10 Best Bitcoin Tumblers and Mixers

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Bitcoin Mixer or Tumbler works on a mechanism that helps maintain the complete anonymity of the user on the Bitcoin blockchain. The mixer is made such that it mixes the user’s Bitcoin with the other users’ Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Mixer can be understood as the shuffling of cards in the game of cards; no one gets to know who got how much Bitcoin and from whom.

There are two kinds of mixers; they can be centralized or decentralized. Here’s the list of the ten best Bitcoin Mixers & Tumblers that you can choose from.

Warning: Use of mixers and tumblers might be prohibited by law in your area. This article is for educational purposes only, based on internet research. Additionally, exercise caution as the legitimacy of the listed mixers cannot be guaranteed. We may receive affiliate commissions or payment for including them in this article.

Bitcoin Laundry: 1st Best Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin Laundry has one of the lowest fees when it comes to Bitcoin mixing. The platform does not charge in percentage rather it takes 0.00002 BTC per payout.

Similar to Anonymix you can delay your payout to increase the security to make it difficult to be traced. The highest number of Bitcoins that you can mix on Bitcoin Laundry is two hundred and thirty BTC while the lowest is 0.002 BTC. 

In addition to the great user experience interface, they have a support system as well. If you face any issue or problem while mixing with them you can write to them here

Bitcoin Laundry
Bitcoin Laundry

2. Mixer Money

Beginning the procedure of mixing BTC on Mixer Money is as simple as you can think of. Enter the two wallet addresses, one to mix the coin and the other for the mixed coins.

The procedure followed on Mixer Money is different from the other mixers. Your BTC is broken into different splits and is then shuffled on big stock exchanges and among independent traders. To know more about their mixing procedure click here. 

The platform offers two modes of mixing BTC. Mixer and complete anonymity are the two modes you can choose from. The features of the “Mixer” mode are poor, users are bound to opt for “Complete Anonymity” which again has high fees of about 4-5% +0,00015 BTC. 

10 Best Bitcoin Tumblers And Mixers
Mixer Money

3. BitCloak

BitCloak is one of the picks if you are struggling to find Bitcoin Tumblers. The simplest and the easiest to use. You can even use BitCloak to experiment with your first Bitcoin mixing.

The platform allows you up to ten different addresses for payouts which is a great security feature of Bitcoin tumblers. You can mix up to one hundred BTC. 

The fee of the platform is randomly allotted around 2% while the network fee is 0.0004 BTC. Finally, BitCloak allows you to even pay anonymously.


4. CashShuffle

CashShuffle is a decentralized mixer for Bitcoin Cash, it shuffles your coins with the other participants of the network. At present, the platform has the Electron Cash Wallet. However, it does plan to develop itself for other Bitcoin cash wallets.

As long as you enable the CashShuffle on your cash wallet it keeps shuffling, saving you a lot of time. To use CashShuffle you must download the Electron Cash Wallet which is an open-source wallet, next enable CashShuffle mode and you are good to go. 


5. Samourai

Samourai also popularly known as Whirlpool, is one of the best Bitcoin mixers available. The interface is beginner friendly and offers high liquidity.

This in turn makes it an extremely fast mixer. You can expect the procedure to get over in a few minutes. The platform is maths enforced which is its driving force helping make sure that no coins or cycles are repeated. 

The best part about Samourai is the pricing structure. And as the platform says “Unfairly Cheap” it is. You mix one BTC or a hundred BTC; they charge a fixed flat fee, which is great for users who want to mix a bigger number of coins. 


6. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a Bitcoin wallet. It is an open-source network, which can be slightly challenging for beginners. However, it is great when it comes to maintaining anonymity with your BTC.

To avail of the practice, you must first download the Wasabi wallet, and create a wallet with Wasabi. Finally, the wallet has this “auto-conjoin” feature that does the job automatically. 

The wallet’s built-in Coinjoin and Tor integration gives it the best security for users who value privacy a lot. Although you may find everything when it comes to security on Wasabi the platform is not available on mobile phones. 

Wasabi Wallet
Wasabi Wallet

7. Mixtum

Mixtum is an extremely beginner-friendly platform that helps you mix your BTC in the safest possible way. The procedure of mixing BTC on Mixtum is slightly different as they have funds from investors of stock exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and others.

First, they mix the coins with their users then the coins are sent to the investors on the stock exchange where it gets mixed with the trader’s money. Making it highly safe. 

The interface is attractive, and the best part about them is the trial feature. You can try out the platform for free which again is great for beginners. The procedure randomly selects the mixing timing between one to six hours. The charges too are also allotted randomly between 4 to 5%. 


Best Bitcoin Tumbler: Conclusion

Bitcoin mixers or tumblers are quite active these days. The prime reason for its popularity is its privacy feature that helps you protect your financial privacy. Though it does come with its own set of pros, it is equally risky as well.

There is a high risk of losing your BTC since scammy mixers too exist. The best option would be to have a trial and if the trial is not available start by mixing small amounts.

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