Shambhavi Soni

Shambhavi Soni

Youtube To Encourage Capitalization On Nfts

Youtube to Encourage Capitalization on NFTs

Follow us on Google News In a letter published today, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki suggests that the video-sharing platform might embrace Web3 technologies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are a way to certify digital assets stored on the blockchain,…

Iran To Test A 'National Cryptocurrency'

Iran to Test a ‘National Cryptocurrency’

Follow us on Google News An official from Iran’s Central Bank revealed that the pilot phase of the country’s digital currency project will begin soon. The Islamic Republic hopes to join a growing group of countries that want to benefit…

Binance Kept Low Money-Laundering Checks

Binance Kept Low Money-Laundering Checks

Binance, one of the most heard names in the world of cryptocurrencies, has been found to have kept weak money-laundering checks as per the documents found by Reuters later on Friday evening. In the words of Reuters, “In public, Zhao…

Ygg’s Discord Server Hacked

YGG’s Discord Server Hacked!

Follow us on Google News The discord of Yield Guide Games, the world’s largest Gamefi game union, was compromised early this morning around 7.30 a.m. (IST). As per the reports, the server was hacked by an anonymous person who allegedly changed…

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