7 Best Free Crypto Tax Software- Important

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Whether you’re an accountant attempting to navigate a confusing web of transactions, a corporation trying to maintain inventories, or a taxpayer hoping to obtain an accurate crypto tax report, identifying the best free tax software for cryptocurrencies can result in significant time and cost savings for investors. In this article, we will explore the best freely available crypto tax software with all the right features and extensive support. These programs are all safe to use and special in their own unique ways. So, let us get started.

What is crypto tax software?

Before moving ahead, let us understand exactly what crypto tax software is. It is basically an application or platform that helps users manage their portfolios efficiently and report cryptotaxes accurately. It creates tax reports, classifies transactions, computes gains or losses, and compiles data from many exchanges and wallets. These tools assist investors in appropriately reporting their cryptocurrency activity to tax authorities and ensuring compliance with tax legislation.

Top 4 Free Crypto Tax Software

1. Chainometry


Chainometry is an incredible tax reporting software for crypto-traders. It not only provides users with an accurate accounting report for crypto tax obligations but also evaluates trading performance for them.

Chainometry: Features

  • All trades and liquidity transactions from other DeFi block chains, including ethereum, solana, and cardano, are automatically imported. Additionally supported are DeFi systems like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Cream, Value, Balancer, and many more.
  • Users can choose to add transactions manually, and the software makes sure that all duplicate transactions are promptly eliminated.
  • It uses a double-entry ledger system to make sure there is no room for error and the calculations are precise.
  • It provides wide range of cost-based methods and is supported in many countries.
  • It is not your average portfolio tracking dashboard, though. It provides details about your overall assets, return on investment, and growth over time. You can analyze your trading performance to gauge your success. illuminating graph illustrating actual profit and loss over time.
  • The support provided by the platform is commendable. The professionals make sure that they provide every possible help with utmost professionalism.

Chainometry: Price

There is a free plan available for up to 50 transactions. Other paid plans with advanced features start at $49 for 12 months.

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2. Blockpit


Blockpit is a tool for tax reporting that assists with real-time portfolio tracking, personalized alert settings, and feature development. With the help of this robust crypto tax software, personal tax reports, and pre-filled tax forms for a few countries, you can save on cryptocurrency taxes.

Blockpit: Features

  • It easily imports user transaction history and effortlessly connects via API, public keys, or CSV upload.
  • Your whole portfolio’s worth of transactions and on-chain trades will be automatically analyzed, identified, and matched.
  • It provides warnings for missing balances, incomplete price information, or unlabeled transactions.
  • With its feature of automatic classification, it auto-labels and auto-matches all transactions.
  • The platform provides users with an overview of unrealized gains and losses. It supports country-specific tax rules and provides additional explanations for tax authorities.
  • It works with cryptocurrency tax experts to make sure the tax computations adhere to the unique rules of each nation, including gains over long and short terms, tax-free allowances, and additional tax advantages.
  • It allows you to track portfolios efficiently by managing and maximizing your cryptocurrency holdings centrally, saving you the headache of handling assets across several wallets and exchanges.

Blockpit: Price

The pricing plans for the platform start at $49.

3. Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin Ira

Bitcoin IRA is the first, biggest, and safest bitcoin IRA platform. It serves thousands of customers. Anywhere, at any time, you can trade cryptocurrency thanks to our exclusive site.

Bitcoin IRA: Features

  • Live price tracking, portfolio performance, education, and a host of other features are all part of the special dashboard of this platform. Your digital assets are stored by BitGo. With over 15 billion Bitcoin transactions processed monthly across all cryptocurrencies, BitGo Inc. is the biggest Bitcoin transaction processor in the world, handling over 20% of all global transactions.
  • With exceptional customer care, savers may invest in cryptocurrencies with ease and security for their retirement thanks to Bitcoin IRA.
  • It does have significant setup and trading costs, and you are unable to add traditional assets to your retirement plan.
  • With Bitcoin IRA, you may invest in gold and cryptocurrencies and earn interest on your cash and other assets. It’s a self-directed IRA.

Bitcoin IRA: Price

Initial deposit fee: 5.99%; Transaction fees: 2% of all trades; Monthly account fee: 0.08%

4. Koinly


Koinly is a free cryptocurrency tax calculator application that is well renowned for producing accurate tax reports, tracking crypto assets, and helping its customers navigate complex transactions.

Koinly: Features

  • It is an incredible crypto portfolio tracking platform where users can not only check the growth of their portfolio but also keep track of their crypto income.
  • It provides you with information regarding realised and unrealized capital gains.
  • Once users sync their data with Koinly, the platform handles all their transactions in one place, making it a convenient platform.
  • Koinly removes transfers made within your personal wallets from tax returns by using artificial intelligence.
  • It provides users with an overview of their staking, mining, lending, and other crypto income.
  • It identifies transfers made within your personal wallets using AI and removes them from tax returns.
  • Together with other tax records for numerous other nations including Ireland, South Africa, India, and more, Koinly can also produce tax reports for cryptocurrency revenue.
  • The platform allows users to download their complete tax report for free.
  • The application offers many other noticeable features, like keeping track of missing transactions, auto-import verification, and automatic detection and skipping of duplicate files.

Koinly: Price

The platform is available for free.

