Where and How to Buy Dogeswap?

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We all know that meme coins are a game-changer. These are always on-trend, have great return values, and are very easy to trade most of the time. In this article, we will look at one of these high-flying meme tokens, i.e., Dogeswap, and how to buy Dogeswap. We will be talking about the background, and we will guide you through every step to help you buy your very own Dogeswap coin.

What is Dogeswap? 

Dogeswap is a decentralized exchange. It has an automated pricing and liquidity system. Like any other dog coin, it has also been inspired by Dogecoin. Its mission is to make the decentralized exchange even more seamless and easy. It is an ERC-20 token. Although Dogeswap seems pretty straightforward, the ecosystem is slightly different, and you must look into it before investing.   

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Buy Dogeswap

Dogeswap Ecosystem

The Dogeswap ecosystem is a vast ecosystem that has many benefits. It is a decentralized ecosystem with some highlighting features such as,

  • Decentralized asset management 
  • Decentralized launchpad and exchange
  • NFTs and Digital Arts
  • Staking and farming mechanism

If you stake Dogeswap, you will earn a Puppyield token, which is the native currency of Dogeswap.

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Advantages of Dogeswap

Apart from being a decentralized exchange, Dogeswap has some exciting features to go for. 

  • Security: Dogeswap is based on the ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the world’s largest open-source blockchain, and we all know how safe ethereum is. 
  • Verifiable: Transactions are verified by a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain, making it even safer. 
  • Cost efficiency: Dogeswap can work with significantly lower prices because it has fewer nodes to handle, as the ethereum network handles the security issues by itself.
  • User experience: it is one of the most crucial parts of online transactions. Most of the time, users find the interface or the procedures difficult or confusing. Dogeswap shines in this sector. Many exchanges are vulnerable to hacking, and some are also not good at balancing the security alongside user experience. The perfect balance between these two aspects makes dogeswap unique. 

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Dogeswap Tokenomics

  • Dogeswap (DOGES): according to the data on 5th December 2021
    • Market cap: 923,020.84 US dollars
    • Total Supply: 20,000
    • Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Puppyield (PUPPY):
    • Platform: ERC-20
    • Total Supply: 990000000000
    • Public Round: 32%
    • Community Airdrop: 4%
    • Marketing and Promotion: 7%
    • Team: 10%
    • Staking Rewards: 37%
    • Founders and Advisors: 10%

How safe is Dogeswap?

Safety has always been the biggest concern for Cryptocurrencies, given the fact that nowadays, so many scams are out there on the internet. However, Dogeswap is renowned for its safety. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the safest blockchains. 

Where to buy Dogewswap?

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How to buy Dogeswap?

To buy Dogeswap you must have ETH in your metamask wallet. You can buy ETH from Binance.

  1. Firstly, go to coinmarketcap and copy the contract address of Dogeswap.
  1. Head over to Uniswap.
Go To Uniswap
Go to Uniswap
  1. Click on connect wallet and select Metamask.
Select Metamask
Select Metamask
  1. Furthermore, paste your copied address and select DOGES.
Pasting The Copied Address
Pasting the copied address
  1. Enter your desired amount and click on the  swap button. Congrats, you’ve now bought yourself Dogeswap. 

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After all this, it always boils down to one question, is Dogeswap a good investment? Considering the high-interest returns and additional security benefits, it can be an excellent investment, although you should do your own research. 

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