Margex Review: Features, Fees and More

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Margex, founded in 2020, has quickly emerged as a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform. This Margex review seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the Margex trading platform, including information on registration, bonus acquisition, and high-leverage trading with up to 100x leverage. So, let’s get started exploring together!

What is Margex?


Margex is a digital asset trading and investment platform that offers cutting-edge trading infrastructure globally. Margex introduces a custom-built exchange designed from the ground up to provide the best trading experience. With a user-friendly interface, the Margex exchange platform provides a lightning-fast trading engine, tremendous liquidity, and a tamper-proof mechanism.

Margex Features

  • The platform’s trading interface is incredibly efficient, advanced, and quick. It has numerous capabilities, including lightning-fast order execution, precise market movements, simple data, and vast customization possibilities.
  • Margex provides a live transaction flow and a $40,000,000+ orderbook sourced from 12+ liquidity providers. This prevents a single trader with a relatively big order from manipulating prices.
  • Margex security systems consist of numerous levels, each with its own security protocols and controls, which are frequently and extensively reviewed by both in-house and independent security specialists.
  • Margex’s multi-collateral wallets allow you to deposit any cryptocurrency and trade practically any pair featured on the exchange, with settlements done in your preferred collateral, without the requirement to own the underlying asset while trading different pairs.

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Margex Products

Margex Review: Features, Fees And More

1. Copy Trading

Margex Copy Trading allows traders to design and control their own tactics or follow the methods of other successful traders. A Strategy is effectively a pool of a trader’s funds that Followers can replicate by simply enrolling their own funds in the Strategy, resulting in a mutually beneficial chance for both competent traders and followers to improve their profits.

When a Trader makes a profitable transaction, followers will get a percentage of the profits based on the amount of personal equity they have invested in the Strategy. On the other hand, the trader will then receive a success fee based on the profits generated by their followers.

For Instance,

A strategy provides the following reward tiers:

From $1 to $100 50%
More than $10085%
  • The above table implies that if the Follower contributes anywhere between $1 and $100 into the Strategy, they will earn 50% of any profits generated by their own equity within the Strategy, while the Trader’s success fee will be equivalent to 50%.
  • Suppose the trader and one follower each enroll for $60, bringing the total strategy equity to $120.
  • The Trader then executes a profitable transaction, earning a net profit of $12.
  • Based on the profit share specified in the Follower Tiers list, the Follower’s portion of the profit is $6 (50%), while the Trader’s success fee is also $6 (50%).

2. Leverage Trading

Margex Leverage Trading allows users to Go Long (Buy) or Go Short (Sell) in any market direction by opening long or short bets with up to 100x leverage across all assets available on the platform. Margex’s distinct order structure allows you to open many positions on the same asset in the same or opposite direction without combining them into one giant position.

Margex offers both Isolated Margin and Cross Margin systems, giving traders the greatest flexibility, control, reliability, and risk-management options when trading.

  • Isolated Margin: is a margin system that allows traders to employ a specific amount of personal funds (margin) in a trade.
  • Cross Margin: It is a margin system that enables traders to use their entire wallet balance, including all unrealized PnL from open positions, as margin. This margin approach increases the durability of losing positions by distributing the available margin in your account among all open cross-margin positions, allowing your losing trades to remain open for longer and potentially become profitable.

3. Margex Staking

Margex takes into account technical aspects, difficulties, and learning curve associated with learning about staking, blockchain, and the underlying technology related to these mechanisms, and we have created a simple and efficient interface that allows you to stake coins in just a few clicks while providing massive benefits:

  • There are no lock-up periods; you can stake coins, trade, or withdraw funds at any moment.
  • Coins can be staked/unstaked at any moment.
  • The interface is simple and easy to understand.
  • A diverse selection of projects that allows users with higher APY% returns 

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How to Get Started?

Registration on Margex takes less than a minute. All you have to do is enter your email address, confirm that you are not a resident of specific countries, and click register. After this, you must verify your email address. Once your email address has been verified, you will be able to deposit and begin trading instantly.

Remember that Margex has a no-KYC policy, therefore you do not need to submit any documents or personal information.

Margex Trading Fees

When an order is completed on the market, a trading fee will be paid based on the Order Type chosen.

  • Taker Fee (Market Orders): 0.060%
  • Maker Fee (Limited Orders): 0.019%

The Maker Fee is levied when adding liquidity to the order book by placing a delayed order that is not immediately matched against an order on the order book, such as limit orders placed below the current price for a BUY order or above the current price for a SELL order. This includes conditional take-profit orders.

A taker fee is levied when liquidity is removed from the order book by placing an order that is promptly matched against an existing order, such as market orders or conditional orders that convert to a market order.

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Magex Customer Support

The Margex platform provides 24/7 live chat customer service, which will respond to any questions within minutes. Further, you can also get help from their knowledge base with includes video tutorials and blogs.

You can also contact the platform through their dedicated email.

Margex Security

Margex has created a comprehensive security framework by combining best industry practices and our own original technologies. The platform’s professionals’ endeavor to ensure that your trading experience with Margex is safe, trustworthy, and fun. Some of the measures taken by Margex are as follows:

  • 100% of all assets are stored in a multisignature offline “cold” storage
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for all asset movements
  • DDOS security mechanism protects Margex from overloads in the event of hacking attempts.
  • Price squeezing protection mechanism operates your order at the price level that you expected.
  • 2FA (Google Authenticator) protects your account even if your email or password are hacked.
  • All sensitive account data is secured using dependable, approved encryption technologies.

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Margex Affiliate Program

Margex Review: Features, Fees And More

Margex consists of an affiliate program, among its other features. With the help of this program, investors can earn up to 40% commissions of Margex’s trading fees. These trading fees are produced from the futures and spot trading of the respective trader’s referrals.

Considering all the crypto exchange platforms, 40% turns out to be an eye-catching commission fee. Actually, this turns out to be like an acquiescent source of income. In the month of January 2021, Margex had approximately paid out 12 BTC (which amounts to around USD 400,00) through the referral program. 

Margex Mobile Application

Margex Review: Features, Fees And More

Margex has a mobile app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. With the Margex mobile app, traders can conquer the markets on the go, enjoying the freedom to trade from anywhere, anytime. It is designed similarly to the desktop platform, providing a smooth and quick trading experience to its users.


Margex is one of the most user-friendly crypto trading platforms available. This is the platform where you can sign up and start trading in minutes without wasting time.

So, based on our comprehensive Margex review, it is clear that Margex succeeds in some areas as a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, providing customers with an outstanding trading interface for smooth crypto transactions. This platform’s main advantages include security and affordable fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Margex a good exchange?

Margex is an exchange with various functions, including a platform for exchanging cryptocurrency. Before selecting whether Margex meets their needs, users must undertake their own research, taking into account issues such as security, user interface, customer support, and the specific services they desire.

Is Margex safe to use?

In terms of security, Margex truly stands out. There are various aspects that Margex makes use of to ensure its traders’ safety which includes 2FA, AI-customized M&P Shield with data encryption, and cold wallets. 

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