FixedFloat Expands its Language Support for Global Client Traction

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FixedFloat, an instant cryptocurrency exchange announced the expansion of its language support on its user interface to cater to more of its clients from across the world. As such, the platform has added Turkish, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, and Italian languages to its arsenal.

As an entity endeavoring to meet client requirements, the exchange further has plans of adding Japanese, Korean, Arabic (UAE), Hebrew, and Simplified Chinese in the near future.

Elaborating more on the advantages of adding languages to its platform, the company stated that it improves the user experience, allowing customers to interact with the platform in their native language. This makes the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies more intuitive and understandable, eliminating language barriers that may arise when working in an unfamiliar language.

Fixedfloat Expands Its Language Support For Global Client Traction

Furthermore, FixedFloat believes that the expansion of language support contributes to better customer interaction and confidence building. In particular, when users are able to communicate in their native language, they feel more comfortable and confident.

“This allows users to create a deep connection with customers and improve the quality of service, which is an important factor in choosing a cryptocurrency exchange platform,” stated a representative from the FixedFloat team.

By breaking language barriers and building user confidence, the platform seeks to fulfill its strategic vision of international growth,  by way of attracting new users from all over the globe. Hence, the platform finds the addition of languages as a way of positioning itself for a global audience.

FixedFloat provides competitive exchange rates for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and it has no hidden fees. Furthermore, it is fast and efficient as users can specify the recipient’s address and receive the exchanged funds without going through the hassle of creating a user account.

As FixedFloat emphasizes the importance of security and privacy, the platform uses advanced encryption technologies to protect privacy and prevent unauthorized access to personal data and funds. Moreover, registered users stand a chance to earn 40% of the profits from each exchange made by their referred customers.

To get more information, users can visit the FixedFloat website, or follow its social media accounts on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram

About FixedFloat

FixedFloat was launched in 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain experts with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, web technology, and finance. Through practical and scalable solutions that make the cryptocurrency economy work for users, FixedFloat simplifies the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies.

The platform enables users to choose between fixed or floating exchange rates that fit their investing strategy. FixedFloat boasts of robust design, fast processing, and friendly, dedicated customer support, among others to provide a best-in-class exchange that meets all the needs of the cryptocurrency community.

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