Top 8 Crypto Ad Services: Increase Your Revenue

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In recent times, the rise in interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the investment industry has led to the increased popularity of crypto ad networks. 

In addition to that these crypto ad services allow advertisers to adjust their advertising strategies to suit their preferences. 

 is possible to adapt factors like location, and scheduling, thanks to the platform’s worldwide coverage.


  • In this article, we’ll talk about the top crypto ad services that come with distinguished features and are among the best ones this year.
  • Cointraffic claims to have a wide reach of over 800 million impressions per month across 500 websites.
  • At the same time, A-Ads only supports a few ad formats and suffers from limited language support.
  • Coinzilla has a referral system and supports dependable client service but Bitmedia only favors cryptocurrency websites.
  • Adshares gives access to upscale websites and marketplaces and has customizable advertisements.
  • Contrarily, DOT has a rigorous verification process which can be recognized as a negative point.

Cointraffic: 1st Top Crypto Ad Service

Cointraffic is a company from Estonia that deals with advertising on cryptocurrency and blockchain worldwide. It is our first recommendation among crypto ad networks. They have many publishers and crypto projects that use their services. Cointraffic’s Ad Network is famous among both big and small publishers who seek Bitcoin ads.

If you have a crypto blog or news site, you can earn money from it through Cointraffic. Advertisers and publishers benefit from optimized ads through their network and crypto press release distribution service.

The Cointraffic platform allows advertisers to keep an eye on the progress of their ads and make any necessary adjustments. Further, the platform provides detailed information about impressions, clicks for each ad format, which enables advertisers to refine their campaigns and advertising strategies.

Each advertiser is assigned a dedicated campaign manager who will assist them in optimizing their campaigns or making adjustments. Setting up a campaign is a simple three-step process that can be completed using the platform’s self-service tool. Once the campaign has been reviewed, it will begin immediately. 

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Additionally, the platform has an anti-fraud solution implemented to prevent spam and other dangerous traffic.

Cointraffic claims to have a wide reach of over 350 million impressions per month across 4,000+ websites.Cointraffic requires a minimum deposit of 500 EUR.
Cointraffic, as the best option among crypto ad networks, allows advertisers to reach crypto related audince with their campaigns on the markets of your choice.Cointraffic only accepts payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum.
It offers a variety of  ads formats.
Platform has a user-friendly interface.
Provides customer support via email, Skype,Telegram or live chat.

A-Ads: 2nd Top Crypto Ad Service

A-Ads was established in 2011. It is the first Bitcoin ads network ever created, and prior to this it was referred to as anonymous ads. This platform is our second platform in the list of crypto ad networks. A-Ads only displays unobtrusive advertisements because they support a free and  secure internet.

New publishers can use A-Ads to monetize their traffic on websites or mobile apps. To achieve this goal, the A-Ads bitcoin ads network enables publishers with low traffic to generate a respectable income by running cryptocurrency advertisements. Try A-Ads if your traffic is of high quality.

A-Ads offers alternatives like set CPM, daily budget limit, etc. to reach a bigger audience for less money, thus advertisers wishing to expand their businesses online utilizing advertisements can utilize them as well.

Due to the fact that A-Ads only permits banner ads, there aren’t any pop-up ads, video pre-rolls, or push notifications because A-Ads supports ethical advertising.

They don’t lie or snoop on people and the reason behind this claim is that they have maintained their flawless corporate reputation since 2011. Publishers are always paid on time. Also, they are likely to give refunds if there are any technical problems that are their fault.

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A-Ads allows advertisers to reach a highly targeted audience in the crypto ad networks medium.A-Ads only supports a few ad formats.
The platform has a large volume of traffic on its network.A-Ads does not offer advanced targeting options such as behavioral targeting.
It charges lower fees compared to other advertising networks.Limited language support.

DOT: 3rd Crypto Ad Service

DOT Ads is a top Blockchain and Crypto Ad Network. DOT offers access to 175+ million users interested in Crypto, Web3, NFT, Casino, Gaming and FinTech. You can access a self-serve ad platform with a Google Ads-like experience. Hundreds of crypto brands trust DOT to deliver on their marketing goals, including Trezor, Koinly, & BC Game.


  • 175+ Million Global Crypto Readers
  • 100% Self Serve Platform with a Beautiful UX & Easy Set Up
  • Fast Set Up. Launch Your First Campaign in Minutes.
  • Advanced Targeting Options including Cookie-Free Retargeting.
  • Conversion Tracking & Powerful Analytics
  • 7-Day Customer Support via Phone, Email, or Telegram.
  • Bypass Google Ad Restrictions
  • Budget – Low Minimum, $20 Daily
  • Top Up with Fiat or Crypto

Coinzilla: 4rth Top Crypto Ad Service

Launched in 2016, as one of the best crypto ad networks, Coinzilla has established a reputation as one of the most reliable networks for cryptocurrency advertising. More than 20,000 publications have been encouraged to monetize their websites, and it has promoted more than 200 companies.

