Is Dark Matter Token a Scam?

Key Takeaway:

  • Twitter User tanjero.eth has identified Dark Matter Token (DKMT) as a scam token in his Twitter Thread.

DKMT is the in-game digital currency of Vibranium, a metaverse blockchain game, a large-scale multiplayer online simulation game (MMOSLG) that integrates P2E, social networking, and strategy. It’s based on Binance Smart Chain.

Although this token has no official website, this information was available on CoinMarketCap. Also, the token price is already down by over 99%.

Is Dark Matter Token A Scam?

Also, something interesting which tanjero.eth has found that whenever someone bought Dark Matter Token, they unknowingly sent 0.002 BNB to the creator’s address. Even though this sounds like a small amount. Here is the link of this transaction. But if we perform some mathematics i.e. $(530 x 50 x 450 x 0.002). This is around 23850 BNB which is approximately equal to 10282564 USD.

Is Dark Matter Token A Scam?

Also, there is nobody who is public behind this project. Not even the creator of this contract. Here is the link to transactions, where he used TornadoCash to deposit over 1 BNB into his account and then used it to deploy the contract.

Is Dark Matter Token A Scam?

As crypto scam projects are increasing nowadays so our readers should stay alert.

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