Pledge Finance Adds Stanford Professor Jeff Strnad to Advisory Board

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Lending platform Pledge Finance happily announced the addition of Stanford Professor Jeff Strnad to its Strategic Advisory team on Thursday. His impressive track record includes teaching graduate-level technical and legal courses on blockchain at Stanford University, as well as practical experience integrating blockchain and DeFi into real estate finance applications, expertise and experience that will help Pledge become the premier platform for developing long-term lending dApps for DeFi.

Pledge Finance Adds Stanford Professor Jeff Strnad To Advisory Board
Pledge Finance Adds Stanford Professor Jeff Strnad to Advisory Board

Jeff is an important academic and instructor in the fields of finance, statistics, law, and blockchain, with degrees from Harvard (Physics BA) and Yale (JD and Ph.D. in Economics). During the dotcom boom, he was active in the financial business, including playing a crucial role in providing regulatory space for innovative methods of funding startups. Jeff is a startup entrepreneur who is now working on building novel real estate finance models to support blockchain and DeFi applications.

“Pledge is a DeFi project with tremendous potential,” said Strnad. “They’re pioneering fixed-rate lending in the DeFi space and creating both a foundation for its own additional major DeFi innovations and potentially an outstanding platform for other companies to innovate and excel. Pledge is one of the most exciting new DeFi developments out there.”

“Jeff’s advancement of blockchain technology mainstream industries, via education and then acceptance by governing bodies, allows Pledge to stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving compliance and regulatory landscape,” said Pledge CEO, Tony Y. Chan. “We look forward to rapid growth aided by Jeff’s unmatched knowledge in this industry.”

Pledge is committed to being the world’s lending marketplace for Bitcoin loans, focusing on providing not only longer-term loans but also the building blocks necessary to create next-generation lending dApps. Pledge leverages the innovative concept of financial NFTs to bring interest rate swaps to DeFi, a multi-trillion dollar market in legacy finance but which is currently completely absent from crypto.

About Pledge

Pledge is the world’s largest loan marketplace for financial non-financial tokens (NFTs). Pledge V1 offers a fixed return to TradeFi and DeFi investors, starting with a bitcoin loan with a fixed rate and terms. Pledge V1 also offers professional crypto traders a fixed cost of capital. By transforming bitcoin loans into Financial NFTs, Pledge V2 will make bitcoin loans tradable.

About Jeff Strnad

At Stanford University, Jeff Strnad is the Charles A. Beardsley Professor of Law. He focuses on the intersection of mathematics and technology with law, business, and policy. His research and teaching interests include economics, finance, computer science, and statistics, among others. In a variety of corporate contexts, he works on housing finance innovations, notably those that support blockchain and DeFi applications.

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