The variety of customization choices offered by Coinzilla, including display, native, pop-up, and press release advertising, is fantastic. Native, CPM (cost-per-mile), pop-up, and other cryptocurrency advertising options were provided by Coinzilla.

The business offers solutions that are incredibly flexible for both the advertisement itself, like several Bitcoin ads, and the creative process.

Coinzilla offers various targeting options such as geo-targeting, device targeting, and contextual targeting. This helps advertisers to reach their desired audience more effectively.

Coinzilla’s platform is user-friendly and easy to use, making it simple for both advertisers and publishers to get started.

Overall, Coinzilla has established itself as a reliable and effective advertising network in the cryptocurrency niche.

dependable client servicestrict rules for websites
referral system
strict requirements for marketers

Bitmedia: 5th Top Crypto Ad Service

When it comes to impressions and site visits, Bitmedia can boast impressive figures. Now, the network is being used by over 5,000 cryptocurrency websites to advertise about 20,000 campaigns.

It’s difficult to find a better Bitcoin ads network firm to expand your cryptocurrency project with 20 million unique visitors and over 1 billion global impressions each month.

By becoming a publisher with Bitmedia, you may increase your earnings through flexible targeting in addition to giving your cryptocurrency website a reliable source of income. Both large-scale publishers and smaller blogs and websites are accepted on the platform.

AI algorithm serves relevant users with ads.favors cryptocurrency websites.
pleasant user interface.
dependable methods of payment.

Adshares: 6th Top Crypto Ad Service

Another established business that promotes blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT ventures is Adshares. Adshares provides sponsored content on authoritative websites, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and listings on exchanges in addition to banner ads. It is one of the best options among lots of brands as crypto ad networks.

This Bitcoin ads network provides a variety of ad formats, including CPA (cost-per-action), CPM, and pop-under campaigns. Because it doesn’t demand verification or have strict requirements for network membership, the platform makes advertising simple.

Adshares encourages openness in both its advertising and payment systems. Payments are autonomous and dependable, even capable of sending payments every hour because they are blockchain-enabled.

Publishers have complete control over the material that appears on their websites thanks to the platform.

Simple registration; no identification is required.favors cryptocurrency websites.
access to upscale websites and referral scheme.
customizable advertisements.
precise analytics.
consistent payments.
The AdBlock bypass function.

CoinAd: 7th Top Crypto Ad Service

CoinAd has a different policy from the majority of crypto ad networks in that they send invitations to publications they wish to join their platform.

Publishers who are invited benefit in a number of ways. By supporting a variety of ad formats, CoinAd can produce impressions for websites. It receives traffic from about 200 websites that feature content related to cryptocurrencies, including funny memes and events.

With the help of this Bitcoin ads platform, popular cryptocurrency websites can interact with reputable advertisers and get more traffic from interested crypto users. Timing, geotargeting, and ad display options are also at the advertiser’s discretion.

Weekly payments can be sent immediately through a PayPal or Bitcoin wallet using CoinAd. 0.005 BTC is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Websites of excellent quality.The policy for invitations is selective, and not open to everyone.
Regular payments that can be trusted.

Coinserom: 8rth Crypto Ad Service

Another relatively young business, Coinserom was founded in 2017, yet it has grown to become one of the biggest crypto ad networks available.

The network attracted more than 2,700 websites, which is beneficial for businesses trying to increase the audience for their cryptocurrency mining, ICO token, casino game, crypto faucet, and trading websites.

This Bitcoin ads network enables customized CPC, CPM, and pop-under ad campaigns. Additionally, they have a technology that detects 100% legitimate traffic and blocks bots and fraudulent accounts.

Advertisers can increase ad exposure while only receiving targeted traffic. The control panel for the network is user-friendly and offers a variety of crypto payment methods using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 28 other cryptocurrencies.

Customer support is available at all times.There is a lack of transparency in management.
Advertising expenses are reduced.
The registration process is simple.

Top Crypto Ad Service: Conclusion

When it comes to analyzing crypto ad networks there are lots of names out there. Obviously, They are not perfect or with no shortcomings but some names have outstanding features.

Bitcoin ads are helpful for all businesses and we can say that Cointraffic provides the best condition for business owners to broadcast their brands. Of course, it has some limitations but customers can benefit from its wide range of good offers.

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