7 Best Crypto Trading API

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The need for trustworthy and effective Bitcoin APIs has increased dramatically as blockchain technology gains traction. Developers may work with cryptocurrencies in various ways with the help of APIs or application programming interfaces. These techniques include trading, keeping track of market data, and controlling digital wallets. In this article, we’ll look at the best crypto trading API.

What is Crypto API?

A structured set of computer instructions, an API, or an application programming interface allows two software programs to interact. Similarly, the best crypto API for developers gives everyone, whether developers or users, access to resources and marketplaces they have never ventured into.

7 Best Crypto Trading API

Binance API

  • Binance is a free API that lets users access and trade on cryptocurrency exchanges through third-party websites. 
  • Considering the sheer volume of cryptocurrency deals, Binance is among the biggest single market participants.
  • The API is simple to use, has few problems or faults, and is unlikely to need further debugging.
  • This API helps you manage your transactions, provides access to one of the largest cryptocurrency marketplaces, and offers a comparatively high request volume limit. Up to 1,200 inquiries can be sent per minute via the free platform.
  • Because of its RESTful architecture, even those with limited experience with APIs may use it easily.
  • This API is free for all its customers to use.
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : Binance API

Coinbase API

  • The Coinbase API may perform several crypto functions, such as serving as a wallet and an exchange. 
  • This lets you provide your consumers with the latest cryptocurrency information, including details on various virtual currencies.
  • In addition, the Coinbase API tracks currency values, queries information on price fluctuations, and more. 
  • Using a Coinbase API has advantages since it’s reasonably easy to incorporate critical Coinbase services due to its pre-generated source code.
  • Many programming languages and SDKs, including Python, Ruby, Node.js, cURL, and Objective-C, are supported via this API. 
  • If you require fewer than 10,000 requests per hour, you can use the Coinbase API for free. But if you want advanced features, choose a more expensive solution, like CoinbasePro.
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : Coinbase API

Coinmarketcap API 

  • The CoinMarketCap API, which Binance acquired in 2020, is a collection of RESTful JSON endpoints. 
  • It provides access to the most recent exchange and cryptocurrency market statistics, including prices, trading volumes, and market capitalization. Historical Bitcoin data dating back to 2013 is also available.
  • Using this API, you may create software to test trading strategies based on historical market data and charting tools to see how a trading system would perform in the future.
  • You may access nine market data endpoints with the free basic subscription the CoinMarketCap API offers. 
  • The CoinMarketCap API supports Python, Ruby, Objective-C, NodeJS, PHP, Java (Android), C# (.NET), and cURL programming languages.
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : Coinmarketcap

Coingecko API

  • The CoinGecko API is an open-source, free API that provides endpoints for retrieving various kinds of data, such as market capitalization, exchange trading volumes, and cryptocurrency prices.
  • The CoinGecko API, which bridges the CoinGecko platform and other programs, allows you to automatically obtain historical and real-time cryptocurrency data.
  • You may query cryptocurrency data in numerous ways using the CoinGecko API’s many endpoints, including price, exchange rate, market data, developer, and social media endpoints.
  • Upgrade from the free basic version to fully utilize CoinGecko’s cryptocurrency API. 
  • Programming languages supported by the CoinGecko API include JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP.
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : Coingecko API

Messari API 

  • A top-notch API on the market extracts data from a carefully selected range of cryptocurrency resources and information gathered by Messari’s research team.
  • With only one API, Messari offers comprehensive details on every asset, including investors, consensus, token economics, governance, supply planning, token distribution, and much more.
  • The website is a great illustration of how to use an API. The complete Messari website was constructed with their API.
  • Those looking for customized solutions tend to choose the Messari API. The comprehensive API documentation easily explains the fundamentals.
  • At $1000/month and $10,000/year, the Messari Enterprise subscription offers access to all of the website’s features, asset profiles, fundamental metrics, and market data via their API.  
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : Messari API

LunarCrush API

  • With LunarCrush, users may obtain API endpoints for hundreds of cryptocurrency assets. Its API makes it simple to get vital information that greatly influences cryptocurrency prices.
  • This API’s correlation rank algorithm indicates the relationship between the collected social data and the cryptocurrency market price.
  • It measures social activity (both favorable and unfavorable responses) to learn more about cryptocurrency.
  • Using the search popularity tool, you can see which coins are popular at any given time in relation to the number of searches. Its robust api documentation helps the user in case of any dead end.
  • Users can integrate the TradingView charts and the social assessment as well.
  • The premium package LunarCrush API offers is $199 per month. However, by using the two-week free trial, developers may understand the API better.
7 Best Crypto Trading Api
Crypto Trading API : LunarCrush

Bitquery API 

  • With support for API data streaming to over 40 blockchains, Bitquery is a strong competitor.
  • With the network’s API, you may follow the flow of blockchain money through an easy-to-use interface without needing any technical expertise.
  • Developers may access data from several blockchains using a single GraphQL API as part of the company’s advanced monitoring solutions.
  • Furthermore, developers may utilize GraphQL to gather extensive data according to the specifications of their platform.
  • The network is fast, able to query big datasets and generate results promptly.
  • The network also allows developers to store vast volumes of data at reasonable prices. Given this, Bitquery is among the best options for developers who want to enhance their Dapp trading and monitoring features.
Crypto Trading Api : Bitquery
Crypto Trading API : Bitquery


Creating the finest cryptocurrency API takes more than simply figuring out the ideal feature and functionality combinations. Instead, confirming that the API can be tailored to your project’s requirements is critical. Consider the most important features to you rather than merely the highest-ranked or most adaptable ones.

  • Security: Confirm that the API has robust authentication and encryption procedures to safeguard your money.
  • Documentation: To fully comprehend and utilize the API, one must have access to clear and thorough documentation.
  • Features: Consider the API’s features, including account management tools, market data feeds, and order types.
  • Fees: Transaction or use fees are assessed by certain APIs.

Is using an API for cryptocurrency trading safe?

Security varies according to the API in question and how it is used. Using an API from a trustworthy exchange with robust security procedures can be safe. Nevertheless, trading cryptocurrencies always carries some risk, and there are phony APIs. Before using any API, exercise caution and conduct a thorough investigation.

Why should you use a crypto trading API?

A few reasons include the following:

  • Automation: Carry out transactions according to the strategy you’ve specified.
  • Creating trading algorithms can lead to developing more intricate and rapid trading methods.
  • Portfolio management: Keep tabs on your assets in several markets.
  • Research and Analysis: For analysis, have access to current market data.

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