CoinSpot vs CoinJar | Which is the Best Australian Crypto Exchange?

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CoinSpot and CoinJar are two popular crypto exchanges that provide you with personalized accounts or wallets with additional features to safeguard your digital assets. They are your route to small as well as extensive trading. In this article, we will help you configure, analyze the benefits and flaws of CoinJar and CoinSpot so that you can choose the exchange platform that will be suitable for you.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Summary (TL;DR)

Both CoinJar and CoinSpot are highly famed cryptocurrency exchange platforms. We already wrote CoinJar review and CoinSpot review in the past. Numerous Australians trust them to trade Bitcoins. They offer various Deposit and order methods along with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Besides, both the platforms impose a trading fee on users and show advanced charts for price monitoring. While both the exchanges’ purpose is to help global users quickly trade coins online, they mainly focus on Australians and British citizens. 

Let us take a quick look at the facilities CoinJar and CoinSpot provide:


  • The number of cryptocurrencies offered is 260+.
  • The supported fiat currency is AUD.
  • Trading fee is 0.1% & 1% .
  • The financial sector governed by Australia regulates CoinSpot exchange.
  • Accepted payment methods are BPAY, POLi, PayID, and cash through BlueShyft.
  • No limits on withdrawal and deposit amount except when using BPAY or cash method.
  • A multi-coin wallet is available with an instant ‘buy and sell’ feature.
  • You can even swap cryptocurrencies without a verified account.
  • CoinSpot’s mobile app works on both Android and iOS.


  • The number of cryptocurrencies offered is 24.
  • Supported fiat currency is AUD and GBP.
  • Trading fees equivalent to 0.2% & 1%.
  • Depositions are free, but it imposes a fee of 1.5% when users use Blueshyft.
  • Suitable for institutional as well as individual investors and traders.
  • The extensive FAQ section on the main website is quite handy and serviceable. 
  • Easy and quick KYC process and Two-factor Authentication.
  • For assistance, you need to raise a support ticket.
  • Accepted payment methods are PayID, BPAY, and Cash Deposit.
  • CoinJar’s mobile app works on both Android and iOS.

Now that you are aware of both platforms’ characteristics, we will talk more about the features, comparison, and analysis of CoinSpot and CoinJar.

What is CoinSpot?

CoinSpot is a crypto exchange born or made in Australia. They are one of the prominent Australian gateway corporations in the cryptocurrency world, and this states that they authorized the investment of Crypto with fiat money. The business laid the first stone in Melbourne in the year 2013.

Further, they are a member of ADCA – the Australian Digital Commerce Association. ADCA is not a regulatory administration, but the membership still demonstrates some pattern of long-term responsibility to the adoption of blockchain technology.

CoinSpot Features

  • More than 280 cryptocurrency coins are accessible for consumers and dealers. 
  • To fund your CoinSpot account, you can use various payment methods like POLi, PayID, BPAY, Direct Deposits, and even Cash Deposits. 
Picture Shows ‘Deposit Funds’ Feature Of Coinspot
Picture shows ‘Deposit Funds’ feature of CoinSpot
  • It has Industry-leading protective measures and ISO accreditation for security.
  • Obeys all AML laws which are necessary for legitimation.
  • It has Two-Factor Authentication to safeguard accounts from cyberpunks. 
  • Over-the-Counter desk and 24/7 assistance through live chat are available for Australian Super Fund investors and consumers.
  • CoinSpot offers instant purchase & a variety of transferable cryptocurrencies within a few moments. 
Easy Buying Of Bitcoins On Coinspot
Easy buying of Bitcoins on CoinSpot
  • It is an associate program that offers 30% of commission for referred users.
  • Exchange strategy provided with TradingView charts and well-developed features.
Advanced Coin Charts Of Coinspot
Advanced coin charts of CoinSpot
  • It is constructed with a user-friendly interface to satisfy all investors and users.
Coinspot’s Simple Ui Can Be Seen In This Picture
CoinSpot’s Simple UI can be seen in this picture
  • CoinSpot has grouped popular assets into bundles for your convenience. 
Coinspot Bundle
CoinSpot Bundle
Order Book Of Coinspot
Order book of CoinSpot

What is CoinJar?

A corporation established in 2013 in Melbourne, CoinJar allows Australians to buy, sell, store and use Bitcoins. Created by Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou, it’s practically a “Bitcoin business and wallet provider” and is best characterized as “upcoming generation’s very own finance account.” CoinJar has acquired over 70,000 faithful customers throughout its three years of the undertaking and took part in transactions worth $100 million.

