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Coinmetro is dedicated to developing fintech facilities and providing high-end services to its users. In this Coinmetro review, we will be thoroughly evaluating the platform on the basis of its products, features, fees, security, and much more.


  • Coinmetro is not limited to providing crypto-related services; instead, it is a financial institution.
  • The platform has unique products like investing, lending, crypto swaps, exchange-traded crypto funds, and a few others. 
  • They have an official token called XCM.
  • Special perks are given to the XCM holders and stakers.
  • 24/7 customer support via online chat or email. 

What is Coinmetro?

Coinmetro is more than just one of the best crypto exchanges that provide fully-stacked financial services. It is a fintech company constantly working to improve and modernize the new financial ecosystem. The platform provides services like buying, selling, trading, investing in cryptocurrencies, and others.

Coinmetro is trusted by over a hundred countries across the globe. They provide fast, feature-rich products, and are a tokenized asset management platform, with traditional financial services like debit cards, payment ledgers, currency conversion, etc. 


Coinmetro Review: Features


Coinmetro has a product called “Markets” that provides information like listed assets, exchange pairs, and margin pairs. Here you get the information on what coins and pairs are provided by the platform to buy, sell, trade, and invest. 

You can go to the dashboard and find your portfolio and summary of your orders, that is, transaction history and wallet balance. You will soon also be able to see your performance. Since the feature is yet to go live. By clicking on the market, you can deposit and withdraw your currencies. As you can see in the image given below. You have options like deposit, withdrawal, and Coinmetro swap. 

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Coinmetro Review: Exchange

The platform further provides an exchange feature where you can trade your cryptocurrencies at the lowest fees in the industry. Moreover, they provide high liquidity and a rich trading platform built to scale your revenue. In addition, you can set limit orders in your order. Exchange Exchange

Coinmetro Review: Margin Trading

With margin trading, you can trade with up to 5x leverage and excel in your income goals. However, always remember that the higher the chances of profit with leverage so is the loss. 

The margin trading here on the platform is built by and for professional traders. Note that if you are a beginner, do your research correctly. With this product, you get a lot of investment tools like trend line tools, indicators, templates, predictions and measurement tools, trend line, and many others. 

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Coinmetro Review: Copy Trading

A unique product that provides a record of previous professional trades. You can easily copy these trades and monitor your trade volume. Then, all you have to do is find the trades, get more information, and start your trade with your funds. 

The trade orders are shown on the basis of 30-day performance. You can analyze the trading plans by the performance, alphabetical, and most recent.  

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Coinmetro Review: Lending

The platform offers lending services that help both users who wish to borrow and those who want to earn passive income by lending. Users can set their daily rate for the amounts they can allow for borrowing purposes. At the same time, borrowers will be matched according to the need of the borrowers. The platform plans to allow BTC, ETH, and LTC lending options. 

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Coinmetro Review: Debit Cards

The platform plans to launch debit cards attached with the IBAN. This will help the user withdraw cash instantly at ATM locations worldwide. They also look forward to launching variants of these cards. In addition, they have plans to launch both free and premium cards. The premium version will have a monthly cost and, at the same time, will provide the user with other perks. 

Coinmetro Review: ETCF

ETCF stands for exchange-traded crypto funds. This is a pretty unique product. Here the team of professional traders of Coinmetro hand-picks a basket of digital assets after thorough research, metrics, and analysis. This basket of assets is then offered to users to diversify their portfolios. This also saves you from the time-consuming process of researching different cryptocurrencies. 

Coinmetro Review: Tokenized Asset Management

Here, the user works with a manager and earns passive income with tokenised asset management. You can invest in the manager’s token, which benefits the manager when he has the highest peak-in value. Both investors and managers will benefit from the growth of the value. In addition, you can easily move the manager-specific tokens to crypto or fiat.  

