5 Best Crypto and Bitcoin Ad Networks

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Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing industry, and as its popularity continues to rise, businesses are seeking new ways to reach a wider audience. One of these ways is investigating the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services that will be analyzed in this essay.

With the help of Bitcoin advertising networks, advertisers can showcase their products or services to a targeted audience within the cryptocurrency community.


  • In this article, we attempted to help you recognize the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services.
  • So, we talked about Cointraffic as our first offer. Then, we investigated the other four Bitcoin advertising networks including A-Ads, Bitmedia, Adshares, and CoinAd. 
  • In Cointraffic, various banner sizes are available and provide access to a lot of traffic.
  • A-Ads and Bitmedia campaign setup are simple and quick. The platform only supports Bitcoin and fiat for transactions.
  • CoinAd has reliable ROI because of top-notch publications but Adshares but Adshares has access to small advertisers with few resources.

Cointraffic: 1st Website Providing Crypto Ad Services

Our first suggestion among the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services is Cointraffic. Since its inception nine years ago, Cointraffic has helped advertisers interact with reputable niche websites.

In the past, contacting publishers to promote their cryptocurrency initiatives required personal outreach from advertisers. Advertisers got a lot of unqualified traffic with no device or geo-targeting, wasting their advertising dollars.

The founders at Cointraffic recognized the chance and anticipated a sharp rise in demand for the Bitcoin advertising network.

You can start up a campaign using their self-service option in a matter of minutes. The platform screens publishers with low-quality traffic and disqualifies them.

As an advertiser, you can be confident that your ads will only appear on trustworthy crypto websites and be seen by your targeted audience.

Cointraffic is the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising network internationally. An increasing number of projects and publications are utilizing the services provided by this Estonian company.

The Cointraffic Ad Network is well-known among major and minor publishers interested in the Bitcoin advertising network. A cryptocurrency blog or news website is an excellent way to generate income.

In case you have some doubts about the platform, you can simply refer to there FAQ section.

Campaign launches in a matter of minutes.There are minimum bids.
various banner sizes: standard and non-standard are available and provide access to a lot of traffic.
Personal account managers and self-service tools make setting up campaigns simple.
Accept payments in both Fiat and cryptocurrency and via credit card.
A discerning publisher pool offers device and geotargeting.

A-Ads: 2nd Website Providing Crypto Ad Services

Our second platform in the list of websites providing crypto ad services is A-Ads. It can satisfy your needs in the Bitcoin advertising network.

Since 2011, A-Ads (Anonymous Ads) has been a market leader and active participant in the cryptocurrency advertising space. They feature an easy-to-use advertising platform that doesn’t need any personal information.

This Bitcoin advertising network takes great care in preserving the privacy of its users. Additionally, it offers real-time, transparent statistics on its website.

A-Ads enables manual moderation so that publishers can prohibit irrelevant advertisers and advertisers can opt out of undesirable websites.

Each advertiser is given a tag to help them stand out from the competition because the platform takes ads from a variety of industries, including gaming, NSFW, and any other brand that likes the Bitcoin advertising network.

There are some good features for A-Ads. For example, HTML code is included on this site. There are several models for CPD, CPA, and CPM advertising.

In A-Ads, many different cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment which helps to improve the convenience for customers. This platform, also, provides site category, geographic, and quality range targeting. 

The website targets all nations, however, the majority of its traffic comes from English-speaking nations. Many cryptocurrency traffic sources are excellent for promoting ICOs, exchanges, cloud mining, and other services.

The 2nd option among the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services offers options for various advertising models.Advertising might be seen on bad websites.
Campaign setup is simple and quick.
Ad spend can be increased by developing a daily budget.

Bitmedia: 3rd Website Providing Crypto Ad Services

As a Bitcoin advertising network with headquarters in London, Bitmedia reaches over 20 million people per month and gives its advertisers access to more than 1 billion impressions.

The platform employs AI to make sure your target audience only sees pertinent advertising. Further, this is also used to gather more information about user behavior so their ad-serving algorithm may be enhanced over time.

