imToken Official Phishing Link Scam

Key Takeaways:

  • PeckShield Team has detected and reported that a group of imTokenOfficial fake sites are currently active.

imToken has been a secure crypto and bitcoin wallet since 2016. It is used to manage thousands of tokens securely, watch DeFi balances grow, flip NFTs, earn with Ethereum games, and experience Layer2 and Eth2 staking. Plus, DEX and DApp browsing in one place. Users can access; 10+ Layer 2s, 20+ blockchains, 600+ selected and verified DApps, and 100,000+ tokens (ERC20, TRC20, ERC721, and much more) with up-to-date coin prices through Coingecko and DeBank.

Peckshield Team with their PeckShieldAlert Chrome Extension is detecting such phishing sites. Below is a screenshot of one such phishing site.

Imtoken Official Phishing Link Scam

Scammers are faking imTokenOfficial and copies with similar URLs and buying ads on Youtube, so users click on them without realizing it. Below is a screenshot of one such Youtube Channel.

Imtoken Official Phishing Link Scam

Phishing Scams are increasing a lot nowadays. Here scammers pretend to be a fake copy of a very well-known entity. Recently, A new scam involving a fake version of Revoke Cash has been in the crypto market. It imparts a sense of fear to get users to approve a contract that they shouldn’t, and as a result, users’ funds are stolen. Here is the link to know more about this scam.

Here are some other phishing links scams you should know about;

  1. Trustpad Phishing Link Scam
  2. USDSwap Phishing Link Scam
  3. OpenSea Phishing Link Scam 1
  4. OpenSea Phishing Link Scam 2
  5. ZombieClub NFT Phishing Link Scam
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Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

Btech Computer Science, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (2023)