Given below are some characteristics of CoinJar as well that will work for you to get to comprehend the term carefully-

  • On CoinJar, you can convert, purchase and sell Bitcoin by paying flat 1% CoinJar fees.
  • To be eligible to transfer Australian dollars into your CoinJar, You must first verify your ID. Even if your CoinJar account is unverified, you can still receive and send Bitcoin but won’t transfer them. 
Trading Box Of Coinjar
Trading box of CoinJar
  • Payment methods like PayID, BPAY, and Blueshyft deposits are accepted to transfer your Australian dollar to your CoinJar account.
If You Wish To Deposit From The Wallet Of Your Mobile, Then A Qr Code Appears On Coinjar Platform.
If you wish to deposit from the wallet of your mobile, then a QR code appears on CoinJar platform.
  • By using your CoinJar account, you can quickly dispatch the cryptocurrency to almost 196 nations. 
  • CoinJar has an EFTPOS card named ‘CoinJar Swipe,’ which qualifies you to automatically convert your Bitcoins to Australian dollars when using any EFTPOS machine to make purchases.  
  • When you don’t wish to actively practice price monitoring and want to shield your funds from price fluctuations, you can activate the CoinJar Hedge Account. It allows you to briefly store your cryptocurrencies in alternative currency forms like USD, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Euros. 
  • By using your CoinJar account, you can quickly dispatch the cryptocurrency to almost 196 nations. 
  • CoinJar has an EFTPOS card named ‘CoinJar Swipe,’ which qualifies you to automatically convert your Bitcoins to Australian dollars when using any EFTPOS machine to make purchases.  
  • When you don’t wish to actively practice price monitoring and want to shield your funds from price fluctuations, you can activate the CoinJar Hedge Account. It allows you to briefly store your cryptocurrencies in alternative currency forms like USD, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Euros. 
Live Crypto Charts On Coinjar. But Charts Aren’t Available For Price Action And Recent Trades.
Live crypto charts on CoinJar. But charts aren’t available for price action and recent trades.

As two of the extensively meticulous, long-established crypto products accessible to every person in Australia, we obtain a glimpse at this comparison or differentiation between CoinSpot and CoinJar, so you can decide on the interchange that reasonably suits your requirements.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Regulations

As an exclusive Australian firm, CoinSpot is a partner in the Australian Digital Commerce Association and complies with all the AML constitutions residing within the territory.

By dissimilarity, CoinJar is scheduled with AUSTRAC, but now it is a registered UK business. It also complies with UK AML and business regulations.

Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws are significant as they contribute a criterion for administering strategies. Both the companies exemplify their objective to prioritize customer protection in their respective countries. So CoinJar wins this round.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Deposits

You can deposit three prominent Australian expenditure firms to CoinSpot, namely, POLi, BPAY, and PayID. You can also deposit money via blueshyft at crucial retail openings across Australia’s dominant cities.

CoinJar, by the discrepancy, allows direct bank and wire transfers, as well as cryptocurrency sediments and blueshyft. BPAY is the most widely used method, requesting the rapid transfer velocities and the elevated insurance precepts earning CoinJar in another won.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Security

CoinSpot being the only Australian crypto business to hold ISO 27001 – signifies that it is internationally ideal for the prudent and safe oversight and safeguarding of crucial evidence. They also apply the basic two-factor Authentication with smartphones to sign off for the trades.

CoinJar, on the other hand, uses machine-learning algorithms to comprehend suspicious activities. Just like CoinSpot, CoinJar also implies two-factor Authentication. However, ISO 27001 status is acknowledged Internationally as the gold standard, which gives CoinSpot an upper hand over CoinJar.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Mobile-friendly

CoinSpot doesn’t possess custom-made mobile functionality. However, the company acknowledges that their website is understandable enough to be wielded through a web browser on any smartphone on any given day but, it is not as effortlessly traversable as a mobile application.

CoinJar, on the other hand, has a rugged grip on fundamental strategy stability in its mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS. The app is entirely consistent, user-friendly, and accessible with all CoinJar’s objectives making CoinJar easily understandable than CoinSpot for users who are new to the terms and meanings.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Customer Support

CoinJar entitles you to convey emails to subsidize. CoinSpot runs its aid headquarters through Zendesk (a productive and helpful outlet for assistance and help that you will discover easy to utilize) authorizes you for both support certificate logging and direct emailing.

Both CoinSpot and CoinJar have extensive FAQ categories on their setting for quick questions, but CoinSpot can be more accessible due to the Zendesk.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Fees

CoinSpot is significant for many costs, precisely utilizing the instant strategy on their central setting, which reprimands a flat 1%. CoinSpot charges BPAY securities at 0.9% and Blueshyft currency sediments at 2.5%.

CoinJar also prosecutes 1% on buy and sell on its business, although this decreases to 0.5% if you use BPAY. Businesses from Crypto to Crypto reprimand at 0.1%. CoinJar’s fundamental satisfactory comparison with CoinSpot is with its securities, though 1.5% for Blueshyft and 0% for BPAY.

