Lucky Dice Review – Dice Game to Win Bitcoin

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Lucky Dice allows you to enjoy an exciting and adventurous experience through its advanced graphics and features. This application also has multiple games that you can choose from, along with great rewards and bonuses. Read the Lucky Dice Review to know more about its working.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Lucky Dice is an online cryptocurrency-based casino with games that would give each player a chance to win exciting bonuses and rewards. 
  • This gaming platform does not work on an iOS device and only accepts payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. 
  • A cat named Neko guides the users on their path of placing a bet to enhance their chances of winning. 
  • It is a safe platform with high security to maintain confidentiality and trust within its users. 
  • This platform is based on giving their users a virtual experience of how gambling would be in the year 2025. 

What is Lucky Dice?

Lucky Dice is an online Bitcoin casino gaming platform that allows users to win exciting rewards. It is considered one of the best Bitcoin gaming applications since it gives all the players a fair chance to make money. The money is transferred in cryptocurrencies. This app supports all the famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and USD Coin. 

This gaming platform was invented in 2019 to allow users to earn cryptocurrencies by playing fun games such as dice, jackpots, and slot. This app supports English, Portuguese, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, and Chinese. This application is available on Android platforms, but it does not support iOS. 

Lucky Dice Bitcoin Review
Lucky Dice Review: Lucky Dice Bitcoin

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How to play Lucky Dice game?

In this section, we will learn how to use this application straightforwardly. The steps that need to be followed are mentioned below:

1. Select your Favorable mode

Lucky Dice is a game that works on two separate modes, namely classic and digital. The classic mode in the game lets the player pick any number between 3 and 11 and then rolls two dice to check their luck. The digital model of the game is slightly more advanced since this mode lets the player calculate their luck based on their past knowledge.

Select Your Mode
Select your Mode

2. Select your desired bet size

After you decide your preferred mode of playing and your lucky number, use the + and – signs available on the screen to determine the bet’s size. You can decide the size of your bet more accurately by paying attention to the beckoning cat and checking whether Neko is waving at you with her right hand or the left one. If it is the right paw, then you can increase your bet size since it means a good fortune is on your way. However, if it is the other hand, play safe and decrease your bet size since you may face some loss.

Select Your Desired Bet Size
Lucky Dice Review: Select your desired bet size

3. Finalize your payout and start playing

After considering all the points, select the desired payout. An under or over option is available that allows you to alter the amount. Once the payout is finalized, click on the roll button and start trying out our luck. 

Lucky Dice Review: Bonus

There are various exciting bonuses and jackpots that you can win as you bet on your luck. 

1. Leaderboard

A leaderboard decides which player will win massive prizes and rewards. There are three sections in the leaderboard: daily, weekly, and monthly. Each unit has a list of players who have made the most profit in that time range. The jackpot is worth $100,000, and this is one of the most exciting features of this app. Although, the percentage of the jackpot won by any player ultimately depends on their bet size. 


2. Magic chest

Another component in the bonus section also exists known as the magic chest. There are mainly three magic chests called Silver, Gold, and Black. The points any player has determined the magic chest that he will achieve. The silver chest holds 100-10K, the gold chest contains 1-100K, and the black chest has 10K-1M. A player can get magic chests any number of times as there is no restriction on achieving any magic chests. 

Magic Chest
Lucky Dice Review: Magic chest

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3. Level Up

There is an option for every player to upgrade their rank based on their achievements. These achievements are counted as experience points. After upgrading their ranks, a player gets a bonus with great offers. These ranks are given specific names to bifurcate the whole list. Shimin is the section that comprises the ranks from 0-9. Next is called Ninja that contains the ranks from 10-19. Then they have Samurai, which have ranks from 20-29. Next is Daimyo, which consists of ranks from 30-39. The following section is called Shogun that has ranks from 40-49. The last section is called Emperor, which consists of the 50-59. 

4. Cashback

These cashback payouts are calculated based on the bet placed by the player each day and then added to their account. This cashback is given in the form of credits. The size of the cashback that any player achieves depends on their ranks. The first rank section called Shimin offers 0.05% cashback. In the second section, Ninja offers 0.1% cashback. Samurai offers 0.15% cashback. In the next section, Daimyo offers 0.2% cashback. Shogun offers 0.25% cashback. The last section, called Emperor, offers 0.3% cashback.

Lucky Dice Review: Payment and Withdrawal

Lucky Dice is a platform that works on cryptocurrencies and requires the payments and the withdrawal to be in the same state. This application was made so that the people who own these currencies can have an experience of safely gambling with their money. This is why this crypto casino gives their player an option to deposit their money in SegWit or a Legacy Address. This payment process may take an hour to get processed and can be seen in your account. 

The amount of time needed to withdraw money from your account can also take from 5 minutes to approximately one hour, depending on the size of your withdrawal. However, there is no fiat withdrawal option available for any player. This gaming platform has introduced an exchange feature for their users to exchange fiat for crypto while making deposits. This exchange feature only works on the website.

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Lucky Dice Review: Pros and Cons

A gaming platform that provides excellent bonuses to all its players.The number of games on this platform is relatively less.
Gives an option of faucet bonuses to all the users.No fiat payment options are available for any payment process.
This application accepts most cryptocurrencies, which make payments and withdrawals more convenient.This application is not available on IOS.
This platform maintains high security and confidentiality for all its users. 


Lucky Dice Bitcoin Game is known for its fabulous graphics and extraordinary features. These make the user experience a lot more unique and advanced. This online gambling platform has given a lot of users the chance to gamble with their cryptocurrencies safely. The platform is created so that all people easily understand all their sections and instructions. If you would love to try out an online cryptocurrency-based casino, then this is the right platform for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you really win money on Lucky Dice Bitcoin Game?

Yes, you can. This is an application based on the concept of playing games and gambling with cryptocurrencies to earn more. 

2. Can anyone play this game for free without placing any actual bets?

Yes, this game has the option of faucet games where any player can play without losing any real money. This helps them get the hang of how this game is played. 

3. Does this application work on iOS as well?

No, unfortunately, this application is not available on IOS yet. However, they are still working on making this platform iOS-friendly as well. 

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