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Crypto exchange platforms are a portal for traders and investors into the crypto space. The Crypto Scalp project was created in 2018. This, CScalp Review aims to summarise all the information and exciting features of this particular trading terminal.


  • Originally known as the CryptoScalp is based on Privod Bondar for Private use, which is free of charge.
  • This Platform offers its users a distinct set of features, including drawing trend lines and prices levels, placing levels on the charts, a great educational center, and many more. 
  • To install the application the user is supposed to send a mail to the platform requesting to install it. The platform then sends back a link with which the user can download the application of this platform on their laptop.
  • Certain system requirements are required to work with CScalp comfortably. The terminal does regular checks for updates and also offers to install them. 
  • In addition, the platform takes a number of steps to make the platform secure for its users and recommends its users not share or transfer their personal data.

What is CScalp?

CScalp is designed for active intraday trading in the Crypto Market. The project of CScalp is based on the Privod Bondar, which was initially known as the CryptoScalp. This platform is for traders who deal with transactions that are done in hundreds or dozens of trades per day. The platform constantly tries to make itself better for crypto trading and trading on stock exchanges. CScalp is a free version of Privod Bondar for private use. Therefore, it is a free-of-charge platform. 


CScalp Review: Features 

CScalp offers a lot of features to its users, which include the following:

  • With this platform, you can connect to 7 Crypto exchanges at the same time. 
  • You can also connect to various exchanges using the viewing mode without any ability to make trades. 
  • Along with the feature of drawing trend lines and price levels, you can also place levels on the charts. 
  • Further, you can also add and remove order books as well as traders can trade multiple tickers at the same time.
  • Help in arranging the display of tick charts (market trades), dynamic order book display (DOM style), and cluster display (cluster analysis);
  • Moreover, with this platform, you can customize personal information and data, financial reports, and the trades that have been transacted.
  • You can switch time frames on this platform and tune to the type of market data received into the software. 
  • The CScalp telegram bot provides the user with a referral ID that entitles you to get 20% off the trade fee. 
  • It’s a great educational center that offers a lot of educational courses and learns from the community as well.
Cscalp Features
CScalp Features

How to download the CScalp Platform?

  • For installing this application on your device, you just need a valid email and a computer with OS Windows. The application can be installed on your laptop and not on a tablet. 
  • The platform recommends downloading their application from the official website only by leaving a request. 
  • Next, within the next half an hour, you will be mailed a letter containing a link to download the installation file, a license file as well as video installment instructions. 
  • After that, all you need to do is click and download the installment file FSR_Launcher_Install.exe.
  • Lastly, Launch CScalp through FSR Launcher. At first, CScalp starts in the View Mode, which means that you view real market data, but you cannot perform trading activities. For trading, you need to first connect CScalp to the exchange or broker on which you plan to trade.

CScalp Review: Fees 

CScalp is free of charge trading platform. The license is unlimited. Further, the CScalp team members work hard to keep the project alive and work to develop a better version of the Platform. The team of CScalp requests the users’ to recommend the platform to other users with which they can claim the referral bonus. The project is paid for by corporate customers who have worked with Pivod Bondar and CScalp, or maybe other users recommend our team to them.

CScalp Review: Customer Care 

The Platform provides a number of ways with which the user can reach out to them. They offer the live chat feature that is available all the time to resolve the issue of its users. You can also be a part of the Scalp community on Telegram, which is available in four languages: Russian, English, Spanish, and Chinese. You can subscribe to their youtube channel called CScalp TV and Day Trading Channel. A separate section is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions which covers all the possible questions that might be faced by the user. You can also be a part of their community on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

CScalp Review: Supported Crypto Exchanges 

The platform consistently updates the terminal and keeps adding new platforms to the list of supported exchanges. The following are the supported exchanges:

In addition, exchanges such as Moscow Exchange via Russian brokers are also included.

Supported Crypto Exchanges 
Supported Crypto Exchanges 

CScalp Review: System Requirements 

Certain system requirements are required to work with CScalp comfortably. It works on an automatic update system. The terminal does regular checks for updates and also offers to install them. The current version requires the following system requirement that include:

  • RAM from 4GB.
  • The speed of at least 1024 KB/S of your internet connection. 
  • DirectX 10 or higher VGA compatible graphics card.
  •  AMD FX – 6300 and higher/ Intel Core i3 – 4430.
  • Mouse and keyboard.
  • Windows 7/8/10 OS.
  • Installed NET Framework 4.6 and higher.

Is CScalp Safe?

Security is always one of the major concerns of any user and one of the most critical factors that one considers before using any platform. 

  • Security in CScalp is a significant part of their company’s policy. It recommends its users not share or transfer their personal data to anyone while using the platform.
  • Further, the terminal encrypts the ApiKeys and ApiSecret Keys. 
  • In addition, a pin code set is also offered by the platform at the beginning of the use of the terminal. This pin code must be kept safely and should not be stored in obvious places. This pin code is not stored by the application, eliminating the theft or possibility of leakage. 
  • In a case where an unauthorized login attempt is made, all the data of the user will be deleted from the platform automatically. 
  • The same will happen when the incorrect pin is entered repeatedly in a row three times, and the pin code will reset itself, and the user will be asked to re-download the license key.
  • With an intent to improve the platform, CScalp collects depersonalized data related to the mechanics of its use. 
  • It also guarantees the security of users’ software. Moreover, there is built-in protection of the browser, OS, and antivirus programs that may suspect the CScalp installation file as potentially dangerous. 

CScalp Review: Pros and Cons 

You can connect to Crypto trading platforms simultaneously.No live video chat.
A referral ID entitles you to get 20% off the trade fee. The application cannot be installed on the tablet.
You can draw trend lines and price levels and also place levels on the charts. There are a lot of system requirements.
You can customize personal information and data, financial reports, and trades.


We would like to conclude that the service of the CScalp trading terminal is safe for all its users and can be connected to the seven most popular crypto exchanges. Still, one of the major drawbacks is that it cannot be downloaded anywhere except for your laptop or desktop. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic educational hub for beginners. 


Frequently Added Questions

Q. What is Scalping? 

Scalping is a term given to the trading strategy that relies on making various trades over a short-term time duration. The trader expects to gain small profits while restricting their losing trades to a minimum. 

Q. Is this a trading bot?

No, CScalp is not a trading bot. Hence, the choice and all trading decisions are only made by the users. 

Q. How can you connect a demo account for training?

The platform clearly states that there is no such possibility to train yourself to trade on Cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform recommends opening a real account and trading with a minimum volume.

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