs. Below are a few add-ons you can integrate:

Integrate Add-Ons
Integrate add-ons

Step 6: The next step is to fill out all your information and pay the required amount.

Payment Of The Required Amount
Payment of the required amount

Step 7: Read the terms and conditions for better understanding and Submit the order. Your domain is now registered.

Your Domain Is Now Registered
Your domain is now registered

 .xyz x Web 3.0

If you’ve lately visited a crypto company’s website, you’ve undoubtedly seen a URL ending in “.xyz” instead of its more expensive counterpart,.com. .xyz has been the go-to URL ending for many web3 enterprises, from Block, formerly known as Square, to blockchain startups like Mirror, Proof, Propel, and Login. But what does it imply, and why has it become so popular in the web3 world?

.xyz is the first genuinely generic domain extension with no inherent meaning, intending to give people options for their domain name. For example:

  •  .com was meant for commercial use, 
  • .in for Indian 
  • .net for networks and 
  • .org for organizations, 

Users who did not fall neatly into one of these categories or who wanted to stand out should as their TLD. Now you know why the majority of web3 firms use it. xyz. Web3 is not an upgrade to Web2 but rather a brand-new web experience. domains are currently managed by internet regulatory authority ICANN, several parties are now working to develop a decentralized alternative to this system to underpin web3. XYZ’s alignment with web3 companies could open up a slew of new monetization opportunities based on identity and ownership in a decentralized web.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the Domain Name Service (DNS) of Web3. ENS allows users to generate a global identity for all of their crypto addresses and a searchable database to make crypto wallets and transactions more accessible, even if they are stored on several different platforms. Users may now build profiles in ENS using either the native .eth domain or domain to share on their social media handles.

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Coincodecap.eth is an ENS domain representing the Ethereum address connected with coincodecap. The functionality has been provided to every .eth name automatically. Just append “.xyz” to the end of any .eth name to see the ENS profile in any web browser. For example, in any browser, the ENS profile for coincodecap.eth may be found at The profile material is produced automatically using publicly accessible data from ENS and is ultimately managed by the appropriate ENS user.

Conclusion domain is popular among blockchain startups because it represents decentralization and the next wave of Web3 apps. Also, it gives them the authority to not fall under the cliche TLD that is predominant in the tech industry.

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