For crypto marketers, Bitmedia offers a number of ad kinds, including rich media, HTML5 advertisements, and display ads. It is one of the pioneers among the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services.

To assure quality on both ends, advertisers and publishers go through a thorough vetting process. With the help of Bitmedia, publishers can choose to accept only highly lucrative advertising that is pertinent to their audience. If advertisers want to draw in high-volume websites, they should consider this when bidding. 

There are lots of interesting features that make this platform a nice choice among the best websites providing crypto ad services. CPC or CPM pricing models are included that are flexible for choosing and working.

The platform enjoys very good geotargeting; the majority of traffic is from the United States, Canada, and Europe. An advertising platform must target options including location, device, time, and frequency and Bitmedia is one.

24-hour support and several types of ads are available.It just supports Bitcoin and fiat for transactions.
An extensive network of top-notch websites dedicated to the Bitcoin advertising network.In comparison to some of the other Bitcoin advertising networks, daily impressions are modest.
Easy and intuitive ad interface.
Simple and quick setup.
High-caliber publishers are drawn to the lucrative payments.
Adverts are safeguarded by a strict verification and security system against fraud, bots, and paid traffic.

Adshares: 4th Website Providing Crypto Ad Services

Another Bitcoin advertising network is called Adshares which is a good offer among the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services. It functions as a decentralized network that connects publishers and advertisers directly, not like Google AdSense, so they can do deals without any middlemen.

Adshares give marketers access to programmatic ads on websites, mobile apps, AR/VR games, and the metaverse. It enables the monetization of any digital space for publishers.

In addition, Adshares is a global non-custodial framework that serves as a gateway to progress carefully promoting content.

With the help of its open-source SDK, developers can easily include the entire blockchain ecosystem and benefit from transparency in their advertising efforts. The end consequence is the eradication of negative actors, who have proliferated in the advertising sector.

Adshares has a lot of benefits and nice characteristics. Publishers receive immediate payments from advertisers by using this platform. The most interesting part can be the censorship-free regulation rules of this platform. Adshares, also, support settlement in real-time as opposed to bidding.

Publishers and advertisers engage in direct exchanges.Accessible to small advertisers with little resources.
Less vulnerable to fraud due to transparency features.
Individuals deal with publishers directly and can enjoy transparency in this Bitcoin advertising network.

CoinAd: 5th Website Providing Crypto Ad Services

Via CoinAd, advertisers may sell their advertising to publishers who will then send traffic back to the advertisers. It is our last platform listed as the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services but it is not the weakest.

Advertisers only need to use their CoinAd advertiser accounts to submit their ads and set their target demographic and budget. Publishers must use their CoinAd publisher accounts to create ad codes of the necessary proportions.

CoinAd as the stringent Bitcoin advertising network only allows publishers via invitation. The top cryptocurrency websites with at least 100,000 daily page impressions are chosen by the ad network.

Trusted cryptocurrency websites can profit from their expertise with CoinAd’s assistance. Advertisers are therefore assured of receiving highly relevant traffic to their adverts.

The fact that CoinAd doesn’t auction advertising bids is another point of differentiation. Every advertiser has an equal number of opportunities throughout the day to have their banners seen.

Alongside, there are some other good aspects for this platform as one of the 5 best websites providing crypto ad services. Different ad formats are supported by CoinAd which makes it an outstanding choice.

Reliable ROI because of top-notch publications.A meager selection of publishers.
Cheap advertising campaigns.

Website Providing Crypto Ad Services: Conclusion

All companies need advertising to reach their Target audience Therefore, nobody can deny the effect of choosing the best Bitcoin advertising network for showing up the services. That’s why we listed the best websites providing crypto ad services to familiarize you with their positive and negative aspects. Cointraffic, A-Ads, Bitmedia, Adshares, and CoinAd were discussed here.

All these platforms enjoy simple and quick registration. Also, they support different payment methods. Meanwhile, they have some shortcomings like small resources.

After all, that said, Cointraffic is our first suggestion because its benefits stand out on a lot of stances and might be your best option out there!

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