VirgoCX Review: Buy Crypto in Canada

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With numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms offering an inclusive financial system, portfolio diversification, and outsized returns, the competition is high. As a result, traders are exploring various platforms that provide them with the top products and features. This VirgoCX review will be talking about a platform that is Canada’s one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms.


  • VirgoCX is up and running since 2018. It further aims to provide safe, easy, and affordable access for all to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and is one of the trusted Canadian cryptocurrency trading platforms
  • With this platform, you can conduct trading activities, integrated Services: OTC and NFT Brokerage, seamless Account Opening & Instant Funding, cheap and fast ways to convert money, provide 5x cheaper rates than banks, and much more.
  • There is no deposit fee, but a withdrawal fee is charged, which varies according to the various cryptocurrencies. 
  • There is 24/7 live chat support, and you can also mail them at [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Furthermore, this platform has a large selection of coins and fiat currencies available.
  • In addition, VirgoCX allows you to trade seamlessly on the go with the VirgoCX mobile application, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS
  • VirgoCX implements comprehensive account security measures and aims to be: Compliant and secure. VirgoCX is FINTRAC registered and compliant with PIPEDA, among many steps that are taken. 
  • You can also participate in the Affiliate and the Referral Program and claim the bonus. 

What is VirgoCX?

Founded in 2018, VirgoCX is a trusted Canadian crypto trading platform that aims at providing safe, easy, and affordable access to all for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The platform is dedicated to empowering clients and streamlining the trading experience with superior liquidity. The platform operates on four core values that are Security, Fairness, Transparency, and Professionalism.

Virgocx Review

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VirgoCX Review: Products 

  • VirgoCX allows its traders to carry on their CAD or USD trading activities with competitive buy & sell prices supported by commission-free trading, excellent liquidity, and tight spreads.
  • In addition, Integrated Services, OTC, and NFT Brokerage is available.
  • Furthermore, you can access personalized services and reach out and chat with brokers for large trades using the best execution.
  • This platform provides seamless Account Opening & Instant Funding: Users can fund their accounts instantly with Interac e-Transfer to trade within minutes. Users can access free Cash In and Out: Enjoy free fiat deposits and withdrawals.
  • Moreover, VirgoCX educates the community and publishes multiple articles; hence it is a great learning center.  
  • Along with that, the platform provides a cheap and fast way for individuals and financial institutions to convert money.

VirgoCX Review: Trading Methods 

VirgoCX offers its users two types of trading methods: Quick Trade and Advanced Trade. 

  • The Quick Trade is a market order that grants users the facility to trade from a selected cryptocurrency to work with CAD within minutes at the current market price.  
    • This market order is more suitable for beginners, traders use this to conduct trading activities like buying/selling instantly to prevent traders from missing out on a promising profitable opportunity or limiting losses.
  • The Second type, Advanced Trade, lets you place a market order or limit order for a selected cryptocurrency and works with CAD or USD. It informs you more information about the indicators, trends, and prices to assist you in making a decision on your purchase choice.

VirgoCX: Fees and Funding 

VirgoCX allows you to enjoy the platform with low fees and complete transparency. This platform has all the latest and a large variety of hot coins and provides instant funding. Furthermore, no depositary fee is charged, but a withdrawal fee is charged, which varies according to the various cryptocurrencies.

VirgoCX Review: Supported Currencies

VirgoCX has a Large Selection of Coins Available. See the complete list here:

Supported Cryptocurrencies
Supported Cryptocurrencies

Apart from this, the platform offers some fiat currencies that include USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and NZD.

VirgoCX Review: Registration and Verification 

Registration Process

  • Registering on this platform is a pretty straightforward process. After you open the official website of VirgoCX, on the top right corner, you will find the option of Register, which will direct you to the page of the registration process. 
  • The Registration Process on VirgoCX requires you to enter your email address, create a password, and enter the referral code(optional). Further, you have to click on “Get Code” and check your mail, where you will receive a six-digit verification code. 
  • After you enter your verification code, your registration process is then complete.
Virgocx Review: Registration And Verification
VirgoCX Review: Registration and Verification

Verification Process 

The platform offers both automatic and manual verification processes. In addition, the platform asks its users to enter their accurate and up-to-date personal details in the User Information section. 

