Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service Review

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In today’s highly competitive crypto and blockchain industry, a distribution campaign for a Press Release service like Cointraffic’s is crucial for businesses. With proper marketing, even the greatest ideas can succeed, as products with greater exposure and visibility overshadow them. 

Therefore, understanding the versatile uses of Press Releases is vital, and in this article, we will explore the broader applications of the Cointraffic press release distribution service.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Cointraffic is a renowned crypto and Bitcoin advertising network connecting blockchain startups, businesses, advertisers, and publishers since 2014.
  • Cointraffic has a successful track record of over 17,000 campaigns and partnerships with more than 500 leading crypto outlets.
  • They specialize in providing innovative advertising and monetization solutions to publishers of all sizes, following the CPM revenue model.
  • Cointraffic distributes PR to over 300 cryptocurrency-related websites, targeting the right audience and boosting visibility and lead generation.
  • They offer various ad formats, including banners and native ads, and incorporate anti-fraud solutions and targeting to ensure relevant traffic.
  • Cointraffic provides regular performance reports, allowing clients to monitor and assess their campaigns.
  • The Press Release distribution process at Cointraffic includes content creation, distribution to crypto websites, and a detailed report.
  • The whole process usually takes up to 5 business days to complete.
  • Partnering with Cointraffic for PR distribution offers an experienced PR team, multilingual marketing support, superior reporting and analytics, content marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Allocating a budget for press release distribution services is necessary as reputable crypto media websites require payment for publishing press releases.
  • Cointraffic’s Press Release Distribution generates targeted traffic and leads, and its transparent approach ensures client preferences and benefits are prioritized.

What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic, a prominent crypto and Bitcoin advertising network established in 2014 has facilitated connections between blockchain startups, businesses, advertisers, and publishers within the crypto space.

With an impressive track record of over 17,000 successful campaigns, Cointraffic has forged partnerships with more than 500 leading crypto outlets. 


Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Press Release Distribution

Cointraffic offers PR distribution for crypto and Bitcoin, allowing you to share your stories on over 300 cryptocurrency-related websites. 

Furthermore, Cointraffic addresses the concern of selecting websites relevant to your niche by ensuring your story is posted on top-tier websites dedicated to crypto and Bitcoin. This approach improves visibility, increases views, and accelerates lead generation.

By targeting an audience specifically interested in crypto-related stories, Cointraffic creates a win-win situation. They carefully curate a selection of publishers that are worth it, made possible through their meticulous construction of press releases.

Features of Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service

  • Cointraffic provides PR distribution to help connect with the target audience through cryptocurrency media outlets.
  • Native ads seamlessly blend with website design, increasing website traffic and enhancing the user experience.
  • Cointraffic incorporates an anti-fraud solution to protect users from scams and harmful traffic.
  • Targeting ensures that the traffic received is relevant to the business, specifically related to Bitcoin or Crypto.
  • Cointraffic provides regular performance reports, allowing clients to monitor and assess their campaigns easily.
Features Of Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service
Features of Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service

How does the press release distribution work at Cointraffic?

Cointraffic simplifies the PR distribution process for its clients, breaking it down into manageable steps:

Content Creation (Day 1):

Cointraffic’s skilled writers craft compelling, exclusive content that aligns with your goals. They ensure the content is captivating to your target audience, encouraging conversions. Additionally, they offer proofreading services to enhance pre-written press releases.

Distribution to Crypto Websites (Day 2-4):

After creating exceptional content, Cointraffic proceeds to distribute it to over 300 crypto and Bitcoin-focused websites. Every decision is made with your approval. The distribution extends beyond websites and includes social media platforms and various media outlets.

Detailed Report (Day 5):

Following the successful distribution of your crypto press release, Cointraffic provides a comprehensive report. This report includes publication links and details on media reach, impressions, media presence, fostering trust, and satisfaction. Furthermore, it gives an overview of the press release’s success.

Distribution To Crypto Websites
Distribution to Crypto Websites

How long does it take to complete the order?

The Publishers’ list is generated automatically with just a few clicks. Subsequently, the initial draft of your press release is prepared within 24 hours. 

The distribution process takes approximately 3-5 working days, and a final report is composed within one day. The entire process is typically completed within 5 business days, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Benefits of the Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service

Partnering with Cointraffic for Press Release Distribution has several benefits. Some of them include:

Experienced PR team

At Cointraffic, you collaborate with Press Release experts who can make Press Releases work for you. They know how difficult it is to entrust an agency with all of this, so they keep you safe and secure while offering you the best PR services.

The following languages and regions are covered

They are distinctive in part because they fully support multilingual marketing strategies. They offer this service in around 10 different languages, which is a huge benefit. At Cointraffic, no language is permitted to be a hindrance. Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Spanish, and more languages are available besides English. 

Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service Review

Superior reporting and analytical skills in the industry:

They always give you frequent reports, no matter what. They ensure that everything occurs according to your choices and never take action without your approval. 

Furthermore, they also don’t think twice about providing you with a thorough report on their activities and the results of your marketing campaign. 

Article sponsorships and other content marketing campaigns

One of their specializations is producing high-quality content, which many marketing initiatives need. No matter what article or content marketing promotion we’re talking about, you never have to worry about the content with Cointraffic. Their material is consistently relevant and constantly drives visitors to you. As a result, you consistently reach your ideal target market.

Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service: Pricing 

Allocating funds and creating a budget for press distribution services are essential. Reputable crypto media websites typically require payment for publishing a press release, making a budget necessary to facilitate a successful campaign. 

To maximize the value of this budget, a Crypto business should engage a distribution service like Cointraffic with existing connections, contacts, and relevant experience. By partnering with such a service, businesses can save valuable time that can be better utilized in improving their products and websites.

Cointraffic Press Release Distribution Service: Conclusion

Cointraffic’s Press Release Distribution should be seriously considered due to its ability to generate targeted traffic and a continuous stream of leads.

The content creation process at Cointraffic is reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, they offer regular reports to address any doubts or concerns. Their transparent approach ensures everything is tailored to your preferences and designed to maximize your benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Press release distribution?

Press Release Distribution is circulating press releases to platforms where the target audience can readily access them. Its purpose extends beyond simply increasing viewership, as it encompasses promoting all the offerings of a client’s business, including products and services. 

What is the best press release distribution service?

Cointraffic is a leading crypto ad network known for its efficient press release distribution service. They offer campaign windows for planning and executing press release campaigns. With pricing options of 1,500 and 10,000 for their main and global tiers, Cointraffic provides broad media agreements with over 300 prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency sites. Hiring Cointraffic ensures that your project receives the necessary attention from investors and crypto influencers, guaranteeing exposure and visibility.

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