Does the Graph support the transfer of subgraph ownership using NFTs?

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The Graph Name Service (GNS—on-chain registration of subgraphs) will now mint an NFT whenever a dapp developer uploads a new subgraph. The subgraph can be controlled by whoever controls the NFT.

This ERC721 coin essentially grants gated access to modifying a single subgraph, and it can be transferred between accounts with ease. This allows developers working on subgraph development with larger teams and DAOs to collaborate more efficiently.

With DAOs & users of multi sig now able to own & upgrade subgraphs, subgraphs can keep on improving without relying on one initial creator. As a DAO grows & evolves, so can its subgraph!

NFTs aren’t only for art—now they’re being used to enable easier collaboration in web3.

How does it work?

When you deploy a subgraph to mainnet, an NFT is sent to the address where the subgraph was deployed. Because the NFT is based on the ERC721, it can be readily transferred across accounts.

The subgraph is controlled by whoever owns the NFT. If the owner decides to sell or transfer the NFT, they will no longer be able to make changes or modifications to that network subgraph.

This functionality makes some use cases more convenient, such as switching your control to a multisig or a community member building it on behalf of a DAO, in addition to adding greater flexibility to the development process.

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Shambhavi Soni
Shambhavi Soni

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