What is an Example of Social Trading?

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At the beginning of their career, traders often find it challenging to grasp the business’s intricacies, choose their own strategy, and find their style. That’s where copy trading comes to the rescue. This trading method allows traders to communicate directly on the trading platform, such as Bidsbee Cryptocurrency Social Trading or any other platform, and traders can share their strategies and analyses. Meanwhile, successful strategies can be followed and copied, and they will be automatically replicated in your trading account whenever the trader you are following executes certain operations in their account.

What Are the Benefits of Social Trading? 

Social trading is a relatively new concept that is gaining popularity. Thanks to its transparency, comprehensibility of the system, and opportunities for improving the trading experience and reaching higher levels of professionalism, copy trading has become a distinct form of trading. Its main advantage is that it has opened the doors to the market for every investor who previously did not know how to multiply their income with lower risks effectively.

Advantages of social trading

  • Continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and being part of a professional community. Such an atmosphere promotes career development for traders and helps them enhance their trading skills.
  • Every trader, even beginners, gets the opportunity to test different strategies, experience the advantages and disadvantages of each, and choose the optimal one. Many professionals started their journey with copy trading, and it helped them find the optimal set of tools and a strategy that suits their personal criteria.
  • One can benefit from the experience of others not only in learning but also through real-life examples. Simply choose one or several successful traders with stable profits and set up copy trading tools to make their success your success as well.
  • Social trading platforms allow for risk diversification by copying multiple strategies simultaneously. Therefore, even if one of the traders you follow makes a mistake, others may still be profitable, reducing the risks for your investments.

So, if trading used to be associated with doing it alone, the social trading system breaks this stereotype. You can observe the trading behavior of expert traders, communicate, interact, and compare the effectiveness of different experts. Thus, you have many more opportunities to achieve better trading results than those who trade this path alone.

Best examples of social trading platforms

  • In addition to the mentioned Bidsbee platform, there are other exchanges in the market where you can try your skills. CopyTrading with eToro allows you to utilize dozens of useful tools, discuss ideas and strategies, and its main advantage is the platform’s global reach. Therefore, the community is very large, as well as your choice of the most successful strategies.
  • ZuluTrade is renowned for its user-friendly interface, easily understandable and transparent statistical data, comprehensive set of risk management tools, and the ability to automate trading strategies to simplify your daily work.
  • If you are looking for a system with features for online trading, interaction with traders, communication, and a wide range of tools, you will enjoy NAGA. The most important feature available here in the context of copy trading is AutoCopy.

Of course, besides these giants in the market, there are other platforms where you can feel confident, implement different approaches, and learn from the experience of other professionals.

How to Become a Copy Trader

Social Trading?
Social Trading?

You should not face any difficulties when you want to become a copy trader:

  • Choose a platform that meets your needs regarding functionality, commissions, security measures, and more.
  • After registering an account, deposit funds into your trading account using methods such as e-wallet transfers, credit cards, or other options. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s rules regarding minimum deposit and any associated fees or charges.
  • Allocate time to research and analyze the activities of top traders to select them based on their performance, risk level, trading style, and other criteria. Study their trading history, performance indicators, and risk management strategies.
  • Adjust the allocation percentage, determining the portion of your investment capital allocated to each trader you follow.
  • Set stop-loss orders and adjust desired trade sizes to manage overall risk.
  • Activate the copy trading feature, and the system will automatically replicate trades the selected traders execute.
  • Monitor the performance of copied trades and the overall performance of the traders you follow. Make adjustments if necessary.

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Social Trading: Practical Considerations

With the advantages, you should understand your expenses on the platform even before making a profit. Specifically, copying a strategy often incurs a commission based on the profit you receive. Additionally, the system may charge fees for using exclusive tools or for the right to access exclusive content. Systems also typically have minimum deposit requirements to get started. All these factors must be studied and considered before registration: it’s information you can obtain before registering and funding your account.

Can you meet any risks in copy trading?

One of the main risks of copy trading is blindly following others’ trades without conducting thorough research, which can lead to losses. Remember that copy trading does not protect you from market volatility, so even successful traders can experience losses during turbulent market conditions. You become somewhat dependent on effective traders, and you cannot always protect your funds from the flaws in their strategies.

However, the potential to earn income with minimal effort and the opportunity to learn, grow, and quickly achieve success still outweigh the potential drawbacks of social trading.

Final Thoughts 

Social trading enables you to earn with minimal capital investment and even without trading experience. It also provides access to a professional community and collective knowledge and simplifies numerous routine processes. However, like any other trading strategy, this concept requires a thorough study of both the platforms you prefer and the trading styles of different traders. Only with such an approach can you earn with minimal risks and utilize the offered opportunities to your advantage.

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