10 Best Call Center Software

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With evolving customer expectations, more complex technologies, and changing business models, organizations are investing in customer experience to keep customers from churning in markets increasingly saturated with new disruptive solutions. One way to improve the customer experience is to improve your call center service, and you can enhance that service with call center software. In particular, integrating AI-driven call center software can power a more effective, personalized customer experience. Here, in this article, we will look through 10 best call center software to use!

What is a Call Center Software?

Service-oriented firms utilize call center software to consolidate their operations for client communication, including phone calls and emails, live chat, help desk, and social media.

Call center software helps customer service and support teams handle inbound and outgoing communication at scale by providing call routing, real-time communication reporting, call queues, support ticket management, voicemail handling, and connections with CRM software. These programs are frequently used by agents in customer-facing roles such as IT support, customer service, telemarketing, sales, hospitality, etc.

Top Call Center Software to Use


10 Best Call Center Software

UJET is a cloud-hosted contact center software utilized by many quickly developing businesses for call center management. Aside from call center and digital interaction features, the platform provides enterprises an AI-powered experience across different channels and functionalities.

With biometric verification, multimedia sharing, and automatic notifications notifying customers about expected wait times and recommended actions, UJET can help you better exploit smart devices.

UJET, as a cloud-based platform, provides businesses with pre-built pieces that make scaling services, implementing security architecture, and predicting platform uptime easier. It’s simple to start up and has adjustable pricing based on the number of features and add-ons your team needs.

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2. uContact

10 Best Call Center Software

uContact is a cloud-based call center technology that assists businesses in managing both voice calls and text messaging conversations. The software integrates with WhatsApp, a significant messaging app companies worldwide use to communicate with clients in real-time.

IVR, interfaces with social media sites, auto-dialers, and automatic call distribution are also important features. Their voice call capabilities are appropriate for both inbound and outbound calls.

The software also assists firms in managing other aspects of call center productivity, such as labor management, shared inboxes, customer satisfaction surveys, and CRM interfaces. With drag-and-drop programming tools, you may tailor the platform to your requirements. The cost of the program is also determined by the capabilities you select.

3. Aircall

10 Best Call Center Software

Aircall is a call center system that uses a portfolio of digital engagement tools to improve voice call management. Teams can leverage automation and custom platform capabilities, in addition to call routing, IVR, call recordings, and call transcriptions, to assist agents in interacting more effectively with team members to address client problems.

These capabilities include conference calls, which let additional agents join an existing call, call monitoring and whispering, and virtual call centers, which provide agents access from anywhere in the world. Aircall’s shared inbox and shared contacts features are also noteworthy for assisting agents in streamlining internal communication and effectively assigning duties.

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4. CloudTalk

10 Best Call Center Software

CloudTalk provides a broad feature set for businesses that manage high quantities of voice calls or use phone support as their primary customer connection channel. The platform has a set of AI features that speed up routing and call prioritizing.

Teams, for example, can choose preferred agents to receive various calls based on pre-defined criteria. Other phone support capabilities include customizable call queue messages, toll-free numbers, extensions, and international numbers.

The platform also includes capabilities that improve agent productivity and provide them with more information when answering consumer calls. With call notes, call tagging, and scripts for specific inbound campaigns, agents may tailor their experience and communicate with supervisors and team members.


10 Best Call Center Software

Dialpad is a comprehensive platform designed for teams who require inbound and outbound call-handling capabilities. Like several of the technologies on this list, AI-powered capabilities are available to assist agents in managing call demand and personalizing the on-call experience.

Dialpad’s ability to evaluate caller sentiment live, utilizing AI to automatically give agents recommendations for actions and support resources to help consumers throughout a conversation, is unique.

In addition, the platform includes most of the standard call center tools that teams require to handle clients, such as IVR, routing, and automated workflows for call scripts, listen-ins, and takeovers. Companies can also use call traffic swings throughout the day to optimize agent bandwidth.

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6. Avaya

10 Best Call Center Software

Avaya is a cloud-based call center software that enables customer communication over several channels, including voice conversations, digital, and a hybrid of both. The most affordable service on the platform provides teams with powerful management capabilities for email, web chat, and text messaging.

Automated routing, AI-powered self-service and agent support, customer journey mapping, and connections with enterprise applications such as CRM systems are among the features.

Predictive outbound dialing and voice recording are two call-specific capabilities. Avaya is also an excellent choice for businesses that want highly customized cloud-based platforms. Call center teams can incorporate their own internal digital channels into the program and customize the platform to highlight certain capabilities such as knowledge management, bots, gamification, and more.

7. JustCall

10 Best Call Center Software

Because of its limitless inbound calls and robust integrations with over 100 CRMs, help desk software, and team productivity tools, JustCall is a popular solution for customer-facing teams. The platform includes all required call center functions, such as voicemail, call forwarding, call transfers, call tracking, ACD, and IVR. Teams may also help consumers worldwide by accessing business phone lines in over 70 countries.

At an additional expense, the platform provides organizations access to a wide range of AI-powered capabilities. Businesses may expand their existing capabilities on the AI-powered platform by adding more AI transcriptions, sentiment analysis, proactive and predictive coaching, and call scoring.

With fewer manual operations, these capabilities provide agents with additional context before and after each conversation.

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8. Vonage

Best Call Center Software

Vonage’s technologies for voice call management, employee engagement, remote work management, and collaboration assist call centers and support teams in optimizing their end-to-end operations. ACD systems, IVR, advanced routing, call records, and customer analytics are all available on the platform.

It also features artificial intelligence-powered tools to help agents, such as conversational AI for self-service customer support, real-time knowledge base topic suggestions, and voice analyzers.

The application is also well-known for its strong Salesforce connection. Teams may connect Salesforce CRM data with real-time call data to update customer records, sync notes and recordings, and better segment data to automate alerts and indicate patterns in customer activity.

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9. VICIDial

10 Best Call Center Software

VICIDial is an open-source contact center solution that allows businesses to handle large quantities of client calls. The platform may be customized to handle over two million calls per day and more than 500 agents to handle voice and digital communication.

Outbound calls, blended phone calls, emails, and internet chatbots can also be supported. To provide organizations with granular flexibility, VICIDial can be a hosted service or deployed on company-owned hardware.

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10. Five9

10 Best Call Center Software

Five9’s cloud-based call center software facilitates consumer connection across a variety of channels, including phone calls, email, chat, text, and social media. Regardless of where a consumer decides to reach out, all customer contacts are logged and optimized, offering a smooth experience for agents to track communication threads across all channels. Teams may handle customer support concerns using skill-based routing, conversational AI-powered self-service, and support resources that are conveniently accessible to agents during calls.


To summarize, new technology has greatly revolutionized the world of call center operations, and choosing the proper software is critical for increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. The “10 Best Call Center Software” list provides a detailed review of some of the market’s leading solutions. Each software has its own set of features, capabilities, and potential drawbacks, so organizations must carefully consider their specific needs and preferences before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of features are commonly found in the best call center software?

Inbound and outbound call management, call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, analytics, reporting, and multichannel assistance are all possible features of a call center software.

How can I monitor call center performance?

To guarantee your call center is offering the greatest customer experience possible, you should monitor certain data – not simply agent counts. To begin, if you follow best practices in call center management, you will measure call resolution rate (particularly FCR), CSAT scores, and average handle time.

What level of customer support is offered by the call center software providers?

Understanding the level of customer support, including available channels, response times, and user resources, is crucial for resolving potential issues efficiently.

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