4 Best AI-Based Accounting Software for Small Businesses important

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No matter the scale of your business, you will always require the best accounting methodologies to run a fruitful business. Small business owners can especially benefit from adequate accounting techniques and fuel the growth of their firm. Business owners can identify their high and low points and work accordingly in each direction using precise accounting techniques. This ensures that the business does not run in the dark, and informed efforts can thus be made for the overall growth of the business. In this article, we are going to explore the best accounting software for small businesses that will allow your business to flourish more than ever.

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is basically an application that is crafted to help business owners, firms, and individuals keep track of their financial transactions. It is not only responsible for recording transactions but also for other accounting needs of organizations, such as keeping track of expenses and generating invoices and financial reports. These software applications assist business owners in understanding the highs and lows of their business and complying with tax regulations.

4 Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

1. Vic.ai


Vic.ai is an AI-based finance and accounting platform that helps business owners optimize accounts payable, achieve autonomous invoice processing, make use of advanced analytics and insights, and match PO.

Vic.ai Features:

  • The platform allows you to find PO matches, even if the PO number is missing from the invoice.
  • The in-house AI system of Vic.ai links line items on invoices to POs across several data categories. This makes it possible for the AP team to quickly address disparities and identify the precise cause of discrepancy.
  • It supports various formats for invoices, like pdf and e-mail.
  • The application ensures that all important invoice data, such as vendor, dates, numbers, cost accounts, dimensions, assets, and which purchase orders to compare against, are forecasted and either entirely automated or provided to your accountant.
  • It evaluates return on investment, makes personalized dashboards, and extracts unprocessed data files for focused examination.

Vic.ai: price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

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2. Zeni


    Zeni is an all-in-one financial platform with a finance expert-accurate AI system. With its expert bookkeeping and accounting features, users are given access to powerful insights and personalised support.

    Zeni: Features

    • It quickens the accounting process, as instead of visiting truckloads of websites, you find all your bank accounts, credit card services, and accounting software in one place.
    • The platform allows you to focus on the growth and scalability of your business while it handles all the sophisticated and tiresome tasks.
    • You would not be facing any problems as far as decision-making and cash flows are considered, as Zeni provides top-notch expert advice.
    • Your startup‘s cash burn rate is automatically calculated by the dashboard. The user-interface is quite simple, and the cash burn rate is displayed and updated daily on the dashboard.
    • The platform also provides users with a resource hub where they can learn by reading articles, attending events, and performing case studies.

    Zeni: Price

    Pricing plans for the platform start at $549 per month. You may also undertake a customized plan as per your business needs.

    3. Gridlex


      Gridlex is an AI-powered, ultra-customizable all-in-one app builder platform. This software’s sophisticated analytics features and user-friendly interface are intended to assist firms in making better financial decisions.

      Gridlex: Features

      • AI-driven financial advisers, such as an AI profit advisor, AI revenue advisor, AI expense advisor, and AI inventory advisor, are embedded into Gridlex’s AI accounting software and help firms manage and streamline their daily operations.
      • Users may easily and quickly manage their funds with Gridlex’s user-friendly interface. Gridlex’s AI component gives users access to advanced analytics, which streamlines the decision-making process. 
      • Gridlex not only offers thorough financial reports but also offers in-depth research of customer trends and spending patterns to help firms allocate resources more wisely.
      • By using predictive models, users may spot possible difficulties before they become serious ones, freeing them more time to concentrate on other things like building their clientele or business.

      Gridlex: Price

      Pricing plans for the platform start at $10 per user per month. 

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      4. Docyt


        Docyt is an artificial intelligence-powered accounting platform that automates accounting tasks along with keeping track of expenses and profitability. Your financial processes will be ensured to be accurate, efficient, and prepared for expansion with the help of this platform.

        Docyt: Features

        • Docyt is cloud-based and it helps users grasp real-time financial insights. It also ensures cooperation from any location at any time.
        • The program can be used in tandem with QuickBooks to facilitate transaction coding, journal entry, and bank and credit card account reconciliation.
        • It reduces manual tasks, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction.
        • Additionally, Docyt offers a multipurpose application that streamlines income tracking and spend management, as well as real-time financial reports and AI-powered classification and reconciliation.
        • Clients have stated that their accounts payable and accounting systems are now more organized and straightforward, freeing them more time to focus on growing their companies.
        • When a user needs to take action, such as submitting a receipt or classifying a transaction, the program notifies them.


        The pricing plans for businesses start at $299 per month, while that for accounting firms/CFO services can be negotiated after signing up.

        Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses: Conclusion

        Efficiency is redefined by features like intelligent spending categorization and automated bank reconciliation. All of the above-mentioned modern accounting software is unique in that it adheres to its unique features and expertise. Accuracy and adaptability are two core features one must look into when choosing software, as these enable businesses to handle their finances with ease. At last, business owners must carefully assess their businesses’ current requirements and make informed decisions. 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is meant by PO matching?

        PO matching is the process of comparing the data on the invoice to the purchase order and goods receipt note in order to ensure accuracy and validate that the purchase was made prior to approval and payment.

        What does accounting consist of?

        The methodical documentation, examination, and reporting of financial activities inside a company are all included in accounting. It entails procedures including tax compliance, budgeting, bookkeeping, auditing, and financial statement creation (such as income and balance sheets). All things considered, it offers crucial insights into the performance and financial health of a company.

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