Goblin Town NFT Phishing Scam

Key Takeaways

  • Peckshield Team has detected a Goblin Town NFT phishing site and a fake twitter account.

http://get-goblin.town/ is a phishing site. https://twitter.com/goblintownart is a fake Twitter Account. https://goblintown.wtf/ is the only official website. So users should always be highly suspicious when connecting their wallet to any other website, and they should never type their seed phrase. Here is the link to the official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf.

Scam Twitter Page With Links
Scam Twitter Page with Links

The phishing website has now stopped working. The domain is currently on the MetaMask domain warning list.

This fake Twitter account is also deleted now.

So we want to advise our readers that many scammers are out there in full force. So users should always be highly suspicious when connecting their wallet to a website, and they should never type their seed phrase. Users should always make sure that they are on the correct URL, and they should never confirm random transactions. Also, they can use a cold wallet for better security,

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