Meta’s new AI Chatbot is coming soon.

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Whenever any new technology comes into the market, there are two sides to using it. In the case of Artificial Intelligence, we are experiencing growth in this field daily. People are using these new AI tools to improve their productivity, but a chunk of people are using this new era of technology for unethical works like deepfakes, voice cloning, etc. As someone said, “The verdict on technology as a boon or curse rests not in its essence, but in the wisdom of its application.” Also, these advanced algorithms now help to find cures for disease and improve the health of any person. This article will cover the trending and hot news, AI tools, and new jobs in the AI space.

Meta'S New Ai Chatbot Is Coming Soon.

Trending News of the Week

Drake’s new song shows the unethical use of AI

Popular pop star Drake has come into the media discussions because of his new diss track, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which features the voices of Popular Rapper Snoop Dog and the late rapper Tupac Shakur. In this diss track, Drake targeted Kendrick Lamar, mocking him for a recent song where Lamar mentioned Taylor Swift and claimed to be on the same level as Drake. This song has sparked the discussion about the unethical use of AI, as now anyone can use anyone’s voice to create anything like hate speech, etc. Some are praising Drake for his creativity, but this raised the question that in the future, nothing is going to be real as AI continues to evolve.

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Meta’s new AI chatbot is coming soon

The tech giant Meta is trying to win the AI race. The company releases new AI updates regularly. Recently, Meta released its generative AI Chatbot, “Meta AI,” on WhatsApp and Instagram. This new chatbot can craft poetry and marketing ads and generate mages based on a single prompt. Meta released Meta AI with a new beta update for all its major platforms, like WhatsApp and Instagram, for beta users. There is a chance that this latest upgrade will be released soon for the general public.

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Google collab with Oneplus and Oppo

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and Oneplus announced that their devices would soon be integrated with Google’s new AI model, “Gemini.” The company will soon release an update on integrating Gemini models into their existing and upcoming products, meaning users can use AI for their daily tasks.

AI is now ready to find treatments for Parkinson’s disease

The researchers at the University of Cambridge developed a new AI model that can identify compounds that can find treatments for Parkinson’s disease. This new model is trained on large datasets of different chemical libraries containing a million entries and identifies five highly potent compounds for further investigation. Parkinson’s affects more than seven million people, and the current method of finding it before the potential treatments is quite time-consuming. So, with the help of AI and machine learning, the researcher could speed up the initial screening process and treat the patient within the time.

Boston Dynamics’ new humanoid robot

Meta'S New Ai Chatbot Is Coming Soon.

Boston Dynamics, the robot-making giant, has retired its Atlas robot, powered by hydraulics, and released a new generation of Atlas robots powered by electricity. The new Atlas robot is powered by electricity and has a greater range of movement than its predecessor, with swiveling, which the company claimed can tackle dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks. In terms of body design, the new Atlas comes with longer limbs, a straighter back, and a ring-light-shaped face with a head that can swivel. The company said it will partner with automobile company Hyundai to use the new Atlas in car manufacturing.

Amazon Music launched Maestro

Amazon Music launched Maestro in beta, similar to Spotify AI DJ. With the help of AI, users can create a playlist based on a specific keyword, emoji, animal, etc. After the launch of Spotify, many music apps have tried integrating AI into their apps to enhance users’ experiences.

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Now Grok can see you

Meta'S New Ai Chatbot Is Coming Soon.

xAI’s Ai chatbot Grok 1.5 is now powered by the computer vision feature. Now, Grok can process visual data like photos, videos, and documents with real-world information. Grok was launched by xAI last month under the open-source Apache license.

Trending AI Tools

  • ChatWeb 3 (Click here to try)
    An AI tool like Web 3’s ChatGPT allows users to ask questions about Web 3, DeFi, and cryptocurrency.
  • Munch (Click here to try)
    An AI tool that allows users to create and edit short videos from long videos and automate them to upload on various platforms.
  • Framer AI (Click here to try)
    An AI tool that allows users to create a website within 60 seconds.
  • Browse AI (Click here to try)
    An AI tool allows users to browse or extract data from any website.
  • Law Bot Pro (Click here to try)
    An AI tool that helps users with law-related problems. It is like a ChatGPT specifically for law-related questions.

Prompt of the Week

Meta'S New Ai Chatbot Is Coming Soon.

We all need mentorship at some point in our life. A mentor helps us to make the right decision according to the problem, but it is hard for most of us to get a good mentor. Let’s discuss a prompt that would help you get mentorship from legends like Sundar Pichai, Tony Robbins, or even the person who passed away, like Steve Jobs.

Here is the prompt:

I will provide you with some doubts. I want you to answer that doubt like you were <Personality >. Use the exact mental models, thought processes, and tone of voice the chosen would have. Also, end every answer with one actionable step I can take toward solving my doubt.
Personality: whoever you want
Doubt: write about your doubt

Job Listing

  • Machine Learning Engineer, Robust Intelligence (Click here to apply)
    Robust Intelligence is a new startup that mainly deals with eliminating the risks of AI.
    They develop flagship products that can be integrated into existing AI systems and protect real-time API-based third-party AI excess to eliminate these risks. The company is seeking for a Machine Learning Engineer role with expertise in tracking and identifying AI security risks and experimenting with the latest ML techniques to build SoTA protections. The candidate must have a BS or MS in Computer Science background with strong programming skills in generic programming languages such as Python and Goland. The company also provides various benefits, such as health benefits, allowance, etc.
  • Software Engineer in Test, Robust Intelligence (Click here to apply)
    The same company is also hiring a software engineer in a test role. In this role, the candidate must have expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, and CICD pipelines and experience with on-prem deployments and testing. The candidate should be proficient in Python or Golang.

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