Shambhavi Soni

Shambhavi Soni

Binance Sets Up Its Own Fiat To Crypto Provider

Binance Sets Up Its Own Fiat-to-Crypto Payments Provider

Binance, the biggest name in the world’s most prominent blockchain ecosystems and cryptocurrency infrastructure providers has named Bifinity its official fiat-to-crypto payment service.  Bifinity’s easy-to-use APIs can assist shops in becoming crypto-ready and accepting crypto payments. It primarily makes it…

Crypto Exchange Ftx Sets Foot In Europe

Crypto exchange FTX sets foot in Europe

The Cyprus financial market regulator, CySEC, has approved the European domain of FTX’s platform (, as per an announcement made on Monday. Through an unnamed investment entity permitted to operate within the European Economic Area, FTX Europe will offer products…

Cvs Files For Nfts And Virtual Goods Trademark

CVS files for NFTs and virtual goods trademark

According to a February 28th filing, CVS Health has filed a trademark application that cites NFTs and health services in virtual and augmented reality. Trademark filings don’t automatically imply that a company is planning to enter the crypto, NFT, or…

Wizards Of The Coast Threatens Dao With A Lawsuit

Wizards of the coast threatens DAO with a lawsuit

MtgDAO plans to launch a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the popular Magic: The Gathering card game.  Wizards of the Coast claims that mtgDAO’s plans infringe on their copyright. Copyright and intellectual property issues are becoming increasingly prominent…

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