If we promptly distinguish their compensation procedures, CoinJar’s fees are much lower. Nevertheless, giving rise to market decrees on CoinSpot is the most inexpensive alternative for purchasing Crypto, giving CoinSpot an upper hand over CoinJar.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Cryptocurrency Supported

CoinSpot is known for requesting an extensive capacity of cryptocurrencies, and its established schedule is well over 150 encompassing all the important currencies and many other altcoins. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Meanwhile, CoinJar has recently broadened its contribution from five to thirteen (from 5 cryptocurrencies to 13 cryptocurrencies). Including incorporating Stellar, 0x Token, Maker Dai, Compound, and Chainlink.

Being new to Crypto, one might expect to have the alternative to purchase and negotiate multiple currencies. CoinSpot puts on you a reasonable nomination giving CoinSpot the winning position that they have earned.

As two of the extensively meticulous, long-established crypto commerce accessible to every person in Australia, we obtain a glimpse at this comparison or differentiation between CoinSpot and CoinJar, so you can decide on the interchange that reasonably suits your requirements.

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Pros and Cons

Like all crypto exchanges, CoinSpot and CoinJar to have benefits and flaws. Let’s take a quick look at the summarized table: 

CoinSpot: Pros and Cons

150 Supported cryptocurrencies and multi-currency wallet.The instant feature imposes a fee of 1%
Deposit and withdrawal fees are reasonable and for both free options for AUD are availableNot for larger trades since fees is costly
Instant exchange, buy and sell feature Lacks insightful trading options
Simple User Interface
Conforms to all AML laws
OTC desk for assistance

CoinJar: Pros and Cons

Both AUD and GBP trading pairs offeredFor conversion, fees are  flat 1%
Deposits in both AUD and GBPNot for large capacity trading
Has increased number of supported cryptocurrencies to 13
Simple User Interface
Quick transactions
CoinJar Card can be used in retail terminals
CoinJar Wallet for quick trading 
CoinJar Touch app for repaying anyone

CoinSpot vs CoinJar: Conclusion

Both CoinSpot and CoinJar are well-established crypto industries with over-the-top protection and comparable categories of customer assistance. If you are looking to get into exchanging a various spectrum of tokens, CoinSpot is the route to go with its enormous breadth of benefited cryptocurrencies. CoinJar supports a whole of thirteen cryptocurrencies, and their payments are infrequently satisfactory, but it can’t compete on the spectrum.

For Australians looking to get into Crypto, CoinSpot becomes known as extensively adopted and trusted. It has an ample expanse of currencies and minimum fees makes it a champion.

Supported Crypto24118
Taker Fee0.00%0.10%
Maker Fee0.05%0.10%
Withdrawal Fees  0.00035  0.00035
Works in USNoNo
Offers DerivativesNoNo
Active Since20132013

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoinSpot safe?

Yes CoinSpot is safe to use. The platform proposes a multi-cryptocurrency wallet operation along with built-in trading characteristics. Further, it wields bank-level protection and immunity within its system, which states that there are minimal hacking chances. You are unrestricted to transmit your Cryptocurrencies to other platforms or devices whenever you want to without any restrictions.

How long does CoinSpot withdrawal take?

12 hours. CoinSpot will send an ample amount of currencies and coupons after endorsing privacy verification through email. Although most of the coins and tokens withdrawals are filtered instantly, retreats can take 12 hours or more. They experiment to purify one’s withdrawals and have them published on the blockchain as immediately as feasible.

How to use CoinSpot?

Given below is a step-by-step procedure to show how to use CoinSpot correctly.
1. Enroll for a CoinSpot account here, on CoinSpot’s website.
2. Substantiate or verify your account.
3. Insert AUD into your account.
4. Click on the “Buy or Sell” button on the top right of the page.
5. Click on “Buy BTC” if you want to buy Bitcoins or “Sell BTC” if you wish to sell Bitcoins for AUD.
6. Write down or click on the amount of AUD you want to exchange for BTC and click “Buy.”
7. Survey the details before the final stage and then click “Confirm Buy” accordingly.

How secure is CoinJar?

A-For enhanced assurance, CoinJar implies two-factor Authentication and password preservation for the wallets with at least ninety percent of customers’ and traders’ digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) stocked offline in various geographically redundant and comfortable defensible locations.

Where is CoinJar based?

The United Kingdom. Founded back in 2013, CoinJar is a crypto industry documented with AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre). It is also a UK-based scheduled corporation under CoinJar UK Limited, currently headquartered in the United Kingdom.

How long does it take CoinJar to verify?

A-Verification deposits can take 1-3 business days to appear in your bank account. CoinJar doesn’t send verification deposits instantly. Kindly wait up to 3 business days.

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