Where and How to Buy Bonfida (FIDA) token?

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You can buy Bonfida or Fida tokens from various platforms such as FTX, Gate.io, etc. Moreover, on buying FIDA tokens through FTX you’ll be getting a 5% discount on your trading fees. Wanna know how? Keep reading.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Bonfida is the flagship Solana GUI and full product suite which fills the gap between users and Solana, Serum. 
  • It offers a limited governance model which depends upon the FIDA token, and its primary aim ranges from on-chain advanced orders to Basic and advanced UI, etc. 
  • FIDA token being the native token of the Bonfida platform, can be used for various purposes, including burn/ buy purposes. 
  • FIDA tokens can easily be purchased over centralized and decentralized exchange platforms such as Serum DEx, Gate.io, FTX , AscendEX, and Hotbit
  • One can also earn free FIDA coins by staking, airdrop programs, lending, etc. 
  • Several pros and cons are associated with investing in any cryptocurrency. Therefore utmost care and caution should be exercised during investing. 

What is Bonfida?

Bonfida foundation, Bonfida is the full product suite that fills the gap between the users and Solana, Serum. In addition to being the flagship Serum GUI, Bonfida also lets its users experience a never before Solana data analytics.  In essence, Bonafida is the leading gateway to Serum.

Bonfida is all set to offer a limited governance model depending upon the FIDA token. The primary aims of the Bonfida platform include:-

  • On chain advanced orders
  • Exclusive markets and listings
  • Basic UI and Advance UI
  • Order placing through TradingView charts.
Bonfida (Fida) Token
Bonfida (FIDA) token

What is the FIDA token and what are its uses?

FIDA is the native token of the Bonfida platform. This token is all set to govern 95% of the net fees on the Bonfida platform. Moreover, FIDA tokens can also be used for burn/buy purposes.  Furthermore, the primary uses of FIDA are as follows:-

  • As a transaction while dealing with Bonfida Bots.
  • To access the VIP API
  • To access consulting services and whitelabels.

Moreover, holders staking FIDA will enjoy the following benefits:-

  • Access to rare Solible markets.
  • Lower latency and exclusive API endpoints.
  • Advanced analytics.
Bonfida (Fida) Token
Bonfida (FIDA) token

Where and How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token?

Now, in this how-to buy FIDA guide, we’ll list down all the reliable and recommended sources to acquire the FIDA cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we’ll also explain the process of buying the token on various platforms. 

Bonfida (FIDA) token has started rising in the cryptocurrency market. Owing to its vast potential, FIDA can be found on centralized as well as decentralized exchange platforms. Some of them are:

How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token on FTX?

FTX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. This platform is built by traders and offers industry-first derivatives, leverage tokens, and much more innovative features. To buy FIDA and reap the benefits of FTX follow the steps given below. To learn more, read our FTX review.

  • Create an account on FTX wallet using email id and password.
  • After completing the necessary verification and identification process, you can fund your account.
  • Head to the market section, and under the spot tab, you can trade cryptocurrency without margin.
  • Search for the FIDA/USD pair and fill in the amount of FIDA you want to buy.
  • Complete and confirm the transaction for the successful purchase of the FIDA token. 

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How To Buy Bonfida (Fida) Token On Ftx?
How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token on FTX?

How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token on Gate.io?

Gate.io is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that facilitates cryptocurrency-related activities like buying, selling, and trading. By following the steps below you’ll learn how to buy FIDA crypto on Gate.io. To know more, read our Gate.io Review.

  • Firstly, buy USDT on any major cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance, Coinbase.
  • Secondly, create an account on Gate.io and complete the verification and identification process.
  • Transfer the purchased USDT to your gate.io account.
  • Head to the market section and search for the ‘FIDA/USDT’ pair on the trade page.
  • Fill in the amount of USTD you wish to trade and click on the Buy FIDA option.
  • Complete and confirm the transaction for the successful purchase of FIDA.
How To Buy Bonfida (Fida) Token On Gate.io?
How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token on Gate.io?

How to buy Bonfida (FIDA) token on Serum DEx?

Serum is a Decentralized exchange ecosystem that offers the convenience and speed of a centralized exchange platform. Moreover, it remains a fully transparent and reliable DeFi system.

The steps to buying a FIDA token are as follows:-

  • Fund your ledger wallet with sufficient USDT coins.
  • Visit the trade section of Serum DEx and connect your ledger wallet with it.
  • On the market page, search for the ‘ FIDA/USDT’ pair. 
  • Now, you’ll have to input in the amount of USDT you wish to spend in the box. The estimated amount of FIDA will be displayed in another bar.
  • Click on the BUY FIDA option given below.
  • Approve the transaction on the ledger app and then on Serum DEx.
Buy Fida On Raydium
Buy FIDA on Raydium

How to earn free FIDA coins?

There are several ways of earning cryptocurrencies for free. How exciting is that! You can also earn free FIDA tokens by staking, lending, airdrop programs, etc. The easiest way to earn free FIDA crypto is in the form of staking rewards by staking FIDA on platforms like AscendEX. Let’s see how:-

  • Download the AscendEX app from the play store or apple store and open it.
  • Click on the ‘Staking’ option.
  • Now on the ‘All staking’ page, search for the ‘FIDA/USDT’ pair.
  • Furthermore, if you want auto redelegation of staking rewards, just enable the ‘Compound mode.’
  • Enter the ‘delegation amount’ as per your wish and check the agreement box given below.
  • Click on ‘Delegate now’ and visit ‘My Stakings’ to find staking details.
How To Earn Free Fida Coins?
How to earn free FIDA coins?

Pros and Cons of investing in Bonfida (FIDA) tokens

FIDA token facilitates access to the VIP API, consulting services, and white labels.The high gas fees and low transactions are areas of concern.
Staking FIDA lets you enjoy access to rare Soluble markets and lower latency and exclusive API endpoints.The other and most common issue is that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile.

Conclusion: Buy Bonfida (FIDA)

Bonfida is an innovation ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world and offers unique and attractive features. FIDA tokens can be found on various platforms like Gate.io in centralized, Serum in decentralized, FTX in derivative, and many more. FIDA token has immense potential if one does proper research work before making any kind of investment. Therefore doing independent research is highly suggested, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Further, FTX might be the best option to buy FIDA token as you can get 5% off your trading Fees by signing up using the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bonfida (FIDA) token price prediction?

Predicting the price of any cryptocurrency is beyond human powers; leave behind FIDA. However, for fruitful investment, one should keep a check on the latest news and price changes related to the token. To do so, refer to FIDA coinmarketcap. They have FIDA token price charts and other information like buying FIDA coins, FIDA Wallet, etc.

Is the FIDA token a good investment?

A well-researched and planned investment has higher possibilities to be fruitful over a random, lazy investment which can also take you in drains. It is crucial to remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and falls and rises in seconds. Therefore, the only option for a successful investment is to stay updated with the latest FIDA updates and invest wisely to reap its benefits. Moreover, if you are new in the cryptocurrency world, read this article before making any investment in the same. 

How to store FIDA crypto?

Hardware Wallets are recommended to store all cryptocurrencies, leave behind FIDA. These wallets are more secure and reliable when it comes to hodling tokens.  The recommended hardware wallets to store FIDA cryptocurrency are:-
2. Ledger Nano S
3. Ledger Nano X
You can also read a detailed comparison of ledger nano S and X to make a more informed decision.

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