3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex

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With the discovery of automated trading, it has become easier to not miss the market opportunities even when you are busy doing something else. Today, in this article, we will compare the three best trading bots in the market, that is, 3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex

Summary (TL;DR)

  • 3Commas is a Miami-based crypto trading bot and offers some of the best trading bots like DCA bot, GRID bot, Options, etc. 
  • Mudrex beats its rivals in terms of its unique fees structure and social trading platform.
  • Mudrex and CryptoHopper also have a code-free drag and drop strategy builder to make the crypto trading bots with the least hustle.
  • All three bot providers have decent and user-friendly customer support.
  • 3Commas and CryptoHopper have mobile appss but Mudrex does not.
  • Mudrex has a simple user interface. 3Commas and CryptoHopper also have intuitive UI, but can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • 3Commas and CryptoHopper support a Marketplace of their own.

What is 3Commas?

3Commas is a Miami-based crypto trading bot. It helps traders automate their trades and has various trading bots with different trading strategies. Apart from this, the trading bots can also program at preset hours or all around the day. Furthermore, 3Commas offers a Marketplace where you can subscribe to 3rd party crypto trading signals.

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CryptoHopper vs 3Commas vs Mudrex: 3Commas

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What is Mudrex?

Mudrex provides an easy-to-use visual strategy builder that is an all-time favorite feature of some industry experts. Furthermore, you do not have to write a single line of code to build a strategy using Mudrex. Instead, you can simply drag and drop to create a strategy. In addition, the platform provides a social trading option to earn through your trading strategies.

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Mudrex Vs Tokensets Vs Napbots : Mudrex
CryptoHopper vs 3Commas vs Mudrex: Mudrex

What is CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper provides its market-making bot, semi-automated trading, demo trading, margin trading bots, and so on. Moving ahead, the mobile application of CryptoHopper is also quite prominent across the market. CryptoHopper Marketplace is home to various services such as crypto signals, trading strategies, templates, etc.

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3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Trading bots

3Commas Trading bots

3Commas has ample trading strategies for absolute beginners and also for seasoned investors. Some of the most basic techniques are stop loss, trailing profit, trailing stop loss, etc. Apart from this, the platform offers many trading bots like DCA bot, Options trading bot, GRID trading bot, etc.

Mudrex Trading bots

Meanwhile, Mudrex stands out for its crypto trading algos and trading bots. The platform ranks the best algos by professional traders on the platform. Moreover, diversifying across various algos might give you decent monthly returns.

CryptoHopper Trading bots

The market-making bot of CryptoHopper constantly makes profits by buying and selling in small gaps. At the same time, the arbitrage tool assists in capturing the inefficiencies in a market and earns profit out of that. The bot also extends to advanced algorithms, trailing stops orders, and so much more.

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Features

3Commas Features

3Commas offers various features like DCA bot, GRID bot, smart trade, etc. For example, the DCA bot allows you to buy assets along with a particular interval. Whereas GRID bot works on the principle of buy short and sell long. Moreover, tools 3Commas marketplace provides third-party crypto signals to automate your trade entirely. 

Mudrex Features

To help the users in choosing the right bot, Mudrex has created a Performance score for every bot. This varies from 0 to 10 and is based on a proprietary metric. Another exciting feature is Mudrex Protect. So you only have to pay when the bot earns profit for you. Moreover, the platform offers many other features such as API-based integration, active community, wallets, etc.

In addition, Mudrex offers coin sets which are a theme-based set of cryptocurrencies managed by experts. These coin sets help in diversifying your investment portfolios, thus minimizing the risks involved.

Furthermore, You can put your money in Mudrex Vault and get a pitiful interest rate of between 0.06% and 5% (depending on your country).

Mudrex Features
Mudrex Features

CryptoHopper Features

CryptoHopper offers various features that include the market-making bot, arbitrage tool, paper trading mode, etc. Furthermore, the CryptoHopper MarketPlace allows you to choose and plug/ play any desired marketing strategy. In addition, you can choose a crypto signal provider and entirely automate your trades using the CryptoHopper Telegram bot.

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Pricing

3Commas comes with four subscription plans, details of which are in the table below.

At Mudrex, apart from the monthly plan, ‘using the build your trading strategy’ feature, you can earn a part of an investor’s profit who is following your profit. As a bot creator, you get to decide what part of an investor’s profit you’ll be taking.

CryptoHopper has four subscription plans: the Pioneer Kit, Explorer kit, Adventurer kit, and Hero kit. 

Free plan – costs $0Basic: Free for lifePioneer kit – free
Starter plan – costs $14.5Premium:
Monthly: $19/ month
Annually: $16/ month
Explorer kit- free seven days trial and cost $19/ month.
Advanced plan – costs $24.5Adventurer kit- $49/ month
Pro plan – costs $49.5Hero kit- $99/ month.

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Mobile App

3Commas Mobile app

3Commas mobile app comes for both Android and iOS, along with all the pricing plans. Also, you can easily access all the features available on the desktop version in the mobile application.

3Commas Mobile App
3Commas Mobile app

Mudrex Mobile app

Mudrex allows its users to build crypto portfolios by instantly investing in custom crypto baskets through its mobile application. Further, you can seamlessly deposit and withdraw your crypto using the app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

CryptoHopper Mobile app

CryptoHopper’s mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. Furthermore, it is protected by biometric security to ensure that it only falls under your access. Besides this, the app also has alternative push notifications to keep you updated with every trend on the market.

Furthermore, you can even go with the CryptoHopper Telegram bot to automate crypto trading signals and do not need any other apps.

Cryptohopper Mobile App
CryptoHopper Mobile app

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: User Interface

3Commas has a decent and intuitive user interface. Also, you can switch to its dark mode in case you are using it at night.

Mudrex has a more straightforward and sorted user interface. Its drag and drop strategy builder wins over any other trading bot like CryptoHopper or 3Commas. The bot provider is beginner-friendly and does not overwhelm users.

On the other hand, CryptoHopper bots are easy to use and go well with beginners and professionals. Moreover, you can explore the best ways to use the bots and their features for free on the Hopper Academy.

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Security

Is 3Commas Safe?

Yes, 3Commas is a secure and legit platform. However, the platform is ambiguous regarding its security protocols. Still, it does not have the right to make withdrawals from your trading account as it uses API keys.

Is Mudrex Safe?

Yes, Mudrex is a safe platform and holds the assets in the exchange account only, just like 3Commas. Moreover, Stripe is a payment partner of Mudrex, and all relevant data like credit card transactions are stored with Stripe.

Is CryptoHopper safe?

Yes, CryptoHopper is a safe and secure platform and has been functioning in the market for three years. Like most of the bots providers, it also utilizes API keys to connect to your exchange account.

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Support

3Commas has its separate FAQs and knowledge base for supporting the customers. Apart from this, you can connect with the team by mailing them to their regional addresses as given in the contact section. You can also submit a request for the same. 

You can mail your queries by navigating to the contact us option. Besides this, you can also raise a ticket and detail your trouble to the Mudrex team.

Mudrex Support
Mudrex Support

CryptoHopper offers an online chat. Also, you can submit your request with screenshots or videos. It may take a few days for your queries to get answered. However, it is pretty much sure that the support team will try to reach you out sooner. 

3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Comparision

PlansNo extra fee apart from subscription plans. Comes with a Free plan.You can take a share of the profits of strategies you create. Comes with a Free plan.It does not charge a commission fee on top of monthly payments. Comes with a Free plan.
FeatureThe onboarding process can be overwhelming for beginners.Get your money back with the Mudrex Protect in case your investment does not earn you profits.It is mandatory to subscribe to a monthly plan for availing of the services.
UI/ AppThe dashboard is friendly, user-friendly and you get all the features jotted down in one place.The UI sometimes lags, and the platform does not support a mobile application yet.The platform provides a lot of services that might overwhelm a beginner.
SupportResponsible and responsive customer support. Great customer support.Customer service options are not available on the mobile app.
MarketPlaceIt offers a library of bots and a MarketPlace. You get 200+ indicators and can follow other trader’s strategies. However, no MarketPlace.The platform provides various bots with a MarketPlace.

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3Commas vs CryptoHopper vs Mudrex: Conclusion

Automated trading bots help you create a passive source of income by automating your strategies.

3Commas offers some of the best trading bots like DCA, GRID bots, Options, etc.

On the other hand, Mudrex stands apart from its rivals in its unique and user-friendly fee structure. Also, Mudrex has an efficient and drag/drop-based strategy builder.

CryptoHopper, on the other hand, aids the users to gain returns consistently. Its combination of third-party crypto signals and crypto trading Telegram bot entirely automates your trading. Moreover, the platform is intuitive and delivers a smooth pace to its users.

Towards the end, no crypto trading bot is utterly risk-free, so it’s better to invest the amount you can always afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mudrex safe or legit?

Yes, Mudrex is a Y Combinator-backed company with a team that has previously worked at Twitter and other well-known firms.

How to link the Binance account to 3Commas?

You can start by heading over to the API management section at Binance and then creating your keys. Thereafter, paste the keys on your 3Commas account.

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