Coinmetro Review: XCM

XCM is Coinmetro’s official token. By locking up, XCM users can benefit in various ways as all the fees are transacted in XCM, so you get discounts. In addition, you can buy XCM on Coinmetro with no fees charged. 

How to Open an Account on Coinmetro?

To open an account on you have to sign-up. So click on sign-up. Then there are three straightforward steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Give your e-mail ID.
  • Set a strong password, and confirm it.
  • Click on “create my account.”  
  • Your account is successfully created.

You must verify your profile for further sustainability. 

Coinmetro Review: Fees

Fees on Exchange

  • Takers Fees: Takers pay 0.10% and get up to 50% of the fee in rebates.
  • Makers Fees: Makers fee is 0.1%. And here too, you get a rebate of up to 20%. 

Rebates are based on how many XCM tokens are in your account. There are different tiers, and these tiers are based on how many XCM tokens you stake. 

Fees on margin trading

  • Exchange Fees: The exchange fee is 0.1%, out of which 20% will be paid back in rebates. 
  • Interest: The interest rate is 0.08222% daily. This is calculated every four hours on the borrowed margin.

Fees on Dashboard Swap

  • Swap markup 1.25%
  • Fixed price offered for 30 seconds
  • The exchange rate may vary 

Fees on copy trading

  • Exchange fees 0.1% up to 20% paid back in rebates. 
  • Manager performance fees 5-25%
  • Coinmetro performance fees are 1-5%
  • Performance fees are set by the TraM manager and are visible on the TraM dashboard.

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Is Coinmetro safe to use?

Yes, Coinmetro is safe to use. It regularly modifies, updates, and adapts new procedures to save the platform from hacks. In addition, the platform uses cold storage vaults to store 98% of its crypto assets. These vaults are air-gapped and multi-signature accounts. You get access to the admin’s back-office through white-listed static IPs only, using two-factor authentication. 

Only certified individuals access the private keys to move the users’ funds. 

The platform plans to run weekly audits, and quarterly external tech audits to ensure the infrastructure is up to date and the operations are being performed. 

Coinmetro Review: Customer support

The platform Coinmetro provides 24/7 customer support to its users. You can either search for help or consume help through blogs and articles. Or you can simply start a conversation with them, and they respond to you within five minutes. You also get a FAQ section that answers all the basic queries. 

Customer Support
Customer support

Coinmetro Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High security.The fee structure can get overwhelming for beginners.
Easy to use interface.Educational content is limited. 
24/7 help and customer support are great.Too much emphasis on purchasing the official token XCM.
Both trading and investment are provided in one platform.
A decentralized swapping feature is available.
A unique feature of tokenized management is offered to earn passive income.
The platform has an official token of its own called XCM.
Coinmetro Pros and Cons

Coinmetro Review: Conclusion

Coinmetro is a crypto exchange platform and an overall modern financial institution. They provide their users with a crypto exchange platform and have other unique add-ons like lending and crypto swap features. In addition, the platform has its own official token called XCM. On buying and staking XCM, you get benefits like fee deduction. Furthermore, the platform lets you open an international bank account with your crypto assets. They have future plans to launch debit cards. 

  • Can I exchange fiat-to-fiat on Coinmetro?
  • No, at the moment, the platform does not accept fiat-to-fiat on Coinmetro. However, they plan to do the same in the future. 

  • Does Coinmetro offer call support?
  • No, the platform does not support call services to its users. However, they are available via online chat and mail 24/7. 

  • Which cryptocurrencies are listed at Coinmetro?
  • The platform has listed all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. To know more about the cryptocurrencies listed, click here

  • Does Coinmetro have a mobile application for Android and iOs?
  • Yes, the platform has a mobile application for both Android and iOS

  • Can I ask customer support of Coinmetro for advice on taxes?
  • No, the platform does not advise on taxes. This is a personal responsibility, and thus Coinmetro does not help. Instead, the platform recommends a tax calculator tool or speaking to a tax advisor. 

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