10 Best Customer Support Software

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Customer support software is the foundation of a positive customer experience. However, determining which tools are best for your company, evaluating vendors, and putting the system in place are all difficult tasks. To assist you, we’ll begin with the fundamentals of customer support software: what it is, the many varieties, and how it benefits your staff. Then we’ll go over best practices, current trends, and an overview of the greatest tools available. Finally, we’ll go over how to think about selecting the best customer support software for your company.

What is Customer Support Software?

Customer support software is any program that assists a company in providing assistance and/or advise to customers who buy or use its products.

Customer support software’s most basic function is to provide a centralized system, known as a ticketing system, via which support agents may track, prioritize, manage, reply to, and answer customer queries or staff requests in bulk. Any instrument that assists in informing or facilitating customer service delivery is considered customer service software.

This comprises knowledge bases, chat apps, automation software, analytics dashboards, and other tools.

Best Customer Support Software

1. HubSpot

10 Best Customer Support Software

HubSpot is a well-rounded customer support software that combines a number of capabilities into a single platform. It provides help desk software to assist your agents as well as a sophisticated ticketing system that allows your team to track long-term service requests.

HubSpot provides a common inbox to simplify 1:1 engagement with your customers, allowing you to handle client communication at scale more easily. Furthermore, knowledge base software assists clients in finding solutions to their problems more rapidly.

It also includes a free live chat tool for installing chatbots and expanding the capacity of your customer care staff.

2. Zendesk

10 Best Customer Support Software

Zendesk is a customer care software platform that offers omnichannel help via email, live chat, voice, and other social media channels. It consolidates all of your data sources into a single spot, ensuring that the correct information is always available when a consumer contacts you.

Its ability to automatically generate tickets from client reports on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook makes it a versatile tool.

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3. Live Agent

10 Best Customer Support Software

If your support staff spends a significant amount of time providing customers via live chat, LiveAgent is an excellent solution to consider. With features including real-time typing view, website monitoring for chat engagement, and proactive chat invitations based on active agent availability, LiveAgent increases live chat service delivery.

LiveAgent is an excellent choice for smaller service teams that use WordPress. And its extensive library of native integrations enables your staff to integrate it smoothly into their existing workflows. It also features native integrations for many of the most common apps used by support teams.


10 Best Customer Support Software

Hesk is a dependable, cloud-based ticketing system that is simple to use and configure.” It allows your team to add custom ticket fields and change feature arrangements to align the interface with the agent’s workflow. It also includes a ticket submission facility, which allows users to write web-based tickets and assign them to an available agent. This empowers the consumer while removing a time-consuming chore from the support staff.

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5. HelpDesk

10 Best Customer Support Software

HelpDesk is all on making it simple to submit tickets. It’s an excellent customer service software for team communication. Tickets can be generated directly by agents from emails or web forms. For speedier resolution, similar tickets might be clubbed together. To assist one another, agents can share tickets and make private notes. You can also form support agent groups to handle larger difficulties together.

HelpDesk makes it simple to automate monotonous operations. You will also receive canned responses. Analytics monitors the performance of support departments and aids in the improvement of efficiency. A live chat option is also available for real-time contact.

6. TeamSupport

10 Best Customer Support Software

TeamSupport is a high-quality help desk application. It collects and analyzes contact information and interactions. Tickets also include vital information and connections to other tickets of a similar nature. There are tools available to assess client happiness. It might also notify you of client dissatisfaction.

TeamSupport automatically searches the web for information about your connections and updates their profiles in real time. It monitors SLA data and ranks your agents. There are numerous useful help desk metrics for reporting. You also receive rules-based ticket procedures that are simple to configure. Finally, ticket groups can be created based on related concerns or contacts.

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7. Front

10 Best Customer Support Software

Front strives for a more personal approach to consumer communication. As tickets arrive, they are automatically assigned to agents. This offers a single agent complete accountability for the consumer, allowing for more personalized service. Email, live chat, and messaging are all available channels of communication. For small teams, this is a good easy customer support platform. With notes and conversations, it makes everything easily accessible and shareable. You can create workflows with rules and prepared replies. This help desk solution combines with Front’s other customer success tools.

8. Kayako

10 Best Customer Support Software

Kayako aspires to offer a more personalized customer service platform. It enables you to communicate with customers via email, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook. All communication is centralized on a single dashboard. It’s simple to use and has a good design. You can incorporate live chat into your website or mobile applications. All new tickets include a 360-degree view of the customer.

Customer activity is visible in real time. To assist one another, team members might share inboxes. Kayako allows you to create a customer self-service portal. Analytics provide insights into team performance. It also aids in the optimization of your workflows.

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9. Dixa

10 Best Customer Support Software

Dixa is all about providing excellent customer service in order to elevate your brand. The goal is to assist you keep and develop your consumer base. It also employs a tailored strategy. Phone and email are combined in omnichannel communication. It also supports live chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Tickets are designed to resemble talks. When clients contact you, you obtain their profile information. Customers can be sent to their favorite agents automatically. The goal is to establish relationships. This help desk application is primarily for businesses that anticipate frequent contacts with preferred users.

10. Seamless Desk

10 Best Customer Support Software

SeamlessDesk is a respectable cloud-based customer service platform. To remain on top of customer issues, the help desk software includes smart notifications. You can configure these based on events such as deadlines or recurring difficulties. There are numerous ticketing tools available, including agent assignment and priority. With each ticket, you receive detailed consumer profile information.

This is an excellent platform for agent cooperation. SeamlessDesk provides a suite of asset management technologies. Asset management is useful for storing files associated with tickets that other agents can access. It also has knowledge base functions.

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Customers that are satisfied return and spend more money. Unsatisfied customers can wreak havoc on your reputation. That is why you should use customer care software such as Slack, LiveAgent, HelpDesk, and SeamlessDesk.

Every company must prioritize customer service. To provide excellent service and keep pleased clients, you can use software to automate and optimize your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is customer software easy to implement?

The simplicity of implementation of customer service software is determined by a variety of particular circumstances. The ease of implementation of one system vs another is determined by your desired integrations, workflows, customization requirements, and other considerations.

Does customer service software provide agents with collaboration tools?

The finest customer service software app provides agents with collaboration capabilities and simplifies workflows so they can work more effectively together and answer consumer questions.
With skills-based routing, for example, agents are presented queries depending on their knowledge, such as product area or language. Agents can exchange best practices across departments when customer support software interfaces with other internal platforms such as email and Slack.

Is customer service software customizable to your business needs?

The ideal customer service provider can be configured to suit any workflow and is powerful enough to handle the most complex business while remaining flexible enough to scale at any rate. It should also include apps and connections that allow agents to personalize their workstation.

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