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5. CoinTracking


CoinTracking is a leading crypto portfolio tracker and tax calculator. It provides assistance in managing portfolios in an efficient manner across different wallets and exchanges.

CoinTracking: Features

  • The platform provides data visuals in the form of charts for coins and trades.
  • It provides users with information regarding realised and unrealized capital gains.
  • It produces accurate profit and loss reports .
  • It allows users to sync their data with the application and thereby enjoy automated import and export of exchanges.
  • The platform makes tax reporting super easy with its comprehensive blockchain, wallet, and exchange integrations. With an API, transaction details can be added automatically or manually.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that supports bulk imports, and it also automates time-saving.
  • A great deal of value is offered by the free version.
  • The aesthetics and design seem dated.
  • It always keeps users updated with the latest prices for all coins.
  • The full-service team of the platform provides full support to users with their accurate assistance, assessment, and guidance.
  • It provides security features like two-step verification, data encryption, and backups.

CoinTracking: Price

The platform is available for free.

6. CoinLedger


CoinLedger is a freely available cryptocurrency tax software and TurboTax partner. It is a very efficient and reliable tool for cryptocurrency management. With a smart user-interface, it makes the lives of users easy and helps them track their assets diligently.

CoinLedger: Features

  • The platform amazingly goes through thousands of transactions and helps users assess the adjustment points for tax.
  • It is a user-friendly platform that takes your imported crypto transactions, previews them, and creates an accurate tax report for you.
  • CoinLedger creates an audit trail that includes the figures used at each stage of the capital gains calculation process and is included in your tax report. For your records, every single taxable occurrence is displayed.
  • This necessary tax form is generated and automatically filled out for you to attach to your return. All of your cryptocurrency investment gains, both short- and long-term, are included in one report.
  • All of your trading history’s gains and losses are included in the short- and long-term gains reports. You will be able to see the computed cost basis, proceeds, and net Gain/Loss for every trade.
  • You may see the fiat value of every inbound transaction made throughout the tax year in your income report. To make filing your entire return as simple as possible, this report is divided into three sections: gifts, mining, and income.
  • As the platform is tightly partnered with TurboTax, it becomes super easy to report crypto gains and losses and directly import them into the best tax platforms.
  • You can simply keep tabs on the cost, market value, realized return, and price of the assets you own across all of your wallets.
  • The platform also offers learning guides for users to help them enhance their knowledge.

CoinLedger: Price

The platform is available for free. Other pricing plans for the platform are also available and start at $49.

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7. ZenLedger


ZenLedger is a crypto tax reporting and portfolio tracking application. It helps calculate and file taxes in one place.

ZenLedger: Features

  • It allows users to keep tabs on the cost, market value, realized return, and price of the assets they own across all of their wallets.
  • It eliminates tab toggling as it provides all possible features a person would wish for in a single place.
  • ZenLedger makes it simple to create an IRS Form 8949, which is used to record capital gains and losses from your bitcoin assets, by using your transaction history.
  • With the help of ZenLedger’s dashboard, you may use Tax Loss Harvesting to offset your capital gains with losses and lower your tax obligation.
  • ZenLedger’s easy connection with well-known online tax programs like TaxAct and TurboTax is one of its best features. This implies that you will only need to submit taxes once for your complete portfolio, which includes your cryptocurrency assets.
  • As they develop and accrue miles in real-time, it assists you in ascertaining the overall value of revenues from airdrops, staking, mining, and any other sources.
  • The platform provides users with incredible customer support that is always ready to provide assistance whenever and wherever needed.
  • It showcases all the transactions in an easy-to-understand and well-defined spreadsheet for better understanding and detailed assessment.
  • It ensures user data privacy and security.

ZenLedger: Price

The pricing plans start at $49 per year.

Best Free Crypto Tax Software: Conclusion

To sum up, using free cryptocurrency tax software is crucial for guaranteeing compliance and streamlining tax filing. These systems, with their intuitive interfaces and extensive functionalities, enable investors to precisely monitor their cryptocurrency transactions, compute taxes due, and produce essential reports. This, in turn, offers investors a sense of comfort when navigating the intricate realm of cryptocurrency taxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you avoid taxes on crypto?

You cannot evade paying the IRS cryptocurrency taxes. There are a few methods, nevertheless, by which you might reduce your tax payments. If your losses exceed your gains, you can use tax-loss harvesting to offset $3,000 in income and benefit from the absence of the wash sale rule.

Is crypto tax software safe?

You can track, manage, and compute the gains or losses on your cryptocurrency transactions with the use of crypto tax software. Because your funds are read-only and not accessible through crypto tax software, they are protected from theft and hacking.

Do you need to report crypto gains?

Cryptocurrency is subject to property taxes. Accordingly, depending on the transaction you complete, you may have to pay taxes anytime you exchange one asset for another. Income taxes and capital gains taxes are the two categories of taxable events that apply to your transaction. Furthermore, some transactions are exempt from taxes. Thus, the IRS will need you to record your cryptocurrency gains, depending on the transaction. 

Am I going to get audited?

Those who use cryptocurrencies to evade taxes or who fail to pay their capital gains on cryptocurrency audits are being relentlessly pursued by the IRS. In the event of an audit, you may stay out of trouble by making sure you file and pay crypto taxes accurately.

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