  • There are three ways for the automatic verification process with which you can find the verification page.
    • The first way is to click on the notice where you’ll find the “Verify Your Account” option.
    • The second way is to click on “Require Verification” on the top right side.
    • The last way is to scroll down to the bottom and click “Account Setting.” 
  • You can find the verification page for the manual process using the ways mentioned above. There is just one additional step: you have to go to account settings and click the “User Verification.”
  • All you have to do is follow the given instructions, upload the required documents, and lastly, click on “Upload and Complete” when finished.

VirgoCX Review: Customer Care 

VirgoCX offers a number of ways to its users so that they can reach out to them quickly. First, Customer Service is available: 24/7 live chat support. In addition, the platform has a separate tab where you can leave a message. You can also mail them at [email protected] for general inquiry and [email protected] for Customer Support. Along with that, there is another section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions to resolve any doubts you might have. Furthermore, there are various social media pages that you can follow and be a part of the community, including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube

Virgocx  Customer Care
VirgoCX customer care

VirgoCX Review: Mobile Application 

VirgoCX allows you to trade seamlessly on the go with the VirgoCX mobile application, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. You can get yourself registered on this platform instantly as it has an automatic verification process that completes the task within minutes. The mobile application has a user-friendly platform and straightforward interface and gives you access to all the powerful tools and features, live price streaming, and funding options. The website of this platform also provides a QR code that directs your device to the page from where you can download this application. 

Virgocx Mobile Application
VirgoCX Mobile Application

How to Withdraw from VirgoCX? 

If you want to withdraw your funds from this platform, you have to follow the following steps: 

Fiat Withdrawal 

  • On the left side of your dashboard account, you will find the option of “Fund”. 
  • You will come across the Canadian Dollar Withdrawal option. 
  • Next, click on “Interac e-Transfer” or “Wire Transfer.”
  • Lastly, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal. 

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal

  • The first step is to choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw and then click on withdrawal on your right. 
  • Further, paste the address at which you wish to deposit your assets. 
  • Enter the total sum of money you want to withdraw. You will receive a confirmation mail at your registered email address.  

VirgoCX Review: Security 

  • VirgoCX is FINTRAC registered and compliant with PIPEDA (privacy act in Canada for protection of personal information) that ensures the protection of data unless required by the law. 
  • This platform has partnered with an industry-leading cloud provider, and users’ data is held on a server in Canada. 
  • The platform clearly informs that only a small amount of cryptocurrencies are for the purpose of trading. The rest is stored offline and kept safe by a qualified custodian, Coinbase Custody.
  • The platform also engages with trusted third parties to perform routine audits such as proof of reserve audits and monitor for suspicious activities.
  • Moreover, the platform makes sure that various security measures and strict cybersecurity policies are taken to keep the website safe. 
  • Traders can always trade with peace of mind as this platform has 1 million CAD crime insurance coverage for cryptocurrencies stored in custody with Coinbase Custody. Furthermore, The policy secures the platform against crimes such as theft and damages.
Virgocx Security
VirgoCX Security

VirgoCX Review: Bonuses 

VirgoCX offers its users other ways apart from trading to earn extra bonuses. 

  • VirgoCX rewards you for introducing this platform to your friends where both you and your friends earn $30 CAD, which implies more friends means more money.
  • Furthermore, with the “Affiliate Program”, you can become a VirgoCX affiliate member, where they help you monetize your traffic. The following bonuses can be earned:
  • $10 for each user that gets verified on our platform,
  • $20 when you make your first fiat deposit of over $100 CAD.
Virgocx Bonus
VirgoCX Bonus

VirgoCX Review: Conclusion 

VirgoCX provides a safe environment with a transparent, interactive interface with its high-tech API. This platform supports a large number of cryptocurrencies with low fees and complete transparency. In addition, the platform also awards the users a bonus amount when they participate in the Referral or Affiliate Program. Moreover, VirgoCX educates the community and is suitable for users who are looking for an easy-to-use and sustainable platform for crypto trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum trade size? 

The trade size stated by the platform is 30000 CAD or equivalent in other fiat currencies.

Q. What language is available at the trading desk?

VirgoCX offers its facilities and services in languages including English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), and other languages as requested. 

Q. Is VirgoCX legal in Canada?

The trading platform of VirgoCX is legal and regulated in Canada. This platform is registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) under the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) which makes it legal in Canada. Furthermore, this platform obeys all the regulatory and legal guidelines which make it a trusted trading platform. 

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