Bitcoin Mining Management Software Features

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To show you how exactly mining management software can make your life more comfortable, we will describe the must-have features of mining management software.


Thanks to the monitoring feature, you are always aware of what’s going on with your workers. From a single dashboard, you can track the hashrate, power consumption, errors, configurations, etc. 

Some software allows monitoring and managing a huge number of workers at once. For instance, with Hive OS you can handle more than 200,000 workers stably at the same time. 

On the screen below, you can see the example of the Hive OS dashboard. Everything is visible so that you can keep everything under control with no effort:

Remote management

You don’t have to spend all your time with your workers. With the remote management feature, it is possible to perform all the essential actions and mine Bitcoins from anywhere in the world. 

Bulk installation

Some software allows bulk installation and application of changes. For instance, you can install Hive OS on hundreds of thousands of workers at once. The same can be done with the changes — if you update the settings, they can be applied to all your devices at the same time, and the process will take only a couple of seconds. This is much more convenient than applying changes to one worker at a time.

RX Boost

RX Boost is one more feature for increasing the profits, but not every software is equipped with it. For example, Hive OS offers RX Boost for AMD video cards — thanks to it, it is possible to achieve the best speed and increase the profitability of GPU workers.

Custom configurations

In most cases, mining management software allows custom configurations, so you can reach the optimal performance or, for instance, integrate a custom miner that is not currently offered by the software.

Automatic fan control

This feature allows focusing on mining Bitcoins without getting distracted by potential overheating problems. Some softwares have temperature watchdogs that help to protect the devices in case the critical temperature is reached.

Smart alerts

Let you define automated health checks and receive notifications on important events directly to your email, Telegram, and mobile application. Thanks to these alerts, you will not miss anything.

With all these features, mining Bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency) is a much more convenient and profitable process. Besides, they help to protect your devices, so they live longer, while you spend less on their maintenance and repairs. Now let us provide you with a few recommendations on how to choose the right software. This is what you should pay attention to:

  • First of all, decide on your needs. Do you need software only for monitoring your workers during Bitcoin mining? Or do you also want to increase their profitability? Answering these questions will help you to shorten the list of software options, as not all of them are equipped with such features as RX Boost.
  • After this, check the prices of the options left. We recommend trying the software that has a free package or at least offers a free trial. In this way, you will be able to understand if it suits your needs without paying anything. However, both free packages and trials are usually equipped with certain limitations (for instance, related to the number of workers), so you may want to move to the paid package later. Therefore, it will be useful to compare the prices of the software at the beginning.
  • Find out how often the software team adds new miners, features, etc. The more often this happens, the better — this means that the software is constantly developing and adapting to changes.
  • Check if the software also offers firmware for ASICs, has its own mining pool, etc. If you find such a combination, we recommend to choose it — it will be more convenient for you to mine Bitcoins then.
  • Check the support service. Is it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is it multilingual? If yes, this is an advantage of the software.
  • Pay attention to the software’s community. Is it large enough? If yes, this may be a good sign. Apart from this, in a large community, you will get help faster. 

So, now you know how to choose the right Bitcoin mining management software. Let us know what mining management software you use and how it helped you boost your mining capabilities.

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