How To Make Passive Income Amid a Volatile Market with Hodlnaut’s Referral Program?

During these financially pressing times, generating an alternative source of income is highly desirable. Identifying and understanding which new income streams suit your needs may be daunting; however, finding a good passive income solution is more straightforward than you may think. 

One such way is provided by the cryptocurrency platform Hodlnaut. The Singapore-based crypto interest account offers users a multitude of market-leading products, including crypto interest accounts, a token swap feature, and a recently revamped referral program. The latter provides an effortless way to create a secondary income source for yourself, and even better, you can help your friends create a passive income stream too.

Let’s take a look at Hodlnaut’s referral program and how you can establish a reliable passive source of income for yourself and your friends. 

What is Hodlnaut’s Referral Program?

Hodlnaut is driven by an ethos that places the customers first, helping them maximize their earning potential via cryptocurrency. We’ve touched upon some of their features above, but the Referral Program is an excellent method to develop regular passive income, plus it opens up new users to a range of other great products. 

So what is the Referral Program, and how does it work?

Hodlnaut has recently updated its Referral Program, and starting the process is rather straightforward. For every friend that signs up with your referral link, deposit USD 1,000 worth of any asset and hold for 31 consecutive days; you will both receive 30 USDC each! 

An added benefit to the Referral Program is there is no cap on how many friends you help onboard with your referral code, meaning you have access to unlimited earning potential. 

Before you sign up and tell all your friends about this great feature, there are a few rules to be aware of, which will help enhance your experience and earning potential. 

Hodlnaut Referral Program
Hodlnaut Referral Program

Getting Started

Creating an income stream that benefits you, your friends, and has limitless earning potential is rather exciting. To begin this process, you must fulfill these steps, and before you know it, your bonus-earning adventure will begin! 

Here are the steps you must complete. 

  • Signup as a new user to Hodlnaut.
  • Enter your details when prompted and proceed.
  • Ensure you create a strong password to boost the security of your account.
  • You’ll then be directed to the Hodlnaut dashboard.
  • Read through the risk warning and agree.
  • Complete the KYC, captcha, and 2FA verification processes. 
  • You’ll receive an email to finalize identity and account verification.
  • Then, you’re good to go!

Once your account is fully verified (it currently takes 3-5 days due to a high volume of user interest), you’re free to access the multiple products and features across Hodlnaut’s platform. 

Using Your Referral Code

Upon the completion of your sign-up, you’re able to access the unique referral code and start earning passive crypto income in USDC. For every new user you refer, they must be a brand new user with Hodlnaut and complete the verification steps noted above. 

There are a few extra and easy-to-follow steps required for you both to access your 30 USDC referral bonus, which will be described in detail below.

  • Log in to your Hodlnaut dashboard.
  • Go to the Referral tab and copy your unique referral code.
  • Send your unique referral code to your friends.
  • Allow them time to begin the sign-up process.
  • Most importantly, prompt them to input the unique referral code into the Referral Code box (on the first page of sign-up). 
  • Once verification is complete, they must deposit US$1000 in any of our supported assets in a single transaction from an external wallet to qualify for the 30 USDC bonus. 
  • They need to maintain the US$1000 balance for 31 consecutive days.
  • Et voila! You’ll both receive your 30 USDC sign-up bonus. 

Once you’re comfortable with the set-up process, you’ll easily be able to repeat the process over and over, accessing the generous bonus as often as you please. Furthermore, your friends will also be issued with unique referral codes meaning they too can continue to generate a passive income.


With the Hodlnaut Referral Program, the earning potential is limitless, providing a much appreciated financial boost to hodlers. This innovative feature is designed entirely to boost the assets of new users and help them establish and grow their crypto portfolio. Plus, there is the added feel-good factor you get from helping your friends and their friends, in turn, creates a passive income stream. 

The Referral Program is one of many exceptional products offered by Hodlnaut. If you’re interested in creating a passive income stream for yourself and your friends, why not check out Hodlnaut.

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