2 Best Ways to Advertise on Telegram

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Today we will talk about how you can find and advertise your product or service on different Telegram Channels or Groups.


  • Telegram offers three ways to advertise: manually, Telega, and Telegram ads platform.
  • Find Top Telegram Channels with different niches using Telega

What is Telegram?

Launched in 2013, Telegram fully encrypted cloud messaging service and the most famous alternative to Whatsapp. It is currently ranked second in the social networking category in the App Store.

There are currently 500 million active users of Telegram messenger worldwide. Asia is where Telegram is more prominent, but its popularity is growing worldwide.

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What are the different ways to advertise on Telegram?

  • Manual: You can put up your advertisements. You must identify active channels free of telegram advertisement bots to accomplish this. Growth of the channel and post coverage are the primary criteria.
  • Exchange: It is the most convenient way of advertising. The exchange has pre-moderated channels. The channel owner submits an application for moderation; they review it and determine whether it fits their catalog. The catalog adds about 30% of all applied channels. Since it has gathered active channels, it quickens the process.
  • Official: This is a built-in Telegram advertising account in which you must deposit a certain balance to get started.

How to Find the best Telegram channels and run Ads?

You can sign up for Telega if you run a Telegram channel and begin running ads there. In order to have your advertisement broadcast on Telegram channels or bot, you can submit it to Telega.io.

This platform provides a tool, the Telegram Ad platform, which creates sponsored messages in public one-to-many channels with more than 1000 subscribers.

Besides, it allows you to manage your ads and budgets easily, choose where your ads will be displayed, and monitor their performance.

Telega List
Telega List

How to set up an advertising campaign on Telegram?

  • Next, you need to identify your target personas and market to reach your target audience.
  • Interests: Telegram does not offer geotargeting, but all channels and bots are divided by topics.
  • Languages: You can concentrate on your audience by channeling language alongside interests.
  • Geolocation: Segmenting users based on their location is practically impossible. Instead, there is a search by city name as a quick life hack. Some channel owners use city names in the titles of their channels.
  • Integrating advertisements into a channel’s content uniquely makes them more engaging to the audience. Three categories of native advertisements exist:

1 . Advertising post: Advertising posts are formed by three main components: text, picture, and Link.

2. Native post: This type of post mixes relevant information for readers with a mention of the sponsor. Its benefit is that it is information that is still valuable even if the sponsor isn’t mentioned. Its educational value makes users more devoted to this type, including telegram-free advertising channels.

3. Forwards: The news or video must initially be posted on the “parent” channel. This post gets reposted by other channels to increase viewership.

  • Budgets for testing are varied for each campaign. Consider starting with a sum that you are willing to take a risk.

Furthermore, you can use specialized services like Telemetr to examine the Telegram audience.

How to choose Telegram channels?

The services of Telega allow you to choose channels with an understanding of your target audience based on the following two main parameters.

  • Subscribers: is defined as the current total number of members of a group/bot/channel.
  • Engagement rate(ER): The percentage of the audience that interacts with the channel’s content is shown by the engagement rate (ER) statistic.

ER is calculated as follows: Total Impressions / Total Subscribers * 100%

How to create an effective advertising post on Telegram?

Telega Post
Telega Post
  • As mentioned above, an advertising post consists of three parts: text, image, and Link.
  • Advertising text can also be further subdivided into 3 parts: an attractive Heading, the Main body that explains your product’s benefits, and Calls to action, which is the final part that encourages users to go and check your channel.
  • Advertising posts are limited to one image or gif no larger than 5 MB. Channel owners do not welcome more visuals.
  • You can add more than one Link in your post. If you link to an external source, don’t forget to add UTM tags. You can keep track of analytics with it.
  • In addition, If you want to promote a Telegram channel, use the Invite Link. Thanks to it, every channel or bot can track subscribers effectively.
  • Recently, the platform has released new advertising formats, including video and audio messages.
  • You can use tools like Bit.ly, Google Analytics, etc., a URL shortener service that enables users to trim webpage links and track and analyze your campaign performance.
  • Furthermore, these tools allow you to make data-driven decisions and check engagement metrics on your content’s organic shares.
  • With the help of these tools, you can analyze the content that resonates with your audience through clicks, geographic data, and top referring channels.

Telega Fees Review

Telega advertising cost is as follows: it presents a wide range of packages for its users.

Telega Pricing
Telega Pricing
  • All the packages offer a manual selection of channels and the development of distinctive strategies and notification of the ads posted.
  • As the cost of the packages increases, the number of features provided also increases.
  • The costlier packages Professional and corporation, provide a detailed report.

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Telegram ads Platform: Fees

  • In the Telegram Ads platform, you can set a CPM (Cost-Per-Mille) and ad budget for the campaign.
  • The CPM or (Cost-Per-Mille) is defined as the cost for one thousand views of your ad. A sponsored message’s minimum CPM is €2.
  • Your ad budget is the fund you allocate for a particular sponsored message. The sponsored message will keep appearing until it reaches this budget.
  • You can increase or decrease an ad budget as per your wish.

Telega.io vs Telegram ad platform

  • It finds the list of desired channels on Google or in Catalogs.
  • It ensures to look out for fraudulent subscribers on channels.
  • Write to the channel owners to inquire about the cost of publication.
  • Moreover, it makes separate payments to every owner.
  • It takes off a load of Creating and Publishing advertisements.
  • Further, it sends the advertisement to each owner.
  • Lastly, it controls the posting of an advertisement on each platform.
  • Moreover, you can also collect and analyze post-ad metrics that can help you evaluate how successful your advertising campaign is.

Advantages of using the Telegram Ad platform

  • On Telegram, sponsored messages are limited to 160 characters and displayed in large public one-to-many channels with more than 1000 subscribers.
  • It ensures that no data is mined and analyzed to show ads and that all users viewing a particular channel sees the same sponsored messages.
  • Advertisers can pick out the language and approximate topics of channels as well as specific channels where the ads will be displayed.
  • Moreover, user privacy is maintained as it does not track the profile of users established on their interactions with sponsored messages or other activities.


We find Telega the best platform to advertise on Telegram. It has a great catalog to search Telegram channels based on your requirements and automate the complete advertisement process. It makes it easy for marketing teams to run ad campaigns on Telegram and check the ROI of their campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a telegram app?

Telegram is a famous instant messaging platform that is extensively used because of its enhanced privacy and encryption features, as well as its ability for extensive group chat features.

Q. How to delete a telegram account?

You can delete a Telegram account by following these steps.

  1. Go to the website to deactivate Telegram in your browser once it is open.
  2. Include your country code when entering your phone number.
  3. Enter the code that was sent to the Telegram app.
  4. Go to the following page and select “Delete My Account.”
  5. Click “Yes, delete my account” to affirm your choice.

Q. Is Telegram safe?

Yes, Telegram is a safe platform. Telegram is private, encrypted, secure, and independent, which makes it a superior choice to WhatsApp, which data-harvesting Facebook owns.

Q. What are the best Telegram channels?

You can the best Telegram channels on Telega, they have a whole catalog where you can sort based on subscribers to find the biggest Telegram channels.

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