Pictory AI Review – Is It Really Worth It?

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Today, in a time where digital content rules the internet globally, Pictory AI is becoming a powerful weapon for everyone, whether it be content creators or marketers (any type), even businesses. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, Pictory AI provides a range of features to simplify and speed up content creation. In this article, we explore what Pictory AI is all about.

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI was created to streamline the lengthy, complex video creation process as digital media rapidly surged. Video content has become increasingly popular, and the old ways of producing videos must be cut. Seeing this demand for top-quality video creation, the creators of Pictory AI have vowed to create a product that could successfully perform and assist in automating most parts involved in making videos.

Pictory AI built a system capable of turning text into compelling video content using the AI-ML algorithms. It cuts down the time and effort needed to produce a video. It democratized access to create high-quality video content, irrespective of the fact that it was technically very sound.

Pictory AI Review: Features

Here are the essential features of Pictory AI

Pictory Ai

Pictory AI Video Editor

This is the simplest AI Video Editor, which requires no additional editing skills and can create videos using texts, URLs, or any media. You can create or edit videos in minutes with the help of a vast iB-built media library, more than 10 million royalty-free videos and images, and music tracks. 

You can also upload your voiceover or choose from the in-app AI vices to make your videos more attractive. 

Pictory AI Video Generator

With the help of the powerful Pictory’s AI-powered tools, you enjoy features like

  • Text to Video Generator
  • ChatGPT Video Generator
  • Subtitle Generator
  • Caption Generator
  • Script to Video Generator and
  • AI Music Video Generator

So you can generate AI videos in minutes with the powerful Pictory AI Video Generator and different media. You can also add layers to your AI videos, making them more detailed.

Pictory AI Subtitles & Captions

You can easily add subtitles and captions to your video using Pictory AI. You need to import your video into Pictory’s platform, and then the AI algorithm will automatically generate subtitles and captions for your video. 

There are also options like video transcription and audio-to-text that make it easier to add subtitles to your video.

After you get the desired result, you can customize the appearance and style of the subtitles to match your video’s aesthetics.

Pictory AI Video Maker

Pictory AI is a great help to create videos for professional work without any complex editing. Select a theme or content according to your requirements on Pictory’s platform. 

Then, you can customize your video according to your needs using the editing tools and effects. Once prepared, you can preview it to ensure it meets your requirements.

Finally, you can download the video or share it on different platforms.

Pictory Ai Review - Is It Really Worth It?

Pictory AI Voice Generator

You can enhance your videos and presentations with Pictory’s AI voice generator. It creates natural-sounding voice overs with various accents.

You can start by inputting your text script into Pictory’s platform in multiple languages. After that, customize the voice type and accent for the voiceover. Lastly, preview and download your video

Pictory AI Video Templates

Even if you don’t have a starting point, don’t worry! Pictory’s library offers hundreds of different video templates to kickstart your video creation process. Please select the one you want and customize it using the AI editing tools

Pictory AI Review: Pricing

You get to choose from the plan on a yearly or monthly basis. However, note that if you choose the annual plan, you get to save more than 17%. Also, with each plan, you get a free trial to create 3 video projects of 5 minutes each.

Pictory Ai Review - Is It Really Worth It?

There are three subscription plans pf Pictory AI pricing to choose from. Here are the plans and their yearly fees.

  • Starter: This pack is an excellent option for content creators, and it is only $19 monthly. It’s a one-user account that allows you to create 30 monthly videos. Besides that, you can enjoy features like 600 transcription minutes per month, one brand kit, 5000 music tracks, and more. You can also access YouTube Mastery online courses through the email customer support system.
  • Professional: This is the most popular plan, especially for professional creators and small-sized organizations, and costs $39 per month. It is also a one-user account; you can make 60 videos monthly. You can buy additional in-app videos, too. You get to use more of the features available in the Starter plan, including additional features like 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices from IIElevenlabs You can access the Video Marketing Online course with the YouTube Mastery course. Moreover, with this plan, you get Priority and Email Customer Support.
  • Teams: Appropriate for a team of video creators, this is 3+ users per account that charges $99 monthly. Under this plan, you can make 90 monthly videos and get over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images & Storyblocks. Other than the features available in the Professional plan, you get API access, ten brand kits, and a sharing & collaboration option. Also, you get a dedicated Account Manager if you face any issue and need to resolve it.

Pictory AI Review: Customer Support 

The options of Customer Support depends on which plan you choose as shown below. However, if you have any query, you can write an email at [email protected] and the customer support team will contact you.

Pictory Ai Review - Is It Really Worth It?

Competitors of Pictory AI

Here are the top three competitors of Pictory AI which can be used as an alternative.

Invideo AI

You can make a video with zero editing skills by entering the topic. You simply need to choose a workflow from the dropdown and describe your video requirements.

After that, you need to select the audience, platform, and appearance for your video so that the Invideo AI can set the tone for the title, script, background music, and more to make your videos more interactive.

It has features like Slideshow Maker, AI Faceless Video Generator, and AI Talking Avatar, making it different from Pictory AI.


Lumen5 is especially helpful for business people who don’t have the technical experience to make their videos.

With the help of thousands of templates available on Lumen5, you can easily create videos for both content creation and professional work. It is trusted by companies like Siemens, PwC, and Salesforce, which helps them to make a video in only a few minutes.


Synthesia is not only for video creation and editing; you can also make screen recordings in minutes, which doesn’t require any tools. Also, you can create videos for all platforms and devices as it allows you to select the aspect ratio for the video.

With features like 160+ video avatars, 130+ languages for voice overs, and custom avatars, Synthesia might gain some advantage over Pictory AI.

Pictory AI Review: Conclusion

Pictory AI Video Generator offers new ways of addressing video production difficulties. It accomplishes this by democratizing the creation of videos with the power of artificial intelligence for all layers of society. This platform touched various lives, from individual creators to marketing strategies and educational content, transforming media creation and consumption.

Pictory Ai Review - Is It Really Worth It?

And it is Pictory AI that will help determine the future of content as technology further develops. Pictory AI is not just another tool of the present; it is pioneering a new future in digital media with founding beliefs rooted in innovation and user-centric design.

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