Shambhavi Soni

Shambhavi Soni

Estée Lauder Jumps Into The Metaverse

Estée Lauder Jumps into the Metaverse

One of the most storied names in prestige beauty has set its sights on the metaverse. Estée Lauder is launching its first NFT as the only beauty brand partner of Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week. The brand will be awarding up…

The Ny Bill Seeks To Ban Crypto Mining!

The NY bill Seeks to Ban Crypto Mining!

In the latest series of updates, reportedly, the NY bill seeks to prohibit Proof-of-Work mining. POW is a fairness protocol that runs agnostic to any users’ identity, location, or beliefs. A system underserved communities can benefit most from. This bill…

Yahoo Taiwan To Launch An Nft Store

Yahoo Taiwan to launch an NFT store

Key Takeaways: Blocto and Yahoo Taiwan have established a cooperation to launch Yahoo’s NFT shop. The businesses will work together to promote NFT adoption and accessibility. The Yahoo Taiwan NFT shop could launch by the end of March. Blocto’